Thursday, 10 November 2011

Cd Music Review of Adrift by Ricky Donaldson

For the last 2 years, Ricky has been developing a portfolio of music for use in holistic and complementary therapies.

Adrift is his Second compilation CD after the creation of his 2008 Project Aqueous, which was very successful and has been commissioned by the BBC, Radio5 and World Service, and various documentaries and travelogues.

Adrift is a soothing, mellow, keyboard oriented classical music CD. Ricky has created beautiful atmospheric worlds that you can literally drift into. The tracks are equally suitable for Personal or Group Meditations or Holistic Healing sessions. It is also great for aiding concentration when working online!

Visit Ricky's Website to learn more about his beautiful Music.

Review by
Jade Ashcroft 10/11/2011