Friday, 18 November 2011

Meditation and what it will do for you.

Image ©2011 J M Ashcroft All Rights Reserved.
Meditation gives you the time to connect with your inner core, it gives you the time to see things from outside the box as some of us say. 

There is so many things that we can benefit from meditating, just a few minutes of meditation to hours of meditation, depending on your lifestyle.

The most important part of meditation is the fact that every time we do this, is every time we get more and more enlightened , we see more than just meets the eye, it helps us "see more clearly" into what is going on in our lives that we are missing out on.

I believe for the most part that every time we meditate, the intention we have in mind manifests into reality, for instance, lets say we have a loved one and they are sick, meditation gives us the advantage of sending them the energy to heal.

We are all healers in our own way, it is tapping into the healer inside of us that is the part that needs to be done. With meditation, we gain the discipline, knowledge, clarity of mind, body, and spirit.We learn from ourselves through meditation, we begin to see more of the truth that is out there. It is the key to everything that the universe has to offer, we are the universe as the universe is us, we are the very key to all of existence.

With meditation we are keys that are at all times opening doors, doors that most thought never existed.
                             by: Dana Neeley