Friday, 18 November 2011

Meditation for everyday life by Dana Neeley

Image ©2011 J M Ashcroft All Rights Reserved.
 To begin with, get into a pose that you are comfortable with getting into, such as,The lotus, laying down, sitting up, standing up, one that you usually use to meditate.

Inhale through your nose and exhale slowly out of your mouth, intense and long breaths.

Clear your mind of your current situation, and make it like a blank screen. 

Now as you are doing your meditation breathing (intense and long breaths), visualize yourself facing the calm wave racing ocean, you hear the waves coming in and going back out into the ocean, it sounds so calming, the mist from the waves hit your face, as You look down and you see the sand as pure as you can imagine, you have never seen such a sight with no other people around you.  

You  look up into the sky, you see the sky is indigo  and as the clouds go by you see they are the color of light blue with pink outlining. The birds above are chirping but they do not sound like birds, they have the sound of wind chimes, one bird comes flying around and sounds of shell chimes, another one comes flying right above you and sounds of metal chimes, you hear in the distance the sounds of a flock of birds that sound like wooden chimes. Enjoy the view around  in 360 degrees before proceeding on to the next stage.

Now as you look upon the reflection from the sun onto the ocean, you notice the color of the ocean is the color of the rainbow, the waves hit your feet as you step back a bit to enjoy the view. You see in the distance there is a very large shell about 10 feet away from you, as you walk up to it you see that not only is it huge, but, you climb upon it and sit down for a while.  

The mist from the ocean feels so good on your face as you are sitting on this shell, you can feel all of the negativity that you were feeling before being cleansed and washed away into the ocean. The stress and tension  start fading away as you sit on the shell. You see in the distance that there are mountains,  they are the Himalayan mountains, the clouds around the top are the color of light blue. 

You notice about 25 feet away from you there is some huge creature flying down to land on the beach, the wingspan, is at least 30 feet per wing. Feeling no bad intentions you start walking towards this creature, as you get closer you see that it is a black dragon with a red scale on its stomach.  

This dragon wants you to climb onto it and as you get upon the back of the dragon, he starts flying up towards the mountain.  He tells you to get off at the edge where there is a cave, as you go inside of this cave, you notice there is a fire that has been built, the fire is blue and as you look over a bit more, you see one of your totem animals sitting there nearby the fire in human form. 

As you go to sit down you have the feeling that your totem animal wants to have a long talk with you, sitting down, you start communicating with this totem animal of yours.

                     very long pause before continuing on to the next stage………

As you start wrapping up your talk with your totem animal, you see that the dragon is outside the cave entrance.  As you say your goodbyes to the totem animal, you go outside the cave and get onto the back of the dragon.  As you two head for the top, you look out onto the ocean, you see  some killer whales in the distance, and some dolphins are jumping out of the water left and right. 

The dragon stops at the top of the mountains and lets you off. As you  get off of the dragon, you sit on the cold, pure, white snow, it feels cold, but not freezing, it is very soothing.  As you start doing your meditational breathing (intense and long breaths), visualize yourself in a forest, you see all kinds of trees, from redwood trees to cedar trees, every kind that could have ever existed. 

You see in the distance there is a creek.. You see there are deer and some squirrels drinking the water from this creek, they are so cute, you start to walk up to them and them do not seem to be bothered by your presence .

You kneel down to take some of the water and you splash some onto your face, oh wow it feels so great,  as you take your shoes and socks off you sit at the creek and put your feet in the water, you feel the water flowing throughout all of your toes cleansing your feet of any lingering negativity that may have been left behind. This leaves you feeling 

The sense of  being pure again, you feel relaxed, the tension is gone, all of what you were going through out the day just seems to have faded  away and turned into yesterdays  negative ashes, as you look at your feet you see the ashes, as you walk towards the ocean you notice instead of walking on the ashes you seem to be floating above the ashes by a few inches. 

As you step onto the sand  you see that all of your problems and worries built up and made a huge sand castle.  You see in the distance there is a whale that is a bit close to the shore, but as you see this whale turns around and swims outward back into the deep ocean, causing a lot of huge waves, as you step back a bit you notice these waves are knocking down the sand castle that was built, each wave  dissolves  more and more of this sand castle until you no longer see that there was one in the first place. 

You walk towards the ocean as the waves are dissipating, and dive in clothes and all, the ocean feels so cleansing that you swim around for a while, as time passes you step out of the ocean and see there is a beach towel laying there waiting for you to lay upon to dry off and feel the cool breeze as the sun is about to set. 

Looking at the sunset you see that it is the color of the ocean, a rainbow of colors, it look as though the ocean goes on forever infinity. As you start coming to from the meditation, you notice that you are feeling renewed in every way,  enjoy your day as it flows like the oceans of the universe.