Friday, 25 November 2011

Occupy Black Friday

If you know what the term black friday means.. then you must also know that corporations worldwide rely on this day for their annual figures to "balance" when the Christmas shoppers are at their peak... due to offers you can't refuse because they seems too good to be true.

Well honestly, when something appears too good to be true. It usually is.

Black Friday this year has been renamed the "Buy Nothing Day" by the Occupy Movement.

Why? Because its about time we recognised the fact that a large percentage of the population has been misled into believing they must consume in order to offer gifts to their loved ones...

Not convinced yet?
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Perhaps you should take a look at some of these thought provoking films in the link above... then stand back a while from your new perspective and consider whether you are a consumer, one of the consumed... or one of the brave souls who is willing to stand up and fight for their right to celebrate Life without the impending credit card doom.

Choice is yours alone....

J M Ashcroft