Monday, 7 November 2011

Suspect!!! Disinformation Rolling...

Much to my dismay on the first week of the creation of the new Etimes blog Let's roll forums 911 have tried to label me as a "suspect disinformation agent". So here's the thing. Disinformation is NOT my game. Helping people to find their place in the world IS. It just goes to show that it really doesn't matter what the Truth is... There will always be someone trying to confuse you or lead you away from your Path.

I'd just like it to be on record that I am not one of those people who seek to control other people into doing anything, just leaving threads for those who are seeking their way through the web that is life.... and sharing my experiences along the way.

Everyone has different ideas about reality, truths, beliefs etc but because one person decides they don't agree with what you are saying and slaps a label on you like "informant" either has something to hide themselves... or has made assumptions without the facts to hand.

If the creators of the Lets Roll Forums 911 would like to talk to me personally about their reasons for attaching a label to my work as being "disinformation". I AM ALL EARS. My Email is my skype is jadeashcroft...

I'll be waiting for your evidence....

And until then I trust the Enlightening Times readers will be able to judge disinformation for themselves.

Discerning Intelligence does not Mean Disinformation!