Friday, 9 December 2011

Crystal Skulls – decoding the mystery within by Rhian Gibbings

The ancient Mongolian crystal skulls also form an interesting group, being carved from ‘golden’ calcite crystal with a distinctive and striking non-human style. They seem to inspire their guardians to walk a shamanic path, expressing their spirituality and honouring the interconnectedness of all existence through sacred ritual and ceremony.

If we choose to delve into metaphysics, magic, energy healing, channelling and the plethora of fascinating concepts that occupy the minds of spiritual seekers, there are infinite ways that crystal skulls can be involved. As part of a growing international community of crystal skull guardians, I’ve observed that individual ways of working with the skulls are as diverse and variable as the carvings and crystals themselves. 

One thing that many crystal skull guardians would agree on, however, is that once they began to immerse themselves in discovering the mystery and magic offered by the crystal skulls, they often found there was no choice but to grasp the opportunity to embark on a journey of personal development that became totally transformational. It’s not unusual to see dramatic changes in people who find themselves connecting with crystal skulls, such as the endings and beginnings of relationships, the emergence of undetected skills and talents, shifts in what might have seemed like previously steady attitudes and beliefs and even the opening up of new and wholly unexpected life paths.

The idea that crystal skulls are so dynamic may seem strange to those who haven’t been drawn to connect with them on a deep level, and it’s true that for some, crystal skulls simply aren’t part of the path. I believe we all have the potential to find our ultimate truths, and if crystal skulls are part of your spiritual journey, they are likely to become important keys in your awakening process. If not, other keys or catalysts can emerge in a form that is more appropriate for you.

But what’s so special about crystal skulls? Why should a piece of crystal shaped like a human head be such a powerful tool for transformation? Perhaps there are several concepts worth considering when answering these questions.

For those who connect with crystal skulls, any negative associations related to the archetype of the skull itself relating to death and human mortality are soon exposed as false illusions. Lessons learned from contemplating the timelessness of crystal itself allow us to see our spiritual nature as eternal, and the skull form begins to represent the magnificence of ‘human beingness’ – a term that describes our infinite capacity for understanding and our potential as vessels for Divine expression through our flowing thoughts, emotions and Free Will. 

In this way, crystal skulls seem to trigger and facilitate the steps required for the individual to reach a greater level of inner understanding relating to those crucial questions we’ve probably all asked at one time or another – ‘Who am I’ and ‘Why am I here?’.So the crystal skulls have proved invaluable tools for many – inspiring them to look within and make personal progress and beneficial changes with leaps and bounds that may previously have seemed inconceivable.

When people ask me about the message of the crystal skulls, I’ll often suggest their starting point is to make their connection and consider the skull as a mirror that reflects their inner self. It actually doesn’t matter at all whether the information they receive through the crystal skull is delivered in the perceived form of telepathy, clairvoyance or simply impressions, emotions or sensations. It’s when the individual starts to recognise the wonder of who they really are through their connection with the crystal skull that the real magic and transformation can begin.

There is something truly special about the crystal skulls which catalyses deep revelatory experiences and inner realisations in a flash. Rather than analyse this too much, I like to attribute it to the pure magic of the crystal skulls and I view it as Divine.

True inner work with crystal skulls ultimately guides us towards our potential for balance and harmony with everything that exists. At its most pure, the process helps each seeker find a special path of Love and Unity that works for them. It’s therefore fair to say that for many guardians, crystal skulls are trusted friends and beacons of Light that signpost the bright future for this world that we’d all like to envisage ahead. In simple terms, crystal skulls are New Consciousness. Embrace the opportunity to connect with the crystal skulls if they come your way – it could be a pivotal point in your personal journey.

RhianGibbings is a Spiritual Teacher, Crystal & Energy Healing Expert, Writer, TV Presenter, Shamanic Seer, Crystal Skull Guardian & Priestess of the Sacred Feminine.