Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Soul Talking

The eyes are the window of the soul that looks out from within the human spirit. The soul is in essence an individual spark of the Universal Consciousness, the Universal Consciousness being an amalgamation of all those small sparks of consciousness and the very essence of the life force itself.

Each person, or personality, is a part or parts of this consciousness expressing itself through physical existence.

Every human being has a reason for being on this planet, to be a vehicle of expression for the manifestation of spirit or soul consciousness, divine breath , prana, life energy, etc. Under all these different names, disguises, manifestations, or appearances, it is all the same thing. Love Consciousness, and whether the entity in question is aware of this fact or not depends upon the stage of evolution that particular soul has reached on its journey.

The soul exists long before the body and is born to earthly parents of its choosing, and it will continue its progress long after the body has died and decomposed. We choose our bodies, families, geographical locations, as well as ethnicity and religious persuasions and each time the soul incarnates into a different set of circumstances, it is for the purpose of learning lessons and gaining experience that can only happen via that particular existence. If we are lucky enough to gain all the experience that can be had on earth, then we can work towards ascension onto the higher planes of evolvement to join the ascended masters, and other teacher beings.

The popular misconception about reincarnation is that we are supposed to come back to the earth again and again for eternity, when the reality is far simpler. Once the soul has learned all of its karmic lessons, it progresses to the next level and no longer has the need to repeat the experience over and over. It allows for those lucky few who have reached the end of their cycle of physical manifestations, to become teachers and guides for the next generations of young souls working their way through the evolutionary process, (once born and twice born souls).

Initiation, or awakening into wisdom is an important step in the journey as it allows access into the akashic hall of records wherein all information is stored. The realization of the one being the many, and the connection between every living thing, puts one at a different vantage point from a large percentage of the population, who are solely occupied with the possession of material wealth and the notion that the acquisition of gold, wealth, and status will make them happy.

There is no amount of possessions or wealth of any kind that will bring happiness. Wisdom, intuition and imagination are the fundamental ingredients of true happiness. Conflict and turmoil need not be a way of life, and unfortunately most people accept materiality as all encompassing reality and give up their search or quest for any real meaning in their lives. As a direct result of this the intentions of the soul, or the lessons that were intended on being learned, are literally forgotten.

As a species we are capable of such greatness, if we don't lose sight of the “soul purpose” of this particular incarnation. Conversation with our higher self, greater consciousness, whatever you want to call it, and balance between that and our eternal child self are two of the necessary ingredients towards the discovery of our individual paths, and will move you closer to remembering the reason why you came here and what is was that you were meant to do. It brings a whole new meaning to the concept of “lost souls”; those who have temporarily forgotten who they are because they are so distracted by the many sensual delights of modern society.

Where does the the collective influence stop and where does the individual's creative consciousness begin? One of the questions facing those who are taking their first tentative steps towards the discovery of their gifts, and their purpose in this life. Anyone lucky enough to have reached this point of knowing their purpose already should congratulate themselves on clearing the first hurdle of their initiation quest, and realize the importance of this. To then begin to put time and effort into the discovery and development of that particular gift and put it to some use for the betterment of humanity.

If everyone took time out to consider how much of their lives they spend doing things that they have been conditioned into, they would be amazed to find out how many of their opinions, viewpoints, relationship structures, social structures and general acceptance of reality are not in fact of their own choosing, but things that they have subconsciously taken upon themselves because they simply didn't question anything and accepted it as fact because the majority accept it as fact. Blindly accepting anything as truth is a very dangerous situation to be in.

For years the debate has raged about the mind-body-spirit connection, and each person is entitled to their own opinion and formation of their concept of what that triple existence means to them.

Question everything! Never accept someone else's opinion and always listen to your own inner voice of wisdom, from within the very core of your being, your Soul, that is if you can hear it over the almighty din of the hundreds and thousands of distraction techniques.

The soul is you, it is the blueprint and map of your existence in this life, the one before it, and those to come. It is part of the eternal consciousness that moves the universe and creates life.

You are part of a larger family, or soul group, which, when you have reached a certain level of spiritual maturity, you will gravitate towards those individuals or they will be drawn towards you.

These soul groups consist of concentrates archetypal energy, collected and evolving on a higher level through the connection of the collective consciousness of those involved. Imagine the microcosm of your mind and the macrocosm of the power of the collective thoughts of those wired in to the net. These collective personality 'oversouls' have consciousness, and formative aspects much the same as the collective energy created by the thoughts and prayers of those who attend regular church worship. This energy can have profound effects upon the target of those thoughts.

Man is fundamentally a fourfold creature, and each of these levels of being are as important as the other. There is the physical, spiritual, logical, and emotional sides of a personality to take into consideration when dealing with each individual. All of the different spiritual disciplines have their own terminology for these aspects of human nature, but they all represent the same forces within each personality, or individual soul essence. When science and religion became divisible, and the train of thought begins to sway in one direction or the other, more often than not prejudice against the other arises from nothing more than intolerance, or an inability to look at things from both sides equally and to find common ground, or common sense answers to the problems that arise.

Caring for and nurturing the delicate spirit within the physical body, understanding the mind, emotional responses and the need for spirituality, and balancing this with the demands of earthly existence is a daunting task but well worth the journey of pursuit. Believe in what you know to true from your own personal experience, not what you have been told, or read, or seen on the TV. Learn and grow, following in the footsteps of those who have laid the foundation for the beginning of your journey by choosing a path that suits you, for your journey into wholeness. But know that you 'soul path' is yours and yours alone, no one else can walk it for you. The 'soul group', or 'soul essence' to which you belong only plays a small part in the process of your evolution. The lessons you have to learn, the knowledge you require, people that you are required to meet.... all of these choices are made by by you; this is the will that is often discussed in occult literature.

Spiritual guidance, in whatever form it may take, is essentially guidance and only that. In the end, the decisions about your course of action, in any matter, lie with you and your ability to comprehend that which you are meant to achieve in this lifetime. Piece by piece, a stone at a time, building on your experience and inner wisdom. The more you learn to trust your inner voice and act according to your true will, you become more integrated with your 'soul essence' which is a part of the Initiation process that is often talked about in popular spiritual literature.

Enlightenment is another word for realization; when things we learn or have been meditating over, or studying suddenly makes perfect sense and our perception is shifted up a level. Using this new platform as springboard we can use these as the foundations upon which to build another level of experience on.

What is the soul? It is you, it is me, and it is the lifeblood that runs through all living things.

Next come the big question, God or no God? Or perhaps more importantly what is God?

What we do know for sure is that the intolerance created by this subject alone, and the individual belief systems that proclaim theirs to be the only truth, is beyond words. Is there any reason for the personal beliefs of one individual to create a serious enough adverse reaction in another individual up to the point that they want to hurt them for it? There shouldn't be, but as history plainly reveals, that is always the case when faced with this question. Based on my own personal experience of this subject so far, I have come to the conclusion that we all have a godlike nature within us, and that we also have a darker or shadow aspect which reflects in those unsavory characteristics of human nature. Is it a coincidence that the representation of God, or the God form in most cultures has a human form?

Now, would that be because the mind associates the physical form of a human as being the only form of life with a higher intelligence, or is it because the limited perception of a large percentage of those minds automatically associate the concept of god with something which is is already familiar, as opposed to perceiving outside the realm of human experience? We could, and have, spent centuries theorizing over the concept of God, but it is essentially a man made, or mind created concept. There are a lot of reasons that bring me to this conclusion, and the most prominent being that it is the need for a kind of security blanket, refuge or crutch, that can be used in times of stress. Unfortunately this usually entails its principles being used to blame the actions of other people on, or to praise our own deeds, of which we feel to be more superior than the actions of others. Alongside this reasoning, heaven and hell are purely two states of being that an individual will waver between throughout their lives, depending on how they live, what their core beliefs are and how they use, and or abuse the power of their minds. To deliberately wish for harm to come to another person, or to be always thinking that bad things are going to happen, what do you imagine life will be like for that person? Well, Hell I would imagine!

What about the person who thinks about the feelings of others, is compassionate in actions and deeds, is understanding and who realizes that anger really only hurts the person who is acting it out and not the recipient? Every good action towards another, or each thoughtful gesture being motivated by selflessness, does this personality structure remind you of anyone prevalent in historical and religious teachings?

I'd have to go so far as to say that if there is a God, that it is impersonal and more akin to the concept of supra consciousness; extension or concentration of the pool of soul essence. When God forms are talked about in Occult literature it literally means to take on, or assume the posture or aspect of the God in question, to amalgamate that essence within your personality and integrate its wisdom and teachings into your belief structures, giving you more experience from which to act.

We are all at different stages of our soul journey, and need interaction with other beings as much as they need interaction with us to facilitate the experience process and instigate change. Especially when we get stuck in a run with something that we are trying to do, or when we have come to a temporary standstill in our progression. Inspiration comes from every interaction, and we learn so much from other people that they are our greatest teachers, because they offer us an alternative perspective or perception point from which to analyse and learn.

Saving you from yourself?

How can an outside entity or a personal God help you to be a better person? In reality all it takes is a perception shift, or increased awareness outside of the realm of our own opinions, giving you the ability to work towards realization and enlightenment by way of the cosmic mirror and the study of the reflection into which you are staring.

Would it not be more accurate to say that, when we are told that our souls need saving, what we actually need is to be given the freedom of expression to allow our spirit to express itself freely without having any predisposed constraints or dogma that it has to adhere to for fear of eternal damnation?

Society has for far too long now been in the clutches of one or another form of indoctrination and oppression, and the direct result of this can be witnessed first-hand in any of the barbaric bloodsheds that are carried out in the name of Holy Wars.

How can any sane person justify the violence subjected on others because they have an opposing viewpoint? And literally stamp those voices into the dirt.... in his name. Who is 'He' anyway? Are we back to the assumption that God is a human, or should I say, male form?

If a higher power, or God, exists then surely it, from its elevated position of being a super powerful intelligence, would be able to discern the difference between right and wrong and have a quiet word with some of these individuals and point out to them that the blatant disregard for another being's right to their own opinions, spiritual beliefs and life choices is inhumane.

J M Ashcroft 21 12 2011