Saturday, 14 January 2012

Cloud Meditation (for sleep) by: Dana Neeley

First of all I want you to lay down and relax, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth, after a while of repeating this, I want you to visualize that you are laying on a cloud, a soft, fluffy, warm comfortable and colorful cloud.

The cloud, as you are laying on it, is of a rainbow-like color with silver and gold in it as well. As you are laying there you start to feel as though the cloud is taking you somewhere, its going upward, more and more, as you are laying there you can not help but wonder what you are feeling beneath you.. You feel as though there are small bolts of lightening going from head to toe, as you feel these bolts going through you, it feels as though your negative emotions are being pulled away from you by this lightening.

The cloud is now at the top of a mountain, and it has stopped for you to get off of. As you are walking around you feel as though you have been there many times before. Out of the corner of your eye, you see that there is a bonfire, blue fire, with a man sitting there, roasting marshmallows. This man you have known your whole life, he is your guardian, taking a moment or two you and him have much to talk about..

A Very long pause before continuing on with the meditation.. After having a talk with your guardian you start to feel like the weight of the universe has been lifted off of you, you feel like the stress has left you and entering you is this feeling of happiness and joy all into one.. As you start to walk towards the cloud, you turn around for one last look before going back home, then lay back down on the cloud.. As you feel the cloud moving, you start feeling a bit tired and fall asleep as the cloud goes to your next journey into the dream world...
Dana Neeley 2012

Image Copyright Belongs to Jade M Ashcroft 2012 From the forthcoming Soulscapes Tarot.