Monday, 16 January 2012

Orbs; vehicles of consciousness? Communication devices? by Jade Ashcroft

Having had a keen interest in ufology and esoteric matters for years inevitably I have found myself drawing parallels between the Science of Magick and the "activity" of anomalous phenomena.

The subject of consciousness has been the philosophers concern for centuries, its multifaceted and mutable form evading description and definition. That which is unknown to one mind, is perfectly understood by another via their level of cognition and perception. A difficulty arises when one persons experience, or memory, of an event doesn't fit within a generally understood or socially accepted framework.

Ufology, Metaphysics? Metapsychology? Pseudoscience? How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?

You could share the experiences which you know to be true to you, and face public humiliation, (stoning, or execution) at the hands of those less perceptive, or accept what you know and enter into the shadowy realm within your own conscious experience and begin the personal quest for discovery of Truths in these matters.

During Altered States of Consciousness the perception of things not previously recognised by the normal waking state, becomes possible. But also the functions of perception and awareness are open to manipulation into other "states of being" without our consent or knowledge through the use certain resonant (high and low) frequencies.

Imagine yourself in a place where there are no radio waves, satellite signals, magnetic fields or other broadcasts. Turning attention inward away from the physical world and all its "attractions", deep within the core of ones own conscious awareness or knowing. The faculty of imagination should not be discarded as some childish thing to be restricted or kept on a leash. For where else can you discover hidden worlds and other beings?

Brian Ruhe defines some UFO's as “devas from the god realm who have the power to manifest themselves as unidentified flying objects, when and where they choose.” Perhaps the "God realm" is simply the resonant field within which particular frequencies perform instant information transfer.

Telepathic communication between human minds is possible, and demonstrable, so consider the channel on which we broadcast our thoughts being open to direct communication with other forms of intelligence... not native to our physical bodies?

The late Dr John Mack lectured extensively on subtle realms and the abduction phenomena, to the detriment of his career some may say. You don't have to agree with any of it but merely consider the implications in relation to other dimensional beings. Authors on this subject range between theorising such communication as the work of demons/angels to the "experiencer" suffering from delusions or schizophrenia.

Religion has long sought to control humanity through suppression of information and guarding us in locked cages of predetermined thought. The faculty of belief precedes religion and if the threads of human experiences are carefully linked together, and followed throughout history, it becomes clear that there are lines of communication that are outside our normal states of awareness. But could they be responsible for the evolution of consciousness?

Psychic, religious and mystical experiences that of subjective "visions" experienced during deep meditation are found to be similar in content regardless of which areas of the globe the information issues from. Some may argue that these are collective hallucinations, but perhaps they are ghostly impressions from rites of passage which have been torn from our conscious awareness b those seeking to thwart expansion of awareness or discover knowledge of our true selves. Multi dimensional beings!

In the words of Bill Hicks "we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, life is but a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves."

If beings from another dimension contact us through the veil of our understanding... they don't have that far to travel, except through the "
Maya" or projection that we call reality.

The journey back to the self is one fraught with pitfalls and dangers, and from a reference point without conditioning it then becomes possible to begin travelling, dissecting and recording experiences as we follow our individual map. But to get to the point of perception of ones own opinions, thoughts or theories may be harder to reach than you realise. First you have to sift through everything that has been "taught" since birth and literally begin again from a point of knowing nothing.

That which one has experienced directly should be the foundation to begin understanding the nature of reality, rather than that being "spoon fed" to us through mainstream media and our education systems. Defining the nature of ones experiences however becomes tricky like trying to build a castle on shifting sands, and often spawns into a pseudo-science or fringe subjects of their own.

Floating balls of light have been hypothesised as marsh gas, optical illusions, dust motes, alien space craft etc etc. Beings, intelligent entities, communicating through higher/lower (than normal human perception) frequencies, via non verbal communication. For years i have witnessed "orbs" of varying size, colour and duration in both the inner and outer spheres of reality. While their origin is considered by the masses to be outside of the current understanding of the collective it makes them alien (by definition as non human or having no physical body); when absorbed by the consciousness of humanity their function could be described as that of messengers or vehicles of transmission for transfer of consciousness, and information.

The perception of the passage of time in relation to this subject is an important factor. We live in the present moment yet we have memory of the past and the ability to think about possible futures. If we consider the mind theoretically as a trinity of past, present and future where three parts result in a whole "being" and the function of intelligence as a Mercurial glue that holds these functions together, Time travel becomes a matter of a shift in perception or projection.

At the moment there is a great deal of attention being directed towards the 21st of December 2012, with a multitude of prophesied outcomes... none of which can be anything but speculation until the event. There is however a matter that does concern me leading up to this event which has been largely ignored. It relates to what some describe as the "war on consciousness"

If you are informed about psychic self defence and are working on your "Self" then you may stand a chance of escaping some of the traps laid by those seeking to control the mind of humanity. If you are not aware of the pitfalls and are content to be led into A New World Order, and dictated to by the system then they have won the war for your right to BE YOU.

Jade Ashcroft 2012
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