Monday, 20 February 2012

Artist Scholar Reflections on Writing and Research Book Review

This publication will appeal to the Professional Artist in the field, and equally as a resourceful pool of ideas for the aspiring Student of the Arts. or impending Graduate.

It is a reflective piece covering the subject of Art in Higher Education. Should Art have the same level of outcome as other fields of study, the capability to look on artistic practice and work as research, and carry it to the level of PHD?

There are some very interesting discussions in the text and proffers a new perspective, and approach, offering practical suggestions for the artist to further engage in their work. Such as critical writing and detailed analysis of research material collected during the process of the "work", and utilizing data from sources such as social networking to add more depth to understanding the investigative procedures through which the artist scholar gleans important information.

Fresh ideas for graduating Artists and Designers, and fantastic solutions for those teaching arts based research in higher education settings. This is a must have title for the Serious Professional in the Arts.

Chapter 1: Artists and Scholarship
Chapter 2: The Professionalization of the Visual Arts
Chapter 3: The M.F.A. Degree
Chapter 4: The Status of Artistic Scholarship
Chapter 5: Knowledge and Understanding
Chapter 6: Practicing Reflective Scholarship
Chapter 7: Writing that Reflects on Art
Chapter 8: Conclusion

JM Ashcroft 20 02 2012