Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Magik beyond the edge of perception by Richard Gordon

The belief in and the ability to perform occult based magik has made it one of the most controversial belief systems known to humanity, couple this with the fact that its practitioners are mostly unwilling to share their pinch of knowledge or exactly how they have achieved their results and it becomes clear why there appears to no single defining path to follow. The entire subject is shrouded in myth and hearsay and now encompasses elements from many other belief systems and religions. It is for these very reasons that the belief in magik has become somewhat distrusted and even ridiculed by the media and general public or its results put down to coincidence. That said, it has also become the chosen pursuit and belief system of artists, musicians, writers and intellectuals on a worldwide basis.

The very origins of the belief in magik began way back in the ancestral minds of our pre-history. Theirs was a shamanic connection to natural magik that involved a celebration of the seasons, sun worship, and archaic techniques such as rhythmic chanting and drumming that lead to trance like states of consciousness during which they could enter the realms of the spirits and gods. With the event of recorded history magik took on a myriad of different guises before the belief in it eventually became corrupted or suppressed by the doctrine of religion. Yet from time to time like all elements of truth, the ancient essence of magic would resurface within the open minds of the time and has had several renaissances.

Many people may find it strange to find that in our modern scientific computer driven world that lots of us are now returning to the study and practise of magik in order to improve the quality of our daily lives, but this is increasingly the case. There are many paths available for the student to follow ranging from simple spell work to powerful systems such as creational magic in which the magician becomes a co-creator in harmony with the universe, and is the system that I‘ll be discussing here.

The practice of magik can be best defined as being the ability to cause a willed change within the structure of reality, and that is essentially the case, but enlightenment without understanding and meaning is all but useless, if we are to fully comprehend the inner workings of magik we firstly need to build a visual model of how the reality which we aim to change actually becomes manifest as the world we live in.

The consensus opinion within many esoteric, mystical and occult circles is that the universe manifests from a single source, as such the entire contents of our universe are actually no more than different aspects of the same energy, separation and time being no more than secondary illusions. Creational reality manifests itself in a very distinct order. The first stage of this process begins with what can only be described as total and utter state of nothingness, from “there” it then manifests as an infinite sea of pure living energy, some have described this as the “abyss” a pre-manifest state of being in which all information and possible/probable outcomes are contained.

The final stage of this creational activity manifests as complex multi layered planes of existence, the higher reaches or ethereal planes of this system being the realms of the gods, spirits, demons and multidimensional entities. As the vibrational speed of the energy slows down throughout the lower levels it eventually becomes manifested as higher forms of energy and actual solidified matter, our world and surrounding universe being on the lowest end of the scale, in fact what we see and take as being reality is actually akin to being the outer shell of this creational activity.

I believe that a misunderstanding of these ideologies is where many of the traditional religious or magikal belief systems have gone wrong, they tend to present their spiritual leaders as those in the familiar portraits of haloed saints looking upwards to heaven, or reaching outwards towards the creator, when we should in fact be not searching within our hearts or minds or any actual physical direction, but connecting to the divine spark of the “creator“, by tracing our vital energy back towards it’s pre-manifest source.

So what is the true nature of this reality that we find ourselves within? as there appears to be no logical reason why any of the atoms and particles in our base reality have decided to group together to become base matter like rocks or living things such as plants or animals. The only logical answer can be that the energy is reacting to some kind of undetectable master signal that keeps the entire sum of universal creational energy in order, yet allows an apparent freedom of movement and free will within that ordered system. Or in other words, we find that the universe is no more than a bizarrely elaborate illusion, and at the atomic scale no more than energy circling other systems of energy to a specific order. If we delve a little deeper we find that the consistency of the most solid of objects is no more than a combination of empty space and a sea of particles orbiting in time to a signature vibration.

Conscious life forms have an almost direct secondary link to the divine source, in the human body this link is to be found in the small pea sized pineal gland which is located in the brain directly between and behind the eyes, this is commonly referred to as the third eye and is often associated with psychic and mystical experiences. In the case of this hyperspacial link to higher information, the energy connects to the pineal gland and then manifests as informational signals within the subconscious that are then sorted and filtered before becoming actual conscious thought.

It is important to remember that we are in fact a spirit and soul operating a body via a connective channel, not the other way around; the body is a base manifestation, a vessel that is linked to our true higher self and divine source in the very same way that the universe manifests.

Over the last few years scientific experimentation has found that if we measure the energy contained within a vacuum we would expect it to measure zero, but if the container of the said vacuum is glass they found that they could still project a particle of light through to the other side, so it appeared that there was more going on within the vacuum then meets the eye. On measuring the energetic activity within the container the readings would have been expected to be zero, but on close inspection they found the container to be full of energy, endless particles of matter and anti matter that appeared before instantly annihilating each other, leaving only a signature trace of heat based energy to indicate that they were once there. It would appear that this activity occurs throughout the entirety of universal structure and what we take to be reality a creational aftermath of particles that are allowed to remain without being destroyed.

To the magician or occultist this fact is of great importance, it suggests that all possible energy is already in place, it furthermore implies that if we can alter or interfere with the signal that controls and creates this reality, we can then manifest it to our own design, becoming co-creators within the mainframe, or if you like, akin to a virus that re-writes reality, all possibilities becoming capable of becoming probabilities.

We can of course work magically within our base reality, but my opinion of base magik is that it’s only capable of creating minor changes within our daily lives and environment, higher magik needs to be carried out “behind the scenes“, prior to the energy of this world becoming manifest.

This may at first sound simple, but we then come to several great obstacles, and the main one of these is trying to keep a conscious idea intact whilst entering a state of mystical union via the subconscious. This may sound impossible, but if we can create a second ego and magikal self within the subconscious it then becomes very possible.

Many of you will have heard of how artists, musicians and writers claim to receive direct inspiration from their “holy guardian angel”, well it’s my belief that this guardian angel is actually a working example of the second ego and magikal self that has manifested within the subconscious as a true higher self with a direct link to higher states of informational energy and ethereal knowledge.

Ancient magikal tomes such as “The sacred magik of Abramelin” lay out lengthy purification rituals for both the body and soul which are intended to lead to union with your guardian angel: but after studying the subject over the last thirty years I’ve come to the conclusion that union can happen at any moment during your life. I’ve found it of great interest that many people who achieve this state of second consciousness are often not the least bit interested in magik or mysticism, and being totally unaware and unprepared for this life changing event find the transition hard if not impossible to cope with, they may even mistake the occurrence as being a serious mental health issue.

Once again, it is the consensus opinion amongst many modern occultists that this union with the angel or true higher self (the second ego and magikal self) may occur almost automatically once we have attained a high enough level of understanding of magikal theory and underlying awareness of our universal surroundings.

So, supposing that we have achieved union with the higher self, we come to the question of “how do we then work the magik”, as in all things, knowledge without understanding and experience is useless, the greatest lessons are to be learned in the experimentation and actual practice of magik.

There are some merits to be found in traditional ritual work such as the burning of incense or activities such as the use of percussive sound as they stimulate the senses and create a mind set, but many modern magikians and occultist have all but discarded the trappings and paraphernalia of traditional ritual magik and now work mainly within the mind as a visualized activity, in fact I see this way of working as being essentially the future way for many occult practitioners, don’t get me wrong, I myself love nearly all the aspects of ritual magik such as dressing up in robes and creation of a sacred space, yet in truth, a magikian never steps out of their protective circle/dome of energy and needs no special equipment to achieve results.

Working in this way is relatively simple but requires the acute development of our visualisation skills, if we can’t clearly visualize a desired outcome, it is highly unlikely that we will be able to generate a magikal manifestation.

Beginning within the conscious mind we firstly create a exact visual representation of the desired result, this could be something as simple as an object or the complete recreation of a desired event, this is then reinforced within the subconscious by the second ego and then delivered to a point that exists prior to the actual event of material manifestation within the universal mainframe via the hyperspace link to the energetic source of the pre-manifest universe, the beauty of this system lies in the fact that once the conscious mind has delivered the image to the subconscious mind, the subconscious ego/magikal self does all of the work, it can basically be mostly forgotten about, thus leaving the conscious mind free to get about its daily business whilst waiting for the result to manifest.

Magik may continue to remain a controversial belief system well into the foreseeable future, believing in its power is a personal choice, but there is one thing that is for certain, without total self belief magik never works, self doubt is the most potent of poisons.

Richard Gordon. 2012