Thursday, 8 March 2012

Spirit Guides

We all have spirit guides working with us from birth to death - and beyond. A strong bond exists between our guides and us because we know them well, sometimes even shared lifetimes with them.
Primary Guide
I call these beings “Primary” guides. These evolved individuals take their responsibilities seriously, yet prefer to communicate in light-hearted ways. They never impose their will upon us. Rather, they draw matters to our attention. It is we who decide which direction to take. The interesting thing is that, in most instances, if we choose not to go down a certain path we will find ourselves at a similar crossroads in the future for such lessons are part of our soul contract. It’s a bit like taking the ‘direct’ route, or the ‘scenic’ route. The destination is invariably the same.

Primary Guide

Not all spirit guides fall into the “Primary” category for we also have “Secondary” and “Tertiary” guides. These are our teachers and helpers respectively. Unlike Primary guides, these beings are transitory in nature. That said, the same guides can work with us at many different stages of our lives, as well as work with other people, some we may even know, concurrently or at different times. Who is with us at any given time depends on what we are working on, studying, striving for, etc. Whenever we are learning something, be it in an educational institution, in the workplace, or a life lesson, we frequently find our Secondary guides present as Druids, learned scholars, or philosophers. Tertiary guides may present as loved ones, trusted friends, or teachers who have passed on. A Tertiary guide can even be someone we actually know – a friend, relative, neighbour, or even a Facebook friend on the other side of the world!

Secondary guide
When strength, courage, or endurance is called for we tend to have warriors accompanying us into every battle, large and small. When challenged, we need only to ask for help and it shall be done, although not always in the way we envisaged. Sometimes, there is a better way, a way we cannot foresee.
Secondary guide
There are several meditations designed to help us communicate with our spirit guides, but the simplest is always the best. Sit it a comfortable chair, feet flat on the floor and arms uncrossed, loosely placed on your lap. Take several slow deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth, relaxing further with each breath. When you feel ready, look down at your feet and then see them walking along a pathway (the type and its surrounds is up to you). In the distance, you see a large tree. Under its canopy is a bench seat, chairs, or table and chairs. The choice is up to you. When you are ready, invite your guide to sit with you. If at first you don’t see him or her clearly, do not give up. You can ask your guide anything you like. But you must always remember to thank him or her before you head back along the pathway, back into your own chair, in your own room. If you like, you can jot down what was said, what your guide looked like, and anything else you observed.
 Tertiary guide

I have been drawing people’s guides for years now. It was a challenge I did not accept willingly. Many a crossroads was I led to, and many a time I chose not to go down that road. Yet, here I am. Not only do I draw Spirit Guides, I have also drawn people's past lives. But that is another story altogether.
Secondary Guide

Primary guide

By Mary Bird