Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Returning to the Source 2012 Precepts

This year has brought forth a magnitude of blessings to many with an accompanying drift of change and transition. We are living on the brink of a new civilization, though it may seem as an ordinary year for those pulled into their own perceptions, there are massive shifts happening right before our eyes. With the lack of faith in political leaders, people are beginning to realize the own power potential they hold in their own hands and learning ways to bring this light to humanity. Every human possesses a Divine light that encompasses the infinite potential within their makeup. Once we light this torch, we unfold our true potential and begin building our lives and leaving footprints of contribution to our world in which we must cherish and uplift.

One of the most empowering concepts one can grasp is the constitution of the atom. What is it that fuels our essence and drives our motive? What force lays beneath our most powerful creative energies and causes them to bring fruition? Could it be any other than our essence spark? How can we fully develop this potential laid within us all and use it to re-create our lives and worlds in which we dwell in?

Let's take a look!

First, we must truly become conscious of the energy we allow to circulate in our minds and body chemistry. What we allow ourselves to believe, whether conscious or subconscious, has an effect not only on us but on our world. We are catalysts to the universes, but we must cultivate our powers that need tended just like a garden or fruit tree. If we are energy banks, we must not only take the utmost care of our bodies but also our minds. If we use the following analogy, our minds are literally a paintbrush for the cosmos!

If one is an avid musician we must cultivate this skill and use it towards world good. Popular celebrities including people like Dave Chappelle. Will Smith and Joe Rogan just to name a few are using their careers to spread truth regardless of what people think. This does not mean becoming an Alex Jones or a Kevin Trudeau. What it does mean is cultivating our skills and talents to educate the public in the most subtle way and giving people the keys needed for awaking.

The most missing facet from our world is not a vitamin or mineral (although there are many). What's lacking in our world is knowledge, which is rising on every occasion and becoming more widespread across the globe on every continent. Knowledge has been missing and censored before the times of Egypt. Knowledge can be used to create or destroy. In the case of the Atlanteans, their knowledge became too powerful and caused their destruction.

The Romans decided that some knowledge was too powerful and decided to either destroy it or hide it from the public. Even popular religious figures were manipulated to fit their agenda. However, their time has faded and has fallen in the hand of the individual. We are the key holders to the future. How will we use this power is the question, in the case of the elite they used their minuscule knowledge to oppress the people and prepare lower realms for themselves to become students of evolution the hard way.

The power of the human being lays in their sovereignty. We are not straw men/women of the system to build up their empire. We are here to do something much more majestic and heavenly. We have lives planned by ourselves before even coming to this world. To remember this is a precursor to enlightenment. To follow through with them is considered Dharma.

Individuals in line with their Dharma find their lives flow much more graciously and any problem that they encounter becomes dissolved by the mercy of the Divine. We are literally instruments of the Universe for Higher Reasoning. We must become integrated with our Divine nature. We must not fear change or transition. It is time to align with our Dharma.

What can we do to increase our essence powers? With the huge increase of information via the internet and other knowledge mainstreams, we have all the tools needed to bring our consciousness to the highest order. Superfoods are a great example. Eating as much organic and wild harvested foods will not only keep our bodies in the best of shape, but will literally provide us with the right minerals and co-factors to let our consciousness lights soar to infinite heights. Spring water is a new trend that is bringing people back to Source and making life more simple all the while providing missing elements needed by our subtle bodies to bring down Rome and facilitate a more Eden-like world.

People all over are utilizing their essence powers to educate individuals across the globe and increase awareness. Authors, musicians, teachers, celebrities, journalists and lecturers are using their powers of influence to facilitate Universal knowledge. It does not matter what we do in life, anyone can integrate their essence power into what they do. This is the wave encompassing the future and a more ascended civilization.

Once knowledge is taken away from the public who are they to rely on for such information? Fox News? We must become our own wells of knowledge. Everyone has the right to live in abundance and truth. Once we come to terms with our true potentials and learn how to utilize them, we will grasp the essence of this age and live lives in harmony with the science of truth and enjoy the depths of liberation.

In peace & harmony,


Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Enlightening Times Interview with John Clay 12th May 2012

Welcome to the Enlightening Times Mr Clay! 
We are delighted to have you here to talk to us.
Rik Clay -  "Somewhere Not Here"
hello, thank you
Can u give us a little background on what you do?
well I earn a living as a civil engineering estimator but I've been a musician / guitarist since I was 16 and we also run our own independent record label - Stunted Records, which came into existence 10 years ago

So it would be fair to say that Music is a big part of your life
definitely, it's been one of my main passions
What first got you interested in playing? Are there any particular bands or artists that inspired you?

far too many to mention Bowie, Bill Nelson / Be Bop deluxe in the early days
Magazine in the punk era
What do you think of things like "The Voice" and other talent shows currently popular on TV?
Good or Bad for the Music Industry/Artists?
I think they are killing real talent..they breed short termism in music and are purely money making vehicles for the people behind the shows...the perception that the general public have about the winners getting a million pound is a joke...most of the winners over the years end up playing variety clubs, says it all really
As an insider, from the position of running an independent label, what advice would you give to young bands/artists who are just starting out?
do it because you enjoy making music, there's no other reason, and keep doing it while it's fun and enjoyable....just don't expect fame or fortune...the music industry is in the worst shape it's been in ever, there's little money in it and the bigger labels don't support artists like they did years ago self release both physically and digitally, that way you keep the majority of money from sales, unless you can find a nice independent to work with
Is that why you set up your own label?
no, the industry was much healthier 10 years downloads hadn't really kicked in so physical was still selling, and bigger labels were still investing in acts. Things started to slide downhill around 6 years ago.
In the light of filesharing and digital technology, do you think its a plus or a negative from the point of view of the artists?
We set up Stunted initially because we were managing Riks band FULC and had 3 offers from small of which we actively negotiated with. In the end we realized that the band were signing a lot away for next to nothing, so we decided to self release via Stunted as it provided better protection for them.
The Sensible option!
On the digital side of things whilst our download sales are growing overall, sites like Spotify ( owned by the Majors labels ) are killing revenue streams because people stop buying downloads as well as physical, because they can stream whatever they want...I wish we'd never opted in to the likes of Spotify
I have never used spotify fortunately
I would say that releasing digitally is good for the artist but don't allow the tracks to go on Spotify as it generates zero revenue and there is no evidence that we see for it generating sales
money isn't everything though, depends whether you are aiming for a sustainable career
How would an Artist stop something going on to Spotify? And is there an alternative that allows them to be paid for their creativity?
Because we have a digital agreement with our distributor they service lots of digi stores so we can opt in or out of certain services such as Spotify, for an artist to self release digitally then usually they will just be dealing with one store such as itunes so it's not an issuethe best sites to be on are itunes, amazon mp3 and emusic...they all generate decent sales returnsI refuse to use Spotify on principle from a personal  listening perspective.
On a slightly different note In as little or as much detail as you can manage, can you please tell us a little about rik and the foundation you set up?

Rik had very strong beliefs about the world and how it operated - he didn't like what he saw. When we set up the Rik Clay Foundation we wanted something that kept his spirit alive and maintained those core beliefs. The website was pulled together by one of Riks old work colleagues. I suppose it was a bit of a knee jerk reaction to our loss and the healing process has been so slow that in reality we haven't done too much with it....Chris who did the website wants to develop it but to date we haven't had the energy to get too involved as we are still very much repairing ourselves
Understandably so
the Rik Clay Foundation facebook page has been much more active tbh
From your point of view. How much did you agree or disagree with the beliefs that Rik was so passionate about? A lot of what I read on his blog resonated very strongly with me, and I know a lot of people have taken on board what he had to say very seriously.
I think there are differnet levels to it all. I strongly agreed with his views on capitalism, corruption, political manipulations etc but less so on some of the conspiracy / nwo / illuminati stuff...which is not to say it isn't there, but I think some of what Rik said was taken too literally, he made it quite clear that his blog was food for thought, not necessarily truth....then agian the whole thing is still unfolding and the financial collapse in late 2008 was the start of it.
Rik was very driven and focussed
Taking things literally seems to happen on a lot of levels, especially when dealing with belief systems.
absolutely....just look at organised religion and see what that has done to the world
So when getting down to brass tacks with regards to Music, Politics ad Religion etc. How much influence do you think Music has on each generation?
I think music has had a massive impact on various generations - Mods / Rockers / Flower Power early 60's, Rock / Prog early 70's, Punk late 70's - all impacted on political, religious, world views etc....since then I'm not so sure and more so now than ever, I don't believe current music ( apart from certain artists ) has much of a message or impact...festivals are just an excuse for a party these days, the music is just a side show it's the dumbing down of society in general....which brings us back to Rik I guess

It certainly does! "Somewhere not here" has inspired me, and continues to do so.
I'm glad it does...I think Rik left behind something wonderful there, I just wish more people would explore that side of him because it's still his spirit at work.
I'll add direct links to this interview because it speaks volumes to everything we have talked about. Thank you Mr Clay. We really appreciate you taking time out to talk to us and please keep us updated informed on any news and new releases from Stunted records.