Thursday, 28 June 2012

Discovering the Life Plan - Enlightening Times Book Review

Discovering the Life Plan by Ann Merivale
Isbn: 978 1 84694 821 3

The author offers a detailed and sympathetic account of a huge subject in this book. It will appeal to those initially approaching the subject of past lives and karma etc.

It is well written, extensively researched ad presents an interesting insight into the Authors beliefs and that of those she has worked with over the years. 

Step by step "Discovering the Life Plan" takes the reader on an amazing journey through a collection of real life encounters of those who set out to discover why they chose to be here now.

There are notes and suggestions at the end of each chapter for those wishing to delve into the subject themselves to recover knowledge of their individual life blueprints, and plenty of references for anyone looking for practitioners to assist them in this journey. All in all a fascinating read and a thoroughly enjoyable book from beginning to end. 

More about the Author Here

J M Ashcroft June 2012