Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Whistleblowing, A Dangerous Occupation....

RT News Feature

"as long as you have an honest motive you will be protected..."

In the Information age it is becoming increasingly difficult to report the Truth for fear of consequences ranging from ridicule to imprisonment. This is only going to get worse as those who need to be silenced become victims of cyber warfare. Did you know that any transaction you make online.. any message you send from your phone, in fact any digital footprints that you make can be accessed by those who collect and control where your Data ends up?

What is private, and what is public information?

The lines of distinction are so blurred that it would probably be safer to stay away from the internet than to know who or what to trust with your personal information.

Privacy online and protection of sensitive data will be the next market in which those with enough savvy to provide these services will prosper. Next time you consider posting your photos, thoughts, personal information on social networks be aware that there is not just your friends watching what you do. There are companies collecting and selling all of your information, creating profiles on your personality by collating and analyzing this data.

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Jade Ashcroft 13/06/2012