Thursday, 12 July 2012

Esoteric Agenda 2012

 Ever Heard Of The Hundredth Monkey Effect?...
 As we approach the latter months of 2012, we find ourselves in a time of extreme significance!
The time of blind subservience, trickery and wickedness is dying as we arrive at this exciting juncture in humanity’s journey of evolution!
 Some of us have long been aware and preparing for the transition we are currently going through and others are just beginning to feel the subtle changes in the 'air'! The important factor is that we are remembering our function in the divine cosmos.
As the age of revealing draws closer to shine a wondrous light on the true nature of our being, the rapidly heightening vibrations of cosmic consciousness are spreading across the planet like wildfire, breaking the barriers of illusory limitation as we are 'reactivated'.
 Some believe that we are the minority; the few in a world where the masses exist in a constant trance state, but be assured, the 'few', through love, understanding, perception and positive intent are harmonising with the earths heart resonance, creating an equilibrium as evolution takes its natural path towards critical mass at an ever-quickening pace!.

Expansion and unity is on the horizon, true freedom and responsibility are within our grasp and we are becoming what we once were!

 We invite you all to share a day of age-old sacred knowledge, ancient wisdom and spiritual insight as we dive into the waves of the 'Esoteric Agenda!'
With a handpicked line up of incredible speakers each extremely conversant with the  different aspects of mysticism, esotericism,symbolism, art, spiritual sciences, harmonics, resonance, sacred language, human origin and much more! we guarantee this will be an amazing day, you will surely remember!
This unique all day U.K premiere is not to be missed!
 +++ Please Note+++
 Due To Public Demand We Expect This Event To sell Out Fast So Please Be Sure To Book In Advance To Avoid Dissapointment.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Spying, Controversy and Freedom.

"Black Box" will give away ALL your communications data....

Original Story Source on RT
It is your human right to be Free.

Swartz has told RT the new proposal will be “almost like opening up every letter sent through the post office so the government can make a copy – ‘just in case’.” RT News

See - Episode 8 of the Julian Assange Show.

A furious invisible war over our society is underway. New technologies to collect ‘netizens’ private data pop up every week. So what is private now? Julian Assange asks his Cypherpunk guests: is the world’s future tied to the Internet?
In Episode 8 of the Julian Assange Show, the host goes back to his hacker roots and sits down with members of the Cypherpunks movement to discuss the invisible battlefield: the Internet.

‘Total surveillance of every communication’

­Cypherpunks is a movement originating from Cypherpunks’ Electronic Mailing List, which was set up by activists aiming to improve Internet privacy and security through proactive use of cryptography. The movement has been active since the late 1980s. WikiLeaks is one of the many projects derived from Cypherpunks.
Ten years ago spying on every voice call and internet connection seemed a paranoid fantasy, but now as prices drop this is no longer a plot for a cyberpunk novel.
Technology enables total surveillance of every communication,” says Jeremie Zimmermann, from the French group La Quadrature du Net. Emails, video calls, social networks – the more users rely on the web, the more exposed they get.
We communicate using the internet or mobile phones, which are now meshed to the internet. Military or intelligence agencies have control of that data and are studying it. This is some kind of militarization of civilian life,” points out Jacob Appelbaum, a well-known independent advocate for cyber freedoms, who represented the whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks at the Hope Conference in 2010.

‘Blurring privacy’ over bucks

How about private surveillance and private mass collection of data? Not too unfeasible.
Google knows more about you than you know yourself,” remarks Andy Muller-Maguhn, of the German hacker association Chaos Computer Club.
"Netizens" are happy to hand out any kind of personal data, and social networks make their business “by blurring this line between privacy, friends and publicity,” says Jeremie Zimmermann. As long as spying agencies have access to data stored by such networks, web companies risk becoming extensions of these agencies.
"It is about economics. [Web companies] have decided that it is more important to collaborate with the state and to sell out their users; and to violate privacy and to be paid back for being a part of the surveillance culture,” sighs Jacob Appelbaum.

­Cypherpunks’ shield to privacy strike

Keeping your private data private is what the Cypherpunks movement is about. Assange’s guests hope for an economic push for companies to develop tools that will give users the ability to control their data and communication.
Force of authority is derived from violence. One must acknowledge with cryptography, no amount of violence will ever solve the math problem. And, this is the important key. It doesn't mean you can't be tortured, it doesn't mean that they can’t try to bug your house or subvert it some way. But it means if they find an encrypted message, it doesn't matter if they have the force of the authority behind everything that they do, they cannot solve that math problem,” says Jacob Appelbaum.
Watch Part I of the “Cypherpunks” Episode of The Julian Assange Show on RT.

All text is from RT News Website.

Monday, 2 July 2012


Energy can be the most amazing thing to feel, there is so many forms of energy, one can only guess, what other forms of energy is out in the universe that we, as beings, have never even considered.. What the power of the brain/mind is capable of even we, do not know.. If you do a few exercises, you will be able to feel other kinds of energy that is not from this planet.. I know, it sounds crazy, but, in all reality, most of us are called crazy because of the things we can come up with.. lay down outside, put your hands upwards and take some meditational breaths. For meditations, see my blog at If you would like to know more i am on facebook. As i post these on facebook. I also will post this on this blog as well
Focus on an image of any kind that you feel close to, focus on the energy that you feel from it, write it down.. Always write down your experiments when it comes to energy. On paper, on your computer, in your head, any way that you can to get it down and share with others as well if you wish.. Enjoy, i hope to get more of these out sooner.. By:Dana Neeley