Monday, 2 July 2012


Energy can be the most amazing thing to feel, there is so many forms of energy, one can only guess, what other forms of energy is out in the universe that we, as beings, have never even considered.. What the power of the brain/mind is capable of even we, do not know.. If you do a few exercises, you will be able to feel other kinds of energy that is not from this planet.. I know, it sounds crazy, but, in all reality, most of us are called crazy because of the things we can come up with.. lay down outside, put your hands upwards and take some meditational breaths. For meditations, see my blog at If you would like to know more i am on facebook. As i post these on facebook. I also will post this on this blog as well
Focus on an image of any kind that you feel close to, focus on the energy that you feel from it, write it down.. Always write down your experiments when it comes to energy. On paper, on your computer, in your head, any way that you can to get it down and share with others as well if you wish.. Enjoy, i hope to get more of these out sooner.. By:Dana Neeley