Saturday, 25 August 2012

Peace In Our Lifetime

World Peace Day – Seeking Inner Peace And Outer Peace

Peace In Our Lifetime Founder, Lynne Hazelden

I have never met Lynne Hazelden, yet I consider her a friend. We met in cyber space in 2010 when we both submitted book proposals for a competition. Since then, I have been a guest on her radio show and I follow her posts about Peace In Our Lifetime.

 Stop and think about that phrase for a moment - Peace In Our Lifetime. Isn't that an amazing aspiration? When setting a goal we are encouraged to decide on a time limit within which we aim to see the goal realised. Peace In Our Lifetime conveys possibility, a gentle urgency, and the implication that each of us contributes to both our own inner peace and world peace.

 For Lynne, there is another powerful meaning to the phrase:

We experience greater inner peace as we see the peace that is all around us. Peace In Our Lifetime's work empowers a shift in consciousness to allow people to see that peace in our lifetime IS already here. After all 6.9 billion people are living peacefully, and often with great compassion for their family and society.

World Peace Day

 Established by a United Nations resolution in 1981, 21st September marks The International Day of Peace (Peace Day).

Global Ceasefire

 In association with Peace Day, 21st September is also a day of Global Ceasefire when humanity lays down its weapons by conscious choice. I was astonished and heartened to hear about this wonderful initiative. Aid is able to get into otherwise war-torn countries. Children are immunised. A global ceasefire provides hope for citizens who endure war and conflict; if war can stop for one day, it expands our vision that war can stop for good.

A Day of Gratitude and Thanks

 As part of celebrations for Peace Day 2012, Peace in Our Lifetime is declaring A Day of Gratitude and Thanks. On this day, in the quiet of the ceasefire, we are invited to stop and acknowledge the people acting peacefully in our own lives. There are people everywhere acting with love. Carers who look after another human being, a fireman who saves a life, someone raising funds for local community projects, those acting to preserve the natural world.

A Personal Commitment To Seeking Inner Peace In Our Own Lives

Peace is something we tend to see as needing to happen over there in other countries. Instead, peace begins with personal responsibility taken by each individual. When we address and heal the conflict in ourselves and in our own lives, we are helping.

 Inspirational Work Towards World Peace

 Despite living with severe illness, with the power of the internet Lynne Hazelden has done amazing things to rally people in the cause of world peace. In recognition of her work she has been made a Good Will Ambassador and Fellow of the Peace Research Institute

What Is Your Personal Journey Towards Peace?

 Let us set aside a day to talk about peace, focus on the peace that already exists in our lives, and find inner peace in ourselves. We each have our different gift to contribute to world peace. What is yours?

 Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.  Edmund Burke

Celebrate World Peace Day on 21st September 2011

 With her organisation, Peace In Our Lifetime, Lynne will be celebrating world Peace Day 2012 on 21st September. She invites us to join the celebrations.

 Support Peace In Your Lifetime and be counted as a voice for peace: download your FREE peace certificate. (8000 downloaded at the time of writing.) Listen to the radio show. Click Peace Day/Get Involved to get a PDF of all the options available to celebrate peace day and A Day Of Gratitude And Thanks.

Peace Organizations involved with Peace Day

 Lynne is the lady behind just one of many wonderful peace organizations working towards world peace. These include:

Standing with PeaceJam, Imagine Peace, Goodwill Treaty for Peace, World Peace Prayer Society, Culture of Peace, Pathways to Peace, Student Peace Alliance, Cercle de Pape, Love is All We Need, Just Giving in support of Peace One Day

About the author of the article

Katherine T Owen runs the website and is the author of Be Loved, Beloved – 15 Spiritual Love Poems, God Love, Self Love, available on Kindle. She pursued inner peace during 14 years of being bedbound with ME/CFS.