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US brands Julian Assange and Wikileaks enemies of the State. RT video

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Esoteric Agenda 8th September. ICAN Conference 2012

I.C.A.N Conference "Esoteric Agenda 2012" 

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We arrived on what could easily have mistaken for a midsummer day, as opposed to the beginning of Autumn 2012. Sunshine heralded a good omen for the Days events at the Middleton Arena.

This was Enlightening Times Magazines second attendance at an ICAN conference and we were treated to an information packed day of highly educational, motivational and engaging lectures by some of the top researchers in their field.

The event kicked off with Edge Media's Alex G. Alex is a presenter, producer and writer, for ON THE EDGE, a live show on Edge Media (8pm Thursdays, Sky channel 200). The format of Alex’s stage name comes from the common law 'Free Man on the Land' concept.

Alex started out doing backstage interviews for The Alternative View conferences (AV3 and AV4)  and presentation was an interesting soujourn during which he discussed parallels between cult TV shows and real world events. He also covered some of the traditional Ufological subjects like the Betty and Barney Hill case and it was a great start to this educational day.

Pierre Sabak 

During his talk Pierre goes into great depth about how words can have multiple meanings. He looks at the play on words, double speak, language, reveals hidden meanings in symbols. He has some interesting research theories on the symbology of the snake and the "dragon" as Lucifer.

His last book Murder of Reality took him seven years to research and the new work he is undertaking, he hopes, will enable the layman to understand the significance of symbolism and how language is used to manipulate.

"Philo-ophis (a brother of the serpent) is a cognate of the Arabic definition ‘akh’ (a brother) reproduced in the Babylonian language as ‘acan’ (a seraph). In addition the play is matched in the Latin with ‘frater’ (a brother) cryptic of the Arabic etymon ‘fritar’ (to deceive) connoting ‘ifrit’ (a type of jinn depicted as a reptile). Fritar is rendered in Greek as feedhee, pronounced feethee (a serpent) a name which is consistent with a liar or cheat." The Murder of Reality (Hidden Symbolism of the Dragon). - Pierre Sabak.

Thomas Sherridan

We spoke with Thomas briefly between lectures and he has some very interesting views on trauma and its effects. See video Interview:

In his work Thomas has documented cases in which trauma can manifest as ufological and paranormal experiences from within the psyche of the individual, and that you can avoid falling in to the trap of the "Psychopathic Control Grid" by seeking answers nowhere but within your Self.

Sheridans books on this and other related subject areas which are well worth reading for a refreshing and well researched view of what can happen when you allow yourself to be wide open to external influences. His discourse on this particular brand of psychological warfare shows its influence extending as far as politics and mass media.

How easily are psychopaths able to manipulate us and target our personal and collective consciousness?  How can we protect ourselves from the consciousness parasites of the Psychopathic Control Grid? These are the kind of questions he asks and in a straight talking no nonsense manner, delivers a healthy dose of clarity and sheds light in some very dark places.


Ian R Crane

Ian R Crane is an ex-oilfield executive who now lectures, writes and broadcasts with his no nonsense, staright talking research presentations. He is deeply interested in ancient belief systems, folklore, myth and culture and evolution of the human species. If you haven't been to one of Ian Cranes talks before there is a back catalogue of his dvds and previous work which is well worth looking into.

Primarily Ian focuses on the spinning of geopolicital webs and topics such as the Codex Alimentarius, Conspiracies, and the War against Gm Giant Monsanto. His thought-provoking and educational productions are gems that will aid you in discovering the true nature of our world, reality, and our respective roles within it. See Ians Website Here.

Lloyd Pye - Starchild Updates 

"The Starchild Skull is a relic. Relics are natural, artifacts are made by the hands of humans." Lloyd Pye

During his lecture Lloyd presented his current research and analysis of the Starchild Skull. For those of you who don't know about this project, The Starchild Project was founded in 1999 when Ray and Melanie Young - the owners of the starchild skull found in Mexico in the 30s,  asked Lloyd to head an investigation to determine what caused the skull to have its unusual shape and uncover the secrets of the bones makeup.

The research team have ruled out deformities and Lloyd presented the Scientific research and data which indicates that the skull may actually be Alien. In the sense that it is alien when compared to the normal genetics of a human skull. Could this be the remains of a species not native to this planet? Lloyd certainly provides food for thought in his work and his engaging stage presence kept an enthralled audience throughout his segment.

Ben Stewart

The day concluded on a high note with Ben Stuarts Art-Sex-Attention-Prisms talk which went into great depth during the audience engaged discussion. He covered topics of creativity, sexuality, the nature of light and aspects of spirituality and human behavior being thwarted via the mainstream medias constant attention drawn towards images of Sex.

"We are All Artists" he emphasized throughout and made reference a lot to the "True Nature" being within each individual.  "Art, Sex, and Death all share a source, The impulse of our inspiration is the fire that fuels the orgasm and the same lightning bolt that strikes at the moment our soul exits the body. This infinite taproot is the only source of change we are begging for as a species" - Ben Stewart.

His emphasis throughout the lecture was an investigation and analysis of the human relationship with this source.
Ben has three provocative short films available for those interested in his work, produced along with Dan Stewart. Check out their Band Heirosonic!


His presentation was very well received by the audience and his enigmatic air of delivery left the participants on a positive note, turning the question back on them. "What will YOU do?" 

You can watch the Enlightening Times Interview with Ben on the Blog..

If you want to know more about The speakers from the Esoteric Agenda conference,  ICAN have a range of Lectures available on DVD that you can buy directly from their website. The International Conscious Awareness Network is an independent and uncensored media outlet based in the North West of England.

We would like to say a special thank you to Matthew Stevens for inviting us to attend this groundbreaking event.

Review by Jade Ashcroft Sept 2012 Photos reproduced with kind permission of Peter Walker

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Life is Eternal Newness by Ilie Cioara

Life is Energy in a permanent process of renewal, unfolding moment to moment. It has no beginning and it will never have an end. It comes from Eternity and it flows, perpetually, towards the same Eternity, in a perfectly harmonious order.

We can also call it Absolute Truth or God; these words define its Essence and content as All there is, in All and Everything, seen or unseen.
 As Unique Reality, It is also endowed with creative force, and the Aliveness within us represents the Divine Spark which cannot be conditioned or measured, searched for or evaluated. It exists – purely and simply – as obvious and Unique Reality in a continuous process of evolution.
This Divine Particle – Perfection in Itself – is associated with a physical body and an imperfect mind; It permanently pursues perfection and the return to the Sacred Source where It originated. Destined to experience the association with the relative elements of the physical Universe, the Divine Spark – in moments of existence – comes into contact with “What is not real”, that is, the world of illusions, which disappears spontaneously. In the “psychological void”, It reveals Itself through Itself as Sublime Reality.
According to depth, there are three layers of understanding:
Superficial understanding – at the level of words;
Mental understanding, an association of concepts;
And finally, total understanding – which is boundless.
Total understanding is – by itself and through itself – true understanding,
Its spontaneous perception breaks the sphere of the limited,
The chains of the mind are shattered, in a state of freedom,
All is enlightened in the sparkle of clarity.
Attention is the key, providing comprehension,
Through it, all is clear and we grasp the essence of things spontaneously,
Being and action – the beginning of transformation,
It dispels the darkness of the mind through full Enlightenment.
Through spontaneous understanding, we are an integral being,
Melting with life, each moment is true within us.
We are one with Immensity, in syntony with the rhythm of the Universe,
Through it, the fragmentation is dissolved.
In order to correctly understand Life in Its general unfoldment, as newness and freshness from one moment to another, we need to encounter It with the same qualities that It has.
We need to welcome Life with a completely open being, through a direct contact. Neither the past, preserved in the memory, nor the future participate in this simple encounter. We just listen and watch – with an all-encompassing Attention – everything that appears automatically on the surface of our consciousness: thoughts, images, desires, fears, emotions etc. triggered by the impressions coming from the external world or from within our being. These outdated and inadequate apparitions – as “ego” in action – are completely dissipated by the rays of the Light-Attention.
Practically, this simple perception of the movement of Life in all its manifestations ends our whole conditioning, without any acts of will on our part. In the empty space that ensues, a “psychological void” appears; in its climate, we experience: peace, harmony and a total independence from our whole accumulated knowledge.
This is the moment of all-encompassing perception, determined by our encounter with Life; we have a new mind and a different way of thinking; new brain cells – unaffected by previous experiences – start to function. From now on we fully understand and embrace Life, eliminating any traumas or conflictual states.
 In this fortunate circumstance, the “ego” – based on old, outdated cells – is instantly dissipated, as well as its energies and erroneous mentality.
Free from the past, we are eternal freshness and we have the ability to encompass and understand the freshness of Life in a real way.
 The secret of unconditional happiness – to which every living being aspires – lies in this direct contact with the movement of Life, as a whole being integrated into the eternal present.
                This message, expressed in very simple words, invites you to watch yourself, in every circumstance, as often as possible. Each such encounter – performed in the right manner – constantly weakens the authority of the “ego”.
Attention – as a shining Light – dissipates all the darkness, dissolving and disintegrating everything it encounters, like a laser. We don’t memorize anything from the poem we have just read or re-read. In this way, the verses will be always new – completely unknown to us – as if we are reading them for the first time; just like, when you look into a mirror, you see your face in it as if for the first time.
The passiveness of the mind, as a result of all-encompassing and lucid Attention, transcends us from the finite world into the reality of the Absolute, revealing our true divine origin. Completely forget the poems, as well as the author! Just remain with the constant act of listening and watching yourself, in utter simplicity.
You don’t need anyone or anything on this path of spiritual awakening! Drop all the crutches you rely on, for they are worthless! On the contrary, they are real obstacles on this wondrous journey, which can only be accomplished in the absence of the “ego”, in utter aloneness, as a complete human being, body and mind as “One”.

Excerpts from Life Is Eternal Newness, published by OBooks
About the Author
Ilie Cioara was an enlightened mystic who lived in Eastern Europe. His writings in 16 books describe the experience of meditation and enlightenment, as well as the practice of Self-knowing using all-encompassing Attention. 
The Silence of the Mind and The Wondrous Journey, Life is Eternal Newness and I Am Boundlessness is a tetralogy by Ilie Cioara, published by OBooks.
Life Is Eternal Newness endorsements
“This is a major contribution to modern mystical literature. Consider displaying this one with books by Eckhart Tolle, Krishnamurti, Teresa of Avila, Brother Lawrence and St. John of the Cross.”
Anna Jedrziewski, Retailing Insight
“This work stands independently of ancient traditions, well known sages, and the current nonduality scene. That is refreshing. This, and Cioara's other works, are among the finest books on nondual consciousness.“
Jerry Katz,
“Ilie Cioara can be compared to just a few: Rumi, Tolle but he actually is beyond what they have written in his simplicity of explanation and the experience of the poetry puts him in category by himself.”
Lee Petersen, The Way of Consciousness Radio Show
“This distinguished author broadly follows the teachings of the great Sage, Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi, and also has affinities with Eckhart Tolle and J. Krishnamurti. I would strongly recommend this precious book to all those aspirants who are interested in and working for Self Realisation.”
Alan Jacobs, President Ramana Maharshi Foundation UK

Alternative Energy by Brynneth Nimue Brown

Going Solar

For the last year and a bit I’ve been living on a narrowboat. It’s meant being off the grid, which in turn has meant sourcing electricity. I’ve lived with a solar panel, which has in turn made me rethink power use.
Solar power has a number of flaws – you don’t get any during the night, and in the winter there’s a lot more dark hours than light ones. Overcast skies aren’t good for power either, and we’ve had a lot of those too. When I started on the boat, I had a regular laptop, but it was almost impossible to run it. Instead, I’ve transferred to a netbook, which takes far less juice to charge up, and has a battery life of about 9 hours. The result being that I can work from the netbook, relying mostly on the solar panel.

What I couldn’t hope to do is run a DVD player, radio, toaster, kettle, washing machine etc off my little panel. The last year has taught me that I need to be very precise about matching my energy use to the energy available. This has been a good lesson. The ease of sourcing electricity makes us oblivious to how much we use. The boat provides a ‘beep of doom’ when the batteries are getting low, and total electricity consciousness has ensued. Sadly I don’t think beeps of doom are available for regular homes.

Now, realistically most people are not going to do anything quite so radical as the above in the quest for greener living. But there are lessons I think can usefully be applied elsewhere. Think, seriously, about what you need and how and when you need it. I promise you, that you need less than you suppose you do. Particularly in terms of home entertainment. Using sources of entertainment sparingly turns them from things you take for granted and get little out of, to things you learn to treasure and appreciate. Used sparingly and with thought, the technology gives a lot more than it does when used casually. The overall result is more joy, not less, so its win all round.
Wind up gadgets create an immediate, physical awareness of the power required, and they take you off grid. I love my wind up radio, I use it a lot. It takes effort to use it, so I won’t run it as sound wallpaper, and this is a good thing. It has made me more discriminating. If you had to run on a treadmill to power the TV, which programs would you give up on? So give up on them.
You can now get small solar chargers capable of charging small hand held devices. I’d recommend exploring this, not least because it puts your consumption rates into perspective. How many hours of sun do you need to play one game on a mobile phone? Having a real measure of electricity, aside from the bills for using it, is a great help in working out how to value it, and what might not be necessary after all.
Often, there is an old fashioned way of doing a thing that uses far less energy in the first place. I use solar power to dry the washing. And wind power. In other words, I have a washing line, and it costs me nothing. Sometimes I use candles for lighting – although those have petrochemicals in, so it’s not a solution without complexities. Sometimes, more powerfully, I sit in the gloom and just enjoy it. I match sleeping times to darkness, this saves on electric lights and has proved far better for my mind and body. I turn things off.
We’re forever being sold gadgets that are supposed to save our lives somehow. Mostly, they don’t, they just push up our already unviable consumption rates. Having a few things you really value, using them sparingly, and being able to turn them off not only reduces electrical consumption, but it is good for the soul. I’ve been living it for more than a year now, and its good stuff. I am happier in my gadgets than ever before, because I appreciate them more and only use them when I really want or need them. When I go back to more regular living arrangements, I’m not going back to former levels of gadget dependency. I feel so much lighter and cleaner this way.
Alternative energy sources are a great thing, but unless we cut the demand side too, they won’t be enough. 

Brynneth Nimue Brown 

10 August 2012 12:46

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Cause and effect: utilizing the magikal power of coincidence By Richard Gordon

Coincidence, or synchronicity as it was called by Jung, can be described as two apparently unrelated events, occurring by what appears to be chance in unison, that are then experienced in a meaningful manner.
We have all experienced coincidences from time to time in our daily lives. Some coincidences are very minor and apparently meaningless, and while these may easily be cast aside others can be astonishing in nature and almost impossible to explain. They can often appear to have a major underlying significance, may lead to positive changes in our lives, or even deliver karmic retribution. 

Some coincidences appear to be warning signs or hints that serve towards guiding our lives in a new direction, yet most coincidences will fail to have any effect upon our lives unless we take the time to dissect and analyse their meaning. 

Many philosophers have speculated that coincidences are actually signals from the universe that are intended to guide our lives towards our true destiny, and in some instances this may very much be the case. However, in the majority of cases there may be another explanation. With a little understanding it soon becomes obvious that there is no such thing as random coincidence, and that via our own willed actions, we are often capable of causing the occurrence of beneficial coincidences within our daily lives.
Before I go into the mechanics of coincidence I would like to give some examples of coincidences from personal experience and from a well-documented case.

The following example of personal coincidence occurred a couple of years ago. I was sorting out some old photographs that had been stored away for years, when I came across one of a an old friend that I had lost touch with some years previously. I remember saying at the time “I wonder what ever became of Tony?” before reminiscing a little and then packing them safely away. A couple of days later I decided to book a holiday in Scotland which would involve a specific mountain climb. Two weeks later I travelled up to Scotland on the train and arrived at reception in the late afternoon, I had only been stood there for a couple of minutes when who should walk in but Tony. This in itself could be put down to some kind of remote chance but after having a lengthy chat with him it emerged that he and his girlfriend had not only booked the holiday at the hotel on the same day that I had, but had also travelled via train from a different part of the UK with the specific idea of climbing the very same mountain. I should point out at this point that the Tony I knew in the distant past was the laziest person that I’ve come across, a short walk to the corner shop was often beyond him, so the fact that he was suddenly stood there out of the blue beside me and ready to climb a mountain just added to my bewilderment. 

The second coincidence was recently described to me by a friend, involving the buying of Christmas presents. She had been very thoughtful and had bought her friends several unusual gifts, one of which was a diamante brooch in the shape of a spider, another set of tarot cards. Prior to the day they exchanged gifts and put them away until Christmas. On opening the gifts that she had received in return she found a diamante spider brooch and a set of tarot cards, she said this was not unusual, as on previous occasions she and her mother had given each other the exact same jewellery sets .

Thirdly, a good friend told me that the number nine appeared to be following her around, she would see it everywhere, table numbers in restaurants, hotel room numbers, the number of birds that perched upon her washing line. A couple of days after our conversation she received a phone call telling her that her mother had just been involved in a car crash only two minutes walk from her house. When she arrived at the scene the other vehicle that was involved in the crash turned out to be a number nine bus. 

The last and most famous example can be found in Ripley’s Believe It or Not.
Henry Ziegland was a Texan who, in 1893, callously betrayed his fiancée. She became overwhelmed with despair and took her own life. Her brother seeking to avenge her death found Ziegland out in the open and fired a revolver at point-blank range. Ziegland fell to the ground and the brother then killed himself. But Ziegland actually survived his assailant. The bullet had only grazed his cheek and lodged itself in a nearby tree. He did not accept his lucky survival graciously, however, and over the following years continued to insult the memories of the dead woman and her brother.

Then, in 1913, Ziegland was engaged in cutting down an old tree. Unable to make progress with his axe, he girdled it with sticks of dynamite. Although at a safe distance from the explosion, he fell to the ground dead. The coroner found a bullet had passed through his skull and determined that it was the very same bullet fired at him by the irate brother of his betrothed. Ziegland had dynamited the same tree in which the bullet had waited for twenty years.

To understand the connection between the examples above we firstly need to take grasp of a simple concept. The universe is said to have begun as a single source, from here it expanded into what we experience as being the whole universe. As such any sense of separation is no more than an illusion. Even if our sense of oneness has been diluted, the universe still has the same source of energy that runs through its entirety. This can be backed up by the fact that if we remove an electron from a particle and then cause the remaining electrons to react, the removed one will react in the same way at exactly the same moment no matter what the distance.

Consensus opinion amongst many mystics and occultists is that we create an invisible energetic connection between ourselves and everyone our lives touch upon, not only to people but also to inanimate matter and objects, quantum theorists refer to this as entanglement.

With this in mind we can now re-evaluate the above examples of coincidence. In the coincidence from my personal experience we could speculate that I reinforced the connection with the long lost friend by simply bringing memories of him to mind via the medium of the photographic images, culminating in some kind of energetic informational exchange that I believe is related to remote viewing, thus triggering a visual download of my travel plans for the coming weeks, which he subconsciously took to be his own thoughts and ideas.
In the second example, the minds of the friends involved may have subconsciously mirrored the fondness they have for each other by coming to an agreement that the gifts would be perfect in each case, and so the equilibrium manifested as matching presents, it further more suggests that we could attract certain desired objects to be brought directly to us.

The third example is of a more mysterious kind that appear to be almost out of our control, it implies that from time to time that the universe is capable of sending us warnings of events to come, in these cases we must learn to read the signs and see if they hold clues towards protecting ourselves or family and friends, we must always remember that these kinds of coincidences are not always negative, they could also be directing us towards good fortune or a positive direction.

The fourth case is a little more complicated and could be viewed in two possible ways, it suggests that Ziegland was either secretly guilt ridden and dwelled upon the death of his fiancée or held a great hatred towards his would be murderer, furthermore the likelihood is that the focus of his guilt or hatred resided in the bullet that nearly took his life. So in this case the connective energy reinforced itself in a direct link to the bullet, in fact the connection was so strong that the bullet returned to its sender upon being released by the explosion. 

The alternative view of this occurrence is that it is one of karma, but if we study the case this appears to be unlikely, after all it was the brother who wished to murder Ziegland, not the other way around, and if the outcome was due to the adultery then it would be more than likely that over half of the world’s population would no longer be with us. 

In the terms of ritual or magikal work these simple examples may teach us some very valuable lessons. They imply that with insight, we may attract, choose or cause the outcome of certain events or coincidences to occur via the creation of powerful connective links to a desired target or object via our own willed energy. In these cases coincidence isn’t a random act but something that is caused by our interaction with the universal energy that surrounds us. It also implies that we should avoid dwelling on negativities within the structure of our lives or risk yet again reinforcing the unwanted links and bond towards them. 

With a little practise we can instinctively learn to spot many coincidences that have previously gone unnoticed and learn to become the instigator of them. Given time they can become a powerful tool for manifestation or a an encoded map that can be used to improve our quality of life or which may help us to reveal events that are yet to come.

Richard Gordon
September 2012

I use my own system of "Magick" that works on a basis of manipulating base energy towards a desired manifestation, a reintroduction of the primal scream, the power to wield the one word and cause change within reality.

11 11 Code. Secrets of the Convent Enlightening Times Book Review

THE 11:11 CODE

The 11 11 Code reads like a mystery novel, but the difference is that the Author is telling her personal story instead of packaging it as fiction. At the outset Ms Carter tells the reader of a sequence of events that led her to the discovery and purchase of an ancient Convent in Spain. The narrative is a fantastic exploration into the history,

It makes this book all the more attractive to those who are drawn to the 11 11 Phenomena to read about the experiences and outcomes of another following the Coincidence trail.
Its very easy to get embroiled in the story and though some may argue that the more you look for something, you will find it everywhere you look…the sequence of events uncovered during this text unveils something much darker and definitely in need of further investigation.

The 11 11 Code touches briefly on Synchronicity, Earth Energies, Bloodlines, Templars, Freemasonry, and the Goddess tradition amongst other things, and proposes certain lines of thought which deserve to be explored in greater detail and hopefully the Author will write further books on this and other related subjects.

It is in the genre of inspirational titles like the Celestine Prophecy and will be of interest to those seeking to break out of the mundane and delve into the world of Secrets, Mystery and investigative journeys into the Spiritual realm.

Review by Jade Ashcroft 1 / 9 / 2012

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Transcending the Ego / Ascension by Danea Smith

Transcending the ego/ascension
(Higher self and Lower Self)

We all have such a close and personal relationship with our own egos. We blindly follow it with out questioning its true motives. It’s the voice in us that is judgmental, negative, pessimistic, but is cunning and sly as well. It will build you up and tear you down. It will talk you out of following through on heart felt ideas that once had you soaring on wings of love. It tells you you’re not good enough, that its too dangerous, that you will be rejected, that you’re better than others, or don’t need to change anything at all. We are slaves to our egos, and our egos are imposters. We can transcend our egos by expanding our awareness, or our consciousness. We do this by asking questions and getting the knowledge to answer those questions, and by becoming the observer of our own lives. Our egos are tape recorders that play over and over again the same painful experiences that we are trying to escape. The only way to stop the same recording from playing yet again is to become aware of the common thread that ties them all together. 

For as long as I can remember in my own life, I’ve had a hard time connecting to people. I’ve never let myself get too attached, but when I do I am very loyal and loving. It just takes me a long time to get to that point. I recently started noticing that I panic a lot in my close relationships. Whether it’s about being worried that I made them mad at me, or that they don’t want to talk to me anymore because I they haven’t responded back to me as quick as they usually do which always leaves me asking myself, “what’s wrong with me?.”. Seeing this pattern has been the beginning of me finding the common thread that ties together one of my reoccurring themes. By really asking what I felt when I was in these situations, I discovered that I felt abandoned and rejected. The thing is, I realized that most of the time these feelings were fears, and that they never turned out to be true. When ever I felt like I did something wrong, and was being rejected, it actually never had anything to do with me. So where was this fear of abandonment and rejection coming from? Why did I keep recreating my self? Well I had to follow my memories as far back as I could, and what I discovered was that I did experience these things when I was younger and my fear of feeling like that again, actually made me create it, because our egos thrive on our fears, and they tell us the same negative story over and over until, you find the common thread that allows you to follow it all the way back to the beginning. 
The beginning for me was the memory of my dad leaving. Even though I understand as an adult why my mom and dad separated, as a 5 year old, I don’t think I ever got it. I never knew how much that day affected me, until I realized how I kept recreating that pain through the rest of my child hood and into my adult life. I had visited that memory many times, and never really felt anything. However, now that I could follow the common thread that tied so many of my painful experiences together back to this memory, I was then able to console the little girl in me who had looked in her daddy’s sad heavy eyes, and watched him drive away. For a moment, I was that little girl again, and I felt angry, and scared, and abandoned. I screamed at my dad this time though, to come back, to not leave me. I allowed myself to feel everything that came from reliving this little girl’s memory. The little girl in me that day felt abandoned and blamed herself which made her think something was wrong with her. See what happens is, when we have painful experiences, mostly in childhood, a piece of us gets left in that moment. The part of me that felt secure, and worthy of acceptance, got left there that day. Our egos are negative as in they keep us stuck in old patterns that don’t serve our highest good, but our egos will also lead us back to the parts of ourselves that wait for us wanting to be healed so they can help us become whole again in our “now” moment. 
This process is how we begin to transcend our egos. By actively participating in becoming aware of, and healing your own negative patterns, thoughts, and beliefs; you are in turn raising your consciousness. And while this is the process of transcending the ego, this is also part of the process of ascension! I hope you’re thinking, “I’ve already been doing this, but I didn’t know it was ascension, and let alone what ascension was!” The truth is we are all in the process of ascension whether we are aware of it or not, we have been trying to raise our awareness and transcend our egos since the beginning of our existence as humans. What’s special about the times we are living in now is that it is easier than it has ever been before for us to raise our awareness and transcend our ego/humanness, which is based in duality, fear, and separateness. The reason this is important to know is because our ego/humanness prevents us from seeing our own true limitlessness, and oneness with all and everything. 

We can’t have the human experience (which is why we are here in the first place) with out being human. So, transcending doesn’t mean we are trying to physically leave our human bodies so that we can remember our truth. That would defeat the point. We are, and in fact have been trying since the beginning of our human existence, to remember our true limitlessness and divine nature; so that we can create the lives that we truly want during our human experience. It is my belief that some of the great spiritual masters before us, such as Jesus, or Buddha, were here to show us the path of transcendence. They both walked different paths, but transcending our humanness was the important message they brought, not how they got there necessarily. If anything, the fact that they got there taking different paths is showing us that there are many paths to enlightenment, not one right way like most of us are raised believing.

A better way then, to describe what transcending your ego/humanness is, is obtaining the perspective of the overview. By raising your awareness, you allow yourself to gain new perspectives. It’s in these new perspectives that we are finally able to step back and observe our behaviors, instead of just going through the motions of the same emotional responses to triggers from old wounds that haven’t been healed from our past. The mission isn’t at all to get rid of the ego, but to embrace it for its healing messages. Its only from gaining a higher perspective (higher self), that we can achieve this ability. While we are seeing from the perspective of the ego (lower self), we aren’t seeing the whole truth, or the whole perspective. This is why we have been stuck in the same exhausting patterns, because we haven’t been able to achieve the perspective of the overview. The contrasting perspectives can also be referred to as our higher selves (the higher perspective) and our lower selves (the lower perspective.)
How do we help ourselves become more aware? A good start is by meditating, because this allows you to quiet the mind, which is usually full of the negative thoughts, beliefs, and fears that create our patterns of response or our state of being. Another tip is to practice becoming present in every moment. We don’t usually realize how much time we spend thinking about the past, or worrying about the future, which generally leads to negative thinking. Becoming aware of your breath if you find yourself in the past or future is a good tool to use. Focusing on the sensations of the body as the breath comes in, and goes out. For a while your mind will probably continue to venture off, with meditation as well. It takes time to master our thoughts and control them. So don’t give up just because you don’t do it perfect in the time frame you think is suitable. There is no time frame, and there is no doing it wrong. Another thing I suggest is actively seeking knowledge. Knowledge is power! So go and explore, and discover what’s out there. There is a whole world out there waiting to be found.

Danae Smith
Sept 2012

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The Deep Silence by Tom Hall

I close my eyes
And step into another level of existence
A world with no material bounds
I step into the Deep Silence

I am hovering above the world
Against a background of stars
The Earth moving fast
Below me

Then just stars
Slowly fading
Then darkness
All pervading

Beyond the Sphere of the universe
I travel into the unknown
Beyond the material world
Into the spiritual

Into the deep silence....

The Numerology of Our Changing Times by Richard Abbot

It is easy to see that ‘times have changed’. But we might also recognise that there is no chance of them changing back or settling down. We are in a ‘new normal’. So what should we expect?
Let’s begin with the much discussed topic of 2012. From a numerology perspective this is an unremarkable year, a plain old ‘5’, bringing some change and disruption but no more than happens in every ‘5’ year, which comes once every nine years.

The real shift that so many are looking for has actually already been seeded. The Y2K bug seems a long time ago now, and in the end all the fuss came to nothing, but it was the New Millennium which brought the change, when the calendar shifted from years starting in ‘1’ to years starting in ‘2’. This small shift is easily overlooked – it seems too simple, too obvious – yet like all truth it is profound.
Everyone on the planet, from teenager up, was born in the 1900’s. I was born in 1972. I am product of that time and I carry that energy with me through my life. My father was born in 1934, my partner in 1973, her sister in 1977, their grandmother in 1919. All these people carry the spirit of their times within them. And all these birth years have something in common – they all begin with a ‘1’.
And it’s not just people that have been shaped by ‘1’, it the outer world in which we live. Man landed on the Moon under the influence of the ‘1’, both World Wars were fought in (and maybe because of) the ‘1’. AIDS first appeared in the ‘1’, and the EU was formed in the ‘1’. With these and many other examples the pattern begins to emerge. The institutions that shape today’s world were all created in the ‘1’.

The ‘1’ – and with the Tarot you can also say The Magician and the Aces of the Suits – is all about me. It is the energy of the individual person, the separate soul. It manifests as individual achievement and personal selfishness, as well as energy, action and vigour. And so we see that the entire millennium 1000AD to 1999 was defined by those things, the most obvious of which being the impact of the individual.
Magician from the Soulscapes Tarot by Jade Ashcroft
We don’t need to know a great deal of history to see that the impact of individuals has been huge, but varyingly positive and negative. The history of great men (for 1 is masculine) has raised and lowered the human spirit in equal measure. Think Einstein and Hitler, Gandhi and Stalin. All impactful individuals with direct agendas. All Magicians in their own way.

But this energy has now departed, and although its effects remain, is has been usurped by the ‘2’.
During the one thousand years that started in 2000AD everything and everyone is affected by the ‘2’. The ‘2’ – The High Priestess and the Twos of the Suits – is completely different to what came before. Where the ‘1’ was active, the ‘2’ is passive. Where the ‘1’ was outgoing, the ‘2’ is inward looking, the ‘1’ masculine action, the ‘2’ feminine emotion, the ‘1’ direct, the ‘2’ confused. The ramifications of this are – and will continue to be - earth shattering.

High Priestess from the Soulscapes Tarot

There is historical precedent for what happens under the auspices of the ‘2’. The last time a digit shift like this took place was in 200AD, ushering in a period known as The Crisis of the Third Century.
The assassination of the Roman Emperor Severus in 235AD triggered a collapse into civil war that caused the Empire to split into three. Although later reunited the damage had been done and Roman life would never be the same again. The crisis had driven a stake through the heart of the Empire. It caused major and lasting upheaval in many of the institutions of Roman life. While fighting foreign hordes, as well as themselves, Roman society, economy, trade and religion were altered permanently. Constant war took a huge toll on the morale of the people, many of whom were now living in fear. The optimism, expansion and growth of the previous two centuries were no more. The people retreated behind walled cities and hoped merely to survive. 

Over in the East, China was experiencing a remarkably similar trauma. The united China of the Han Dynasty was replaced by three warring kingdoms in 220AD. This standoff endured for decades and delivered the loss of around half of the population, until matters were resolved in 280AD and the bloodshed ended. The effects on Chinese life were no less drastic than those that occurred simultaneously in Rome. In both cases human history was shifted by an inability to handle the new influence of the times - the ‘2’.

At the start of the Roman crisis, the military felt aggrieved towards the Emperors, so the Emperors felt that they had to give in to more and more of the army’s demands. The Emperors then failed to deliver on their promises, and the soldiers, unable to check their raging emotions (negative expression of 2), killed their superiors and moved swiftly on to new leaders, giving each only a short window to satisfy their demands. We can only speculate at what point the bloodshed and destruction became too much to bear and how bad things became before it dawned how far society had fallen. Such is the nature of the unchecked emotions that can often be associated with the ‘2’. They flow where they will, but it is only afterwards that we can see where they have been.

Both Roman and Chinese life were restored to some stability at the end of the century, but not before much had been lost. In the case of the Roman Empire, in 293AD the new Emperor Diocletian managed to restore order with his experimental form of rule called the Tetrarchy. In this system the powers of the one Emperor were divided between two co-Emperors, each with a junior Emperor. It had taken a myriad of disasters for this innovation of co-operation (positive 2) to be implemented, but it finally brought society into balance. 

Emperor from the Soulscapes Tarot
 So might we expect a Crisis of The Third Millennium of similar or greater proportions? History never repeats exactly, and although cycles do repeat it is not helpful to issue specific predictions. But it seems certain that if the institutions of society, family, religion, economy and government are shaky now then they will not possibly endure in the coming decades. We might then start to recognise 2012 as a tipping point within the overall scheme of the ‘2’ transition. Broadly speaking, this means profound and significant changes throughout the rest of our lifetime, such as:

The future is female. The evidence for this is already overwhelming, and the process will be complete when we have female leaders in USA, China and Europe. We are heading inexorably in that direction. It is now a matter of when not if.

The future is co-operative. Interconnectedness of people, emotions, thoughts, and trade is no longer a choice. It is a fact.

The future is insecure. Get used to this. The shadow traits of the ‘2’ cannot be ignored, the Crisis of the Third Century teaches us that much. There are and will continue to be many people who resist change. They see the fluidity of the ‘2’ as weakness and may seek to stamp hard to destroy it. But they waste their time and energy, for the train has already left the station, albeit destination unknown.
The future is mystical. The embracing of the intuitive arts by the mainstream is happening before our very eyes, and as the old teachings say ‘the magic, once revealed, cannot be denied. It will always find its way through’. 

Above all though, the shape of future is our choice. Old language is defunct, previously reliable behaviours no longer work, and narrow forms of personal expression bring only isolation and unhappiness. Our future might yet usher in balance, equality and harmony, but it might equally well bring extremism, intolerance and fear.
The story is not yet written, and this is where the numerology runs out of road. You can be absolutely sure that no aspect of your life can be treated like business as usual, but it up to us to respond in the best possible way to the revolution that has already arrived. Everything is now up for grabs and we must find a new way to be. This is not a function of 2012, and the change has only just begun. 

Richard Abbot operates The Hermitage Development Centre from where he teaches and all aspects of mystical, psychic, spiritual and occult practice. He is available for personal Numerology and Tarot consultations.

Monday, 10 September 2012

A word of Caution about Commissions by Jeremy Lampkin

As an Artist and Web Designer, a few friends have tried to help me out by sending business my way on different occasions.  But each time their associate turned out to be a flake, just another loser wasting my time expecting me to do a lot of work for nothing.  I thought this card game publication my friend mentioned would be more of the same, so I blew it off.  Finally after weeks of bringing it up, my friend got me to meet with this guy, after telling me the game was about ancient Nineveh.  Being interested in the Bible I had to see what this was about.

I took the day off just to meet this friend of my friend's husband in the afternoon on a Saturday in mid-April 2012.   His name was John and he wanted me to do the artwork for his card game about gambling in its most potent form.  The concept of this game he chose to title Nineveh is that each turn, each action involves bluffing, as in poker, looking directly into your opponent's eyes to determine whether you want to keep the card or have the opponent take it.  The game is balanced by positive and negative cards, with positives being generally smaller in value so that negatives have a stronger impact.  Intrigued by this concept with the psychic abilities it plays, I really wanted to do this project.

John had a theme all laid out for me to paint the artwork for the deck, going into great detail.  There were to be 28 cards that would have only a number on it, 15 cards with certain images to paint - plus 8 cards with images of hands praying, and a card with the words 'mine' and 'yours' with paintings of the city gate in daylight and at night.  So that's 25 paintings for the cards that needed images and 28 simple number cards.  He offered me $1,000 and the chance to have my artwork in publication, he even promised mention my name and website in the publication and to link to my art website from his site.  He also offered a $500 down payment right away.  I accepted his offer, even though the low price tag he put on my work indicated a cheapskate.  He had me sold on the idea of this project being just what I needed to kickstart my art career.

I decided to get a quick start on the project, painting the 'Mine' and 'Yours' cards.  I thought I'd see if he liked a soft, rustic look so I put a low level of contrast on the shading/highlights.  John wanted high contrast, so I deepened the image's lighting effects.  I also had to thicken the letters, as I had done them far too thin.  He said he wanted high contrast and not to worry about being realistic, as this was for a card game.  He said he wanted the temple in the daylight to be darker than the one at night, so as to maximize the level of contrast.  Also he wanted me to make the street leading to the gate paved with large stones, and to paint the grass light in the foreground, dark in the middle, and pale (which is light) in the background.  Since John emailed me a detailed diagram of exactly how to do it, I did just that - as stupid as it was.  His response was "no no no, that's not right" - well, obviously light to dark to light is an ignorant idea.  But that was easily fixed.

Mine/Yours Card - to indicate whether a player wants to keep the card drawn or have the opponent take it.

Confident that the first 2 paintings were complete, I sent him the updated images.  He wanted more changes.  He wanted the text thickened on one card so it would precisely match the other, when they were already identical.  Also he wanted the night gate darkener than the day gate because that would be more realistic.  Confused by conflicting instructions, I only darkened the inner doorway of the large city gate.  A few minor touch ups and I sent him the updates.  John asked me not to be upset, but that he wanted to redesign the mine-yours card so that one side was a living city and the other city ruins.  I had just been screwed around for 3 days for nothing.  The salt in the wound was that I had spent what seemed like an eternity on the phone with this arrogant idiot already - hours talking about his game concept - and he hadn't even sent me the project outline which I obviously needed in order to remember and organize what to paint.  I was eager to get started on the actual card paintings, so I asked him to put the outline together and email it to me.
"One last image I neglected to mention is the one of the inside of the temple that will be on the back of the card box." 

This sentence was tacked on at the end of the outline email.  The next thing I knew was that he expected me to do an extra large detailed illustration that included all of the cards' paintings on the inside walls of a temple.  He wanted me to do this huge piece which would obviously more than double the workload - before even getting to the card paintings, which made no sense whatsoever.  Like a fool, I obediently went ahead and started this temple illustration - which he ignorantly hounded me about using small brushes on.  Naturally a painted illustration takes far and away much more time to complete, having to anal-retentively keep going over thin outlines that covered the walls - as paint keeps drying in the little tiny brushes.  I thought I'd be a nice guy and not ask for more money, just because this still seemed like a great opportunity for me to get my artwork out there.

But he had already proven himself obnoxious beyond insult, screwing me around while nit-picking every detail of my artwork.  What was I thinking?  He also insisted not to take any time off from my job, which I easily could have, and asked me if it was reasonable that I could get everything finished within a month.   Obviously John had no clue what Art is, and what goes into making it.  Being so confused, indecisive, and dim-witted is a great way to stifle your commissioned artist.  I hope this story can be a lesson, at least it has been for me, to never compromise my principles again. 
Nineveh Temple - was intended for the back of the box and the background for an animated flash website:

This project also called for a bit of research.  In the research and execution of the temple image I was made aware of fundamental spiritual symbols which actually filled in some of the gaps in my Gnostic-inspired philosophy.  Having studied and applied various religious paths to my lifestyle, I see all religions ultimately as one.  They just overlap on different levels.  Two of the symbols that I learned about were particularly potent.  One was the Assyrian Tree of Life, which of course relates to the Hebrew version.  Like a candle or a flowing fountain, the tree is obviously a phallic symbol of vitality.  The flowing energy on the top of the tree is also repeated in the trim patterns all over the temple walls.  The second awesome symbol I became familiar with was the double lightning bolt.  Representative of the supreme god Ashur, this solar symbol also bears direct significance to the Hebrew and Gnostic realities.  The Gnostic representation of the Hebrew god is a lion-headed serpent with a lightning bolt inside each of his eyes.  In light of the Gnostic connections, the double lightning bolt and the god Ashur can be understood as basically the same archetypal character as the Hebrew god.  We can also see connections which reveal the flow of certain information in Gnostic circles.

After working extensively on the painting and research for a whole month, I finally sent him the finished temple image, eager to get started on the actual cards, which were after all what I had been hired to do.  John's reply was that the art for the cards was "on hold" and that he didn't know what direction the project was taking now.  Obviously he had hired another artist to do the cards without telling me.  Because of this back-stabbing gesture, I let him know that the deal was broken and that we would obviously need to renegotiate my payment.  At this point he cut off communication with me.  The next thing I knew, the friend who had arranged this commission for me told me that John had asked me to give her the temple illustration so he could pick it up from her house.  My response to that was, yeah okay, after he pays me for my work.  I never heard from John again.

I write this story as a lesson for others not to compromise their principles to get ahead.  Ultimately I weighed the risk of the project and the worse-case-scenario, which actually happened, still saw the project as time well spent.  This story is also written as an investment, as a sort of insurance policy.  Being that I only got paid the down payment and had to keep the artwork, whether I like it or not I am still invested in this project.  This article is a documentation of my experience as the initial artist who was hired to paint the Nineveh cards so that if and when Nineveh the game does become popular, I would one day be able to sell the temple illustration which cost me a month of my life and finally receive payment.  According to John, there are 3 millionaires which invested in the project, so I imagine Nineveh the card game will market quite well.  (John actually told me to pray for him when he was flown to Florida to meet with these millionaires.)  It's a shame that someone would rather sacrifice his own reputation than to pay the small expense that he promised to.  Even more shameful is the fact that I had to let down all my supporters, my friends and family by letting them know that I wasn't getting any of what I had been promised because John had apparently backstabbed me by hiring another artist right after he hired me, and that my artwork was not getting published for mass circulation after all.  They had been so happy for me that I hated to have to tell everybody the good news:  I had been ripped off by a con artist whose plan was to waste my time and discard me.  I suppose it's poetic justice, a self-described Christian with a passion for the vice of gambling hiring me to paint his card game:  I should have seen this coming from miles away.  Ironically, I did.  My ultimate mistake was to accept the miniscule price tag he offered, making me just a tiny expense to be discarded without a second thought.

Aside from the awesome symbolism I had discovered in researching Assyria, there was another major benefit from this project.  The painstaking process of illustration had reawakened my passion for art.  As a result I am more focused than I've been in years, determined to launch my art career.  Despite the worst case scenario actually playing out, the Nineveh project has been a blessing.

Jeremy Lampkin September 2012

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Friday, 7 September 2012

Enlightening Times Book Review of Serpents Mound by Ceri Norman

Ceri Normans second novel set in East Anglia and tells the very believable tale of betrayal, rebirth and old energies being awakened and disturbed when items are removed from a sacred burial site.

The characters in this delightful tale are very easy to relate to and the style of writing is witty, bright and engaging. Highly imaginative and original, this book will appeal to those who are interested in earth energies, pagan belief systems and morality tales.

Her first novel "Celtic Maidens" was a hugely successful Love Saga set in a remote welsh village published by Melrose Books. As a second novel this stands alone as a testament to Ceri's emerging talent and promises to be a very popular book amongst young adults and those inclined towards reading something that little bit different from those ranking in the mainstream fiction charts.

Jade Ashcroft 21/08/2012