Thursday, 20 September 2012

11 11 Code. Secrets of the Convent Enlightening Times Book Review

THE 11:11 CODE

The 11 11 Code reads like a mystery novel, but the difference is that the Author is telling her personal story instead of packaging it as fiction. At the outset Ms Carter tells the reader of a sequence of events that led her to the discovery and purchase of an ancient Convent in Spain. The narrative is a fantastic exploration into the history,

It makes this book all the more attractive to those who are drawn to the 11 11 Phenomena to read about the experiences and outcomes of another following the Coincidence trail.
Its very easy to get embroiled in the story and though some may argue that the more you look for something, you will find it everywhere you look…the sequence of events uncovered during this text unveils something much darker and definitely in need of further investigation.

The 11 11 Code touches briefly on Synchronicity, Earth Energies, Bloodlines, Templars, Freemasonry, and the Goddess tradition amongst other things, and proposes certain lines of thought which deserve to be explored in greater detail and hopefully the Author will write further books on this and other related subjects.

It is in the genre of inspirational titles like the Celestine Prophecy and will be of interest to those seeking to break out of the mundane and delve into the world of Secrets, Mystery and investigative journeys into the Spiritual realm.

Review by Jade Ashcroft 1 / 9 / 2012