Thursday, 20 September 2012

Cause and effect: utilizing the magikal power of coincidence By Richard Gordon

Coincidence, or synchronicity as it was called by Jung, can be described as two apparently unrelated events, occurring by what appears to be chance in unison, that are then experienced in a meaningful manner.
We have all experienced coincidences from time to time in our daily lives. Some coincidences are very minor and apparently meaningless, and while these may easily be cast aside others can be astonishing in nature and almost impossible to explain. They can often appear to have a major underlying significance, may lead to positive changes in our lives, or even deliver karmic retribution. 

Some coincidences appear to be warning signs or hints that serve towards guiding our lives in a new direction, yet most coincidences will fail to have any effect upon our lives unless we take the time to dissect and analyse their meaning. 

Many philosophers have speculated that coincidences are actually signals from the universe that are intended to guide our lives towards our true destiny, and in some instances this may very much be the case. However, in the majority of cases there may be another explanation. With a little understanding it soon becomes obvious that there is no such thing as random coincidence, and that via our own willed actions, we are often capable of causing the occurrence of beneficial coincidences within our daily lives.
Before I go into the mechanics of coincidence I would like to give some examples of coincidences from personal experience and from a well-documented case.

The following example of personal coincidence occurred a couple of years ago. I was sorting out some old photographs that had been stored away for years, when I came across one of a an old friend that I had lost touch with some years previously. I remember saying at the time “I wonder what ever became of Tony?” before reminiscing a little and then packing them safely away. A couple of days later I decided to book a holiday in Scotland which would involve a specific mountain climb. Two weeks later I travelled up to Scotland on the train and arrived at reception in the late afternoon, I had only been stood there for a couple of minutes when who should walk in but Tony. This in itself could be put down to some kind of remote chance but after having a lengthy chat with him it emerged that he and his girlfriend had not only booked the holiday at the hotel on the same day that I had, but had also travelled via train from a different part of the UK with the specific idea of climbing the very same mountain. I should point out at this point that the Tony I knew in the distant past was the laziest person that I’ve come across, a short walk to the corner shop was often beyond him, so the fact that he was suddenly stood there out of the blue beside me and ready to climb a mountain just added to my bewilderment. 

The second coincidence was recently described to me by a friend, involving the buying of Christmas presents. She had been very thoughtful and had bought her friends several unusual gifts, one of which was a diamante brooch in the shape of a spider, another set of tarot cards. Prior to the day they exchanged gifts and put them away until Christmas. On opening the gifts that she had received in return she found a diamante spider brooch and a set of tarot cards, she said this was not unusual, as on previous occasions she and her mother had given each other the exact same jewellery sets .

Thirdly, a good friend told me that the number nine appeared to be following her around, she would see it everywhere, table numbers in restaurants, hotel room numbers, the number of birds that perched upon her washing line. A couple of days after our conversation she received a phone call telling her that her mother had just been involved in a car crash only two minutes walk from her house. When she arrived at the scene the other vehicle that was involved in the crash turned out to be a number nine bus. 

The last and most famous example can be found in Ripley’s Believe It or Not.
Henry Ziegland was a Texan who, in 1893, callously betrayed his fiancée. She became overwhelmed with despair and took her own life. Her brother seeking to avenge her death found Ziegland out in the open and fired a revolver at point-blank range. Ziegland fell to the ground and the brother then killed himself. But Ziegland actually survived his assailant. The bullet had only grazed his cheek and lodged itself in a nearby tree. He did not accept his lucky survival graciously, however, and over the following years continued to insult the memories of the dead woman and her brother.

Then, in 1913, Ziegland was engaged in cutting down an old tree. Unable to make progress with his axe, he girdled it with sticks of dynamite. Although at a safe distance from the explosion, he fell to the ground dead. The coroner found a bullet had passed through his skull and determined that it was the very same bullet fired at him by the irate brother of his betrothed. Ziegland had dynamited the same tree in which the bullet had waited for twenty years.

To understand the connection between the examples above we firstly need to take grasp of a simple concept. The universe is said to have begun as a single source, from here it expanded into what we experience as being the whole universe. As such any sense of separation is no more than an illusion. Even if our sense of oneness has been diluted, the universe still has the same source of energy that runs through its entirety. This can be backed up by the fact that if we remove an electron from a particle and then cause the remaining electrons to react, the removed one will react in the same way at exactly the same moment no matter what the distance.

Consensus opinion amongst many mystics and occultists is that we create an invisible energetic connection between ourselves and everyone our lives touch upon, not only to people but also to inanimate matter and objects, quantum theorists refer to this as entanglement.

With this in mind we can now re-evaluate the above examples of coincidence. In the coincidence from my personal experience we could speculate that I reinforced the connection with the long lost friend by simply bringing memories of him to mind via the medium of the photographic images, culminating in some kind of energetic informational exchange that I believe is related to remote viewing, thus triggering a visual download of my travel plans for the coming weeks, which he subconsciously took to be his own thoughts and ideas.
In the second example, the minds of the friends involved may have subconsciously mirrored the fondness they have for each other by coming to an agreement that the gifts would be perfect in each case, and so the equilibrium manifested as matching presents, it further more suggests that we could attract certain desired objects to be brought directly to us.

The third example is of a more mysterious kind that appear to be almost out of our control, it implies that from time to time that the universe is capable of sending us warnings of events to come, in these cases we must learn to read the signs and see if they hold clues towards protecting ourselves or family and friends, we must always remember that these kinds of coincidences are not always negative, they could also be directing us towards good fortune or a positive direction.

The fourth case is a little more complicated and could be viewed in two possible ways, it suggests that Ziegland was either secretly guilt ridden and dwelled upon the death of his fiancée or held a great hatred towards his would be murderer, furthermore the likelihood is that the focus of his guilt or hatred resided in the bullet that nearly took his life. So in this case the connective energy reinforced itself in a direct link to the bullet, in fact the connection was so strong that the bullet returned to its sender upon being released by the explosion. 

The alternative view of this occurrence is that it is one of karma, but if we study the case this appears to be unlikely, after all it was the brother who wished to murder Ziegland, not the other way around, and if the outcome was due to the adultery then it would be more than likely that over half of the world’s population would no longer be with us. 

In the terms of ritual or magikal work these simple examples may teach us some very valuable lessons. They imply that with insight, we may attract, choose or cause the outcome of certain events or coincidences to occur via the creation of powerful connective links to a desired target or object via our own willed energy. In these cases coincidence isn’t a random act but something that is caused by our interaction with the universal energy that surrounds us. It also implies that we should avoid dwelling on negativities within the structure of our lives or risk yet again reinforcing the unwanted links and bond towards them. 

With a little practise we can instinctively learn to spot many coincidences that have previously gone unnoticed and learn to become the instigator of them. Given time they can become a powerful tool for manifestation or a an encoded map that can be used to improve our quality of life or which may help us to reveal events that are yet to come.

Richard Gordon
September 2012

I use my own system of "Magick" that works on a basis of manipulating base energy towards a desired manifestation, a reintroduction of the primal scream, the power to wield the one word and cause change within reality.