Friday, 7 September 2012

Enlightening Times Book Review of Serpents Mound by Ceri Norman

Ceri Normans second novel set in East Anglia and tells the very believable tale of betrayal, rebirth and old energies being awakened and disturbed when items are removed from a sacred burial site.

The characters in this delightful tale are very easy to relate to and the style of writing is witty, bright and engaging. Highly imaginative and original, this book will appeal to those who are interested in earth energies, pagan belief systems and morality tales.

Her first novel "Celtic Maidens" was a hugely successful Love Saga set in a remote welsh village published by Melrose Books. As a second novel this stands alone as a testament to Ceri's emerging talent and promises to be a very popular book amongst young adults and those inclined towards reading something that little bit different from those ranking in the mainstream fiction charts.

Jade Ashcroft 21/08/2012