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Esoteric Agenda 8th September. ICAN Conference 2012

I.C.A.N Conference "Esoteric Agenda 2012" 

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We arrived on what could easily have mistaken for a midsummer day, as opposed to the beginning of Autumn 2012. Sunshine heralded a good omen for the Days events at the Middleton Arena.

This was Enlightening Times Magazines second attendance at an ICAN conference and we were treated to an information packed day of highly educational, motivational and engaging lectures by some of the top researchers in their field.

The event kicked off with Edge Media's Alex G. Alex is a presenter, producer and writer, for ON THE EDGE, a live show on Edge Media (8pm Thursdays, Sky channel 200). The format of Alex’s stage name comes from the common law 'Free Man on the Land' concept.

Alex started out doing backstage interviews for The Alternative View conferences (AV3 and AV4)  and presentation was an interesting soujourn during which he discussed parallels between cult TV shows and real world events. He also covered some of the traditional Ufological subjects like the Betty and Barney Hill case and it was a great start to this educational day.

Pierre Sabak 

During his talk Pierre goes into great depth about how words can have multiple meanings. He looks at the play on words, double speak, language, reveals hidden meanings in symbols. He has some interesting research theories on the symbology of the snake and the "dragon" as Lucifer.

His last book Murder of Reality took him seven years to research and the new work he is undertaking, he hopes, will enable the layman to understand the significance of symbolism and how language is used to manipulate.

"Philo-ophis (a brother of the serpent) is a cognate of the Arabic definition ‘akh’ (a brother) reproduced in the Babylonian language as ‘acan’ (a seraph). In addition the play is matched in the Latin with ‘frater’ (a brother) cryptic of the Arabic etymon ‘fritar’ (to deceive) connoting ‘ifrit’ (a type of jinn depicted as a reptile). Fritar is rendered in Greek as feedhee, pronounced feethee (a serpent) a name which is consistent with a liar or cheat." The Murder of Reality (Hidden Symbolism of the Dragon). - Pierre Sabak.

Thomas Sherridan

We spoke with Thomas briefly between lectures and he has some very interesting views on trauma and its effects. See video Interview:

In his work Thomas has documented cases in which trauma can manifest as ufological and paranormal experiences from within the psyche of the individual, and that you can avoid falling in to the trap of the "Psychopathic Control Grid" by seeking answers nowhere but within your Self.

Sheridans books on this and other related subject areas which are well worth reading for a refreshing and well researched view of what can happen when you allow yourself to be wide open to external influences. His discourse on this particular brand of psychological warfare shows its influence extending as far as politics and mass media.

How easily are psychopaths able to manipulate us and target our personal and collective consciousness?  How can we protect ourselves from the consciousness parasites of the Psychopathic Control Grid? These are the kind of questions he asks and in a straight talking no nonsense manner, delivers a healthy dose of clarity and sheds light in some very dark places.


Ian R Crane

Ian R Crane is an ex-oilfield executive who now lectures, writes and broadcasts with his no nonsense, staright talking research presentations. He is deeply interested in ancient belief systems, folklore, myth and culture and evolution of the human species. If you haven't been to one of Ian Cranes talks before there is a back catalogue of his dvds and previous work which is well worth looking into.

Primarily Ian focuses on the spinning of geopolicital webs and topics such as the Codex Alimentarius, Conspiracies, and the War against Gm Giant Monsanto. His thought-provoking and educational productions are gems that will aid you in discovering the true nature of our world, reality, and our respective roles within it. See Ians Website Here.

Lloyd Pye - Starchild Updates 

"The Starchild Skull is a relic. Relics are natural, artifacts are made by the hands of humans." Lloyd Pye

During his lecture Lloyd presented his current research and analysis of the Starchild Skull. For those of you who don't know about this project, The Starchild Project was founded in 1999 when Ray and Melanie Young - the owners of the starchild skull found in Mexico in the 30s,  asked Lloyd to head an investigation to determine what caused the skull to have its unusual shape and uncover the secrets of the bones makeup.

The research team have ruled out deformities and Lloyd presented the Scientific research and data which indicates that the skull may actually be Alien. In the sense that it is alien when compared to the normal genetics of a human skull. Could this be the remains of a species not native to this planet? Lloyd certainly provides food for thought in his work and his engaging stage presence kept an enthralled audience throughout his segment.

Ben Stewart

The day concluded on a high note with Ben Stuarts Art-Sex-Attention-Prisms talk which went into great depth during the audience engaged discussion. He covered topics of creativity, sexuality, the nature of light and aspects of spirituality and human behavior being thwarted via the mainstream medias constant attention drawn towards images of Sex.

"We are All Artists" he emphasized throughout and made reference a lot to the "True Nature" being within each individual.  "Art, Sex, and Death all share a source, The impulse of our inspiration is the fire that fuels the orgasm and the same lightning bolt that strikes at the moment our soul exits the body. This infinite taproot is the only source of change we are begging for as a species" - Ben Stewart.

His emphasis throughout the lecture was an investigation and analysis of the human relationship with this source.
Ben has three provocative short films available for those interested in his work, produced along with Dan Stewart. Check out their Band Heirosonic!


His presentation was very well received by the audience and his enigmatic air of delivery left the participants on a positive note, turning the question back on them. "What will YOU do?" 

You can watch the Enlightening Times Interview with Ben on the Blog..

If you want to know more about The speakers from the Esoteric Agenda conference,  ICAN have a range of Lectures available on DVD that you can buy directly from their website. The International Conscious Awareness Network is an independent and uncensored media outlet based in the North West of England.

We would like to say a special thank you to Matthew Stevens for inviting us to attend this groundbreaking event.

Review by Jade Ashcroft Sept 2012 Photos reproduced with kind permission of Peter Walker