Monday, 5 November 2012

Alchemy - The Once and Future Science by Tom Waters

Al-Khemi is Arabic for the black land and was a reference to the fertile soils in Egypt, a location where the art can be traced back historically with archeological evidence. This lineage historically dates back to ancient Egypt roughly 7,000 years ago. The tradition was carried on in secret for a variety of reasons over the ages, most notably by the Rosicrucian brotherhood, or the Fraternal Order of the Rose Croix.
In our modern times it has been referred to as the once and future science by Dr. Albert Reidel (1911–1984) who came to Salt Lake City Utah in the 1930’s to escape the war that was brewing in Germany. In the 1970’s he founded the Paracelsus Research Society. His approach was consistent with Paracelsus who determined the three essentials of matter which are: salt, sulphur, and mercury. These are really code words for energies that are contained within all matter and are not actually table salt and the mineral sulphur or the metallic mercury. Dr Reidel taught that all matter contains a soul (sulphur), a body (salt) and a spirit (mercury) and this can be proven with laboratory exercises.

 Alchemy also teaches us through observation about the aetheric energies associated with earth, air, wind, and fire. When these four elements are in balance a fifth element or quintessence is created."
Dr. Reidel was a pioneer in the hermetic philosophy and the esoteric practice called Alchemy, which is an advanced system of “vibrational” medicine based on correspondences with plants, metals, planets, and organs. These medicines act like tuning forks, and when applied to the body they instigate the organs to operate optimally, removing any blockages, and disease.

The user will experience some discomfort during the process, especially if they have a net deficit of the life force energy, or Quintessence, or if they have blockages. According to the book “Real Alchemy” (page 61) by Robert Bartlett who was a student of Dr. Reidel …”This is the Divine Spark hidden in all things, the reflection of Celestial Fire.  … it is the most purified and fixed part of a matter, formed by the perfect balance of the Four Elements. This harmony between opposing forces of the Elements, brings forth a whole new and exalted state, the Fifth Element or Quintessence. Its action is digestive and maturing. It drives the transpiration and subtilization of the elements upward to regenerate fire.        
We can magnify the effects when we coordinate these influences. There are many similarities with the Ayurvedic tradition, and the products that we produce with alchemy can be used in conjunction with the advice of a licensed ayurvedic physician.
Sir Isaac Newton, Paracelsus, John Dees, and Sir Frances Bacon were just a handful of the people that practiced alchemy over the past centuries. There is a pre ponderous of evidence in the historic texts if one cares to research the matter further.
With the advent of quantum physics we are finding that much of what the alchemists knew are finally being proven with scientific methodology and modern instrumentation.

Tom Waters is currently working on several projects including a company that produces premium agriculture supplements and soil enhancements which combine the best of modern chemistry and the ancient art of alchemy along with the cutting edge technology of ormus. Another company is a formulary which created a powerful nutrient solution for agriculture called tears of isis. He also operates a website where you can purchase real tinctures made in the alchemical tradition. Even though they are analyzed and show nothing toxic, according to FDA regulations they are not intended for internal use.

A portion of the proceeds will go to establishing a healing center and retreat for people to learn about the basics of health as well as the application of alchemy to a variety of systems. Tom can be reached at, or 714.926.7051.