Friday, 23 November 2012

Free Tarot Readings with the Soulscapes Tarot on Tarotsmith Now.


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 The Soulscapes Tarot Majors are the latest edition to feature on the Tarotsmith website.

You can do a Free Tarot Reading for yourself with a choice of five different decks by contemporary artists.

The Soulscapes Tarot is a work in progress that has taken three years to complete the Majors and the Minors are now in production.  Jade is co- writing a companion guide for the deck with Author Stephanie Schofield. Subscribe to the blogpage for updates on this!

Tarotsmith features the service of free tarot reading using the cards of contemporary esoteric artists. Surrealist Tarot, the Diary of a Broken Soul, the Langustl, the bifrost, or the Soulscapes Tarot

For more information such as e-LWBs and galleries of the cards, click here.  

Your can also learn about the cards by reading these side by side comparisons. The Future is in YOUR hands NOW