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On the Prophecy of the Warriors of the Rainbow: Rainbow Gathering

On the Prophecy of the Warriors of the Rainbow:

The Hopi, a well-known Native American tribe, are regarded for their ancient prophecies. In 1977, a Hopi elder delivered a prophecy to the Rainbow Family in New Mexico. He explained how the Hopi Prophecy Rock had long-anticipated a "tribe" called the "Children of the Rainbow." 

The "Rainbow People" would reportedly appear during the "eleventh hour" or time of koyaanisqatsi, a Hopi concept that means "life out of balance." Native American elders' interpretations of the Hopi Prophecy Rock, which consists of lines carved in stone, suggest the "Rainbow Children" will help create the "Rainbow Bridge" that connects the "one hearted" with the "two hearted"—people who value materialism and technology with people who "live life in accordance with the secrets of nature." According to Native American elders, this "bridge" will be vital to our successful evolution to the "fifth world" where humanity returns to balance with nature and the "unseen forces" of the spiritual world. 

Likewise, there are other Native American prophecies, similar to the Hopi prophecy, that foresee the "Children of the Rainbow." For example, Native American Cree prophecy states: When the Earth is sick and the animals have disappeared, there will come a tribe of peoples from all creeds, colors, and cultures who will restore Earth to it's former beauty. This tribe will be called The Warriors of the Rainbow. Many Indian tribes believe that life originated from females. Many also believe that all spirits that are life-giving forces, such as rain and corn, come from female deities.

•Sedna ruled over the sea animals. The Inuits (Eskimos) believed that she used ugliness as protection. Anyone who dared to look at her would be struck dead. 

•Selu the Corn Mother of the Cherokee, cut open her breast so that corn could spring forth and give life to the people. 

•Blue Corn Woman and White Corn Maiden were the first mothers of the Tewa Pueblo people. Blue was the summer mother; White was the winter mother. 

•Three Sisters In the Iroquois tradition, the life-giving forces of corn, beans, and squash were given by the Three Sisters, who were thanked daily.

•White-painted Mother is the mother of Child of the Water, from whom all Apaches are descended. She keeps her child safe in her womb, slays all evil monsters, and keeps the world safe for Apaches. 

•White Buffalo Calf Woman is the giver of the Pipe for the Lakota Indians. The Pipe represents truth. "Giver of Life" Ussen warned White Painted Lady of a coming deluge and directed her to take refuge in a floating abalone shell which came to rest after the waters receded. John V. Kemm Quoted "I Found The Lost Dutchman Historic Treasure "Cibola" And The Lost Rhoades Historic Treasure "Quivira" Using Google Earth....

Travel Groups for the December Gathering:
Groups directly participating in preparations for travel to the Global Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes: End of the Mayan Calendar - Beginning of the New Era - Celebration of All Cultures for December 1st - 31st, 2012

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