Monday, 3 December 2012

Anonymous vs Monsanto OpDestroyMonsanto message from the DarkerNet

On December 1st, Anonymous commenced OpDestroyMonsanto, an Internet campaign against Monsanto, the company that specialises in genetically modified crops. A message from Anonymous is given below, providing details.


Launched 01/12/2012, On Going, FOREVER, Rolling Attacks

Brothers and Sisters, we, as Anonymous are the most powerful collective of individuals the world has ever seen. We are non-violent activists/hacktivists, we bring light where there this darkness; we expose the corrupt, the criminal, and the abuser by bringing awareness to the 99%. Technology is our weapon of choice….a powerful weapon when brought to bear on those that seek to control us, to engineer us…to murder us. We have a common enemy! 

This #Op is a clarion call, a call to arms to terminate a company that epitomizes everything we fight against.   

Monsanto is a truly evil and dangerous organisation that has spread its tentacles to every continent of the globe Using millions of dollars, which they get from us by selling their poison, they “influence and BUY government officials; break laws and never get charged or fined or jailed; falsify test results and studies and deny the blatant carnage their products leave behind or cause. People who have attempted to bring their lies and manipulation to the public are dealt with; heart attacks, suicide, accidents, etc. They own minor governments and massively influence the large ones.

They believe that they can never be stopped. These are the people that gave us AGENT ORANGE; they are purveyors of CHEMICAL WEAPONS under the guise of insecticides. They are at the forefront of GENETICAL MODIFIED ORGANISMS (GMO) that pervades every aspect of our lives…everything we eat, everything we drink, including water! 

There are many #Op’s on MONSANTO Launched every year we would like combine all these into one continuous rolling Never Ending Attack when ever you have spare time.


Any advanced skilled people/groups out there plz dump databases etc, using Hashtag 

Be under no illusion, our enemy is large & powerful. We cannot expect to hurt them with a ‘ONE OFF’ attack; this will be a war of attrition. The only way we can damage them is financially, and the only way we can do that is by hitting them virtually EVERY SINGLE DAY. The more people see #TangoDown #OpDestroyMonsanto, the more people will become involved. Remember, one person with the right tool can disrupt their service….imagine 100’s or 1000’s+ of us constantly firing?!!

Success is at your fingertips!  Collectively we are stronger and louder than Monsanto and can take them down and make them pay for their violations of our human rights! It’s up to YOU, are you going to sit there and do nothing or keyboard up and make it known they are not wanted, needed or ALLOWED to continue?

This is only the first of many Pastebins/Pastehtml to come each with new targets and information and updates on our progress. Together we are stronger than them and will terminate them for the good of all of humanity. Stay on target and look for the next goodie bin! Smooth sailing! For those Very talented Anon’s that can data dump anything from Monsanto please use the hashtag #OpDestroyMonsanto