Saturday, 29 December 2012

Congratulations. You Are A Survivor!!!


You made it!!

If you are reading this and you still consider yourself to be a victim, it's time to change your mind, now!!


Oh yes, you are, you have survived everything in your life up to now and let's face it, we've faced some pretty tough stuff!!

We transcended Y2K.

We laughed at SARS, Mad Cow (BSE), Bird Flu, Swine Flu, we even somehow managed to not be defeated by seasonal Flu,without vaccines too, wow!! We are good, eh?

We've survived conditioning and controlling and conniving and we're all still here to tell the story.

But most importantly we survived...


Never again can the possibility of being a victim enter your life because now you are now officially a survivor!! Unless you choose not be, and that of course is entirely up to you.

Unless maybe, you'd like to be know as an Ascend-er instead? Since many now believe the Earth and it's inhabitants are now living in a 5th dimensional reality. Maybe you like both these titles, you can feel free to use them should you desire, just remember when you do that labels can never really define all you are and merely serve to limit you in your continued action.  

Today is a celebration. A, time to rejoice in the recognition of who you really are. A time of gratitude and appreciation for the sacred breath of life.

The seeds we've been nurturing are coming to bloom and it is the perfect opportunity to take a moment to revel in the magnificence of you. Because it is in celebrating you, you celebrate All that Is and all that we are (I Am).

As many now believe we've entered the 5th Dimension it might be good to make sure you know the rules there :-

1. You are Powerful Beyond Measure
2. Say it as you want.
3. We Are One. (No-one really needed reminding, did they?)
4. You are Powerful Beyond Measure. (Worth repeating, over and over!)
5. Instant manifestation is possible.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God. (As there have been so many adaptations I've chosen to leave the citations out! Not as if God's gonna get me done with plagiarism, is it? )

Abracadabra - I create as I speak. (Rough translation,, please feel free to elaborate.)

You see what I'm saying here, don't you?

If we want to create heaven on Earth it's up to us to breathe it into being, to create it in all we be, do and say. We are the divine beings we were waiting for and we're here now. Let us speak the language of love,, let us forgive those who've sinned against us, as we continue to put a stop to some of the ridiculous practises we allowed and create something much more ecological and sustainable instead.. It's all part of the big picture anyway and what an awesome masterpiece it is, I mean some of the murky stuff was pretty imaginative eh?

That era has passed now and in it's place we can create something wonderful instead by loving each other with all our heart in all we say, be and do. Not just the  people on our own door-step.but everyone across the world, love doesn't dwindle by being shared, it multiplies exponentially. we can use that to fuel the work that needs done.  We each have a divine purpose within us and when we work in alignment with it, we can work magic and miracles.

We know creating it as we want it starts with affirming it as we want it so let's go global with the affirmations and not give a monkey's for those who think we are bananas!

I am celebrating World Peace.
The World is at Peace now.
Justice for all citizens of the World is here  now.
All children are provided for and nurtured and loved.
All my brothers and sisters of humanity are awakened and living in alignment with the divine plan for them and the Universe.

Please feel free to add your own favourite affirmations for World Peace and global coherence or any comments or stories you would like to share.


Rashelle Reid