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Releasing the primal scream - the power of the single word

It is said that the ancient mages and wizards could change the world via the use of a single word. But how could this be true? Could a single word really contain the incredible power that it would take to manifest a permanent change within the structure of reality?

Unless a word has been specifically created for magickal use or has perhaps built up energy due to its collective use over many years it is most unlikely that it will contain any power what so ever. Some have suggested that it is the vibrational pitch of these words that creates the desired effect, but as words change due to their linguistic and geographical location we can all but dismiss that theory, so what’s really going on and how could we set about harnessing this immense power?

The keys to understanding the inner workings of magick lie in the knowledge of exactly how our bodies, mind and souls actively connect with the universe. We ourselves are a product of universal manifestation, and as such we can in turn alter and manifest the created structure of the universe towards that of our own desired design.

Maison Dieu from the Soulscapes Tarot
The universe and all it contains, although somewhat chaotic in nature, appears to be the creation of a vast intelligence, and its solidity no more than an elaborate illusion. At the atomic scale we mostly find loops of energy orbiting one another, in fact the entire universe is in a state of motion. Our solar system circles the galaxy which in turn circles the black hole at its center; our planet circles the sun, the moon circles the earth etc, etc, yet there appears to be no detectable force that would cause any of these atoms and particles to collectively group together and create our living world and surroundings. Why would these particles of energy choose to become a tree or a part of us?

The only possible answer is that these energies are reacting to some sort of master signal or intellect that holds everything in place towards a certain design, but even if that is the case we ourselves appear to have a certain degree of free will within the constraints of reality. If this all sounds a little unlikely at first reading, then ponder on this: even the most basic of home computers can now produce virtual 3D worlds in great detail for use in game play. I think Edgar Allen Poe summed up this ideology very well in his poem: “All we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream”, or in other words, we find ourselves to be living a life that is akin to an independent dream that exists within the greater dream.

Once we accept this concept as containing more than a certain degree of truth, we can then set about creationally working magick in the very same way as this theoretical mystical master signal, or perhaps we should see ourselves as being more akin to working as a sort of virus that is capable of rewriting the controlling software of reality towards that of our desires.

Reality manifests itself in several distinct stages, it begins as state of absolute nothingness which is usually referred to in eastern belief systems as satori, from this state of nothingness it becomes a sea of pure living energy, and this is the unmanifested level which many refer to as the abyss, it is a state of endless potential and possibilities that may or may not ever come into being, as this transcendental possible energy becomes manifest on the lower levels the speed of its vibrational energy slows and condenses into various forms of actual energy, eventually becoming what we know as physical matter. Ethereally speaking the higher realms of this manifest energy are what we would describe as realms of the idea, the spirits and the gods.

Chariot from the Soulscapes Tarot
Our own spiritual energy also manifests in a very similar way via our true higher self and spirit. Consensus opinion within some circles of thinking is that is that this energy is connected directly to the human body via the pineal gland, a tiny pea shaped structure that is located directly behind the eyes in the centre of the forehead within the brain, this gland is commonly known as the third eye, it is our direct link to prana, our vital life force energy, which in turn becomes manifested as our thoughts.

By raising our perception towards the realization that everything is created from a single source of pure energy, we can then also see that concepts such as separation and time are no more than maya/illusion. Once we have grasped this basic understanding of how this reality manifests itself, it allows us to move beyond the illusion and alter the flow of creation in close proximity to its source, thus any act of magick becomes a set of spiritual, mental and physical techniques that eventually lead to a willed change within the structure of reality.

Although many occultist use elaborate paraphernalia and strict ritualistic regimes to help generate their magickal results, the greater part of all magick is always created internally within the mind in conjunction with our true higher self and the ethereal or astral plane. Because of this fact it is of great importance that the magickal student develops the ability to clearly visualize images within the minds eye, if we can’t visualize a desired result in this way it is again highly unlikely that the result will manifest in the way we intended, the projected image of the minds eye must be an exact representation of whatever we are working towards.

When we have eventually perfected the art of visualisation we then come up against the greatest obstacle of all, for the magick to work we need to achieve what is known as mystical union, a connectivity to the pure unmanifest energy at its highest level.

Many people favour methods such as tracing the universal manifest energy back towards its source by following the kabbalistic tree of life, but this is a lengthy process which takes major dedication to achieve, and although I have used that method my own conclusion is that there is a much simpler way to achieve mystical union, and that is to work in exactly the same way that our first ape like ancestors did, to contact the living force of the universe by reactivating the primal scream and employing ancient shamanic techniques, known as the art of ecstasy.

One technique that is simple but very effective involves rhythmically chanting. You can start by using a drum to keep pace and then move on to using the voice alone, if you wish to try this, just allow your voice to randomly produce vocal tones and then lengthen the notes for as long as your breath allows, you can then increase the volume until it eventually becomes more of a loud chant. Allow yourself to become completely open and never hold back, scream out the notes as if your life depends on it. As you tune deeper into the fields of higher energy the mind will feel itself entering into a state of trance like being; as deeper vibrational tones take over it may feel as if you have gone into autopilot. There will be a sudden stirring of the soul and sense of ancient primordial energy that wells up from somewhere deep inside, echoing the very essence of those early screams and connecting to the very energy that was first experienced so many millennia before, as you ride ever higher on your vibrational waves. It may begin to feel as if you are heading home and escaping the constraints of reality.

That said, you have to remember that this is no simple feat. It may take many attempts before you achieve the desired result, but if you knuckle down and dedicate yourself to the cause you should eventually reach a state of near, if not complete union. It can’t be mistaken as your mind will become flooded with pure white or even violet energy, time will feel as if it has ceased to be, and you will experience a total and all encompassing feeling of power and oneness.  

Once we have achieved this feat, we can never forget the experience, it has become a part of us, only then and with total focus do we have an almost instant access to our higher self and its connection to the universal energies.

The spoken word is a vibrationally manifested thought, a thought that is carried into reality. If we use our willed intent and combine it with a powerful visualization and a chosen word or tone, we are then working within a kind of magickal trinity. Our willed intent at the highest level combines with the visual representation of the desired result and the vocal tone carries the waves of energy forward into our base reality. The longer we can maintain and reinforce this combination of energies the greater the chance becomes that we can impose our desires within the creation of reality: we then become co-creators diverting the universal energy towards it’s new chosen direction.

We find that a single magickal word is not what it at first appears to be, it is actually a synergetic synthesis of three individual actions that are brought together within our bodies via our will, Some manifestations may be almost instantaneous and appear within minutes or hours, others may take endless energy and several weeks or even months of concentrated work before they reach fruition. The key to success lies in having faith in your power to produce the result. Finally as always, we must remember that as in all things magkical and mystical, even the slightest pinch of self doubt will act like the most potent of poisons and stop you in your tracks. If you are going to believe in anything, then the suggestion is that you totally believe in yourself.

Richard Gordon copyright 2012

Richard Gordon Richard Gordon is a UK based writer, philosopher, Magus and practicing mystic and occultist, over the past thirty years he has made an in depth study of tribal traditions such as shamanism along side occult practices such has Hermeticism and ritual magik, this culminated in his completion of the notorious Abramelin ritual in the late 1980's, a life changing event that directed him upon a new life path, his written work is regularly published on various websites and well known magazines and journals such as "Greenmantle" and "The Enlightening Times". His many controversial theories include a unified understanding of creationism with evolution and a co-creational system of manifest magik that he describes as Energetic Universalism.

At this moment he is working on two books, "The Kabbalic code - the universal mandela revealed" in which he aims to reveal the origins of important mystical symbolism, the source of which he believes to have being purposely hidden from Humanity, this is to be followed by "The Lakharne", a two sectioned book that will include an alternative interpretation of the creation of the universe and life within, the rise of Humanity and our awakening towards consciousness, followed by a explanation and guide to co-creational magik and universal wisdom.

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