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Marians alternative Christmas tips

I love Christmas as a family event. Getting together and re bonding is the magic. Gifts and magnificent feasts are just a nice side show. I am always disappointed with the media hype. Especially that there seems to be little help for those who, whilst not destitute, have not the resources to do what they perceive everyone else is doing. The truth is, of course, quite different. Christmas does not need the excesses to be special. I will not tell you how to baste the best turkey or buy or make the classiest mince pies. I will certainly never encourage you to spend vast amounts of money on "must have" gifts.
Below are Marian's  alternative tips for a happy Christmas.

  • Be nice to everyone, courtesy costs nothing and makes for a happier environment for everyone. If people are rude or discourteous ignore it. It is their problem..do not make it yours. Also be understanding that people have their own problems and may be unhappier than you realise, grumpiness may be frustration or sorrow and not personal to you.
  • Do not forget that for some people, even now, Christmas is primarily a religious festival. In our multicultural, and those of  no religious views, society not everyone sees it as such. But if we do completely lose the connection it all becomes just a consumer fest. Respect these roots and what Christmas actually stood/stands for. It gives a healthy perspective and actually makes the whole thing much more enjoyable.
  • Never ever ever be competitive on display or consumption. This rots the moral compass and the soul and actually misses the point both of both life and Christmas. It is also a game that is unwinable. Teaching children to relate happiness only to the size or number of gifts is not doing them any favours. Show them the bigger picture.
  • Understand that not everyone has big happy or nice families to spend Christmas with. Be tactful, do not go on about what you are doing. See if you can offer some help or support without offending pride or sensibilities. Also respect if people want to ignore the whole thing.
  • For those involved with bitter family break ups, please put the needs of the children first, love them more than you hate your Ex partner. Parents in harmony, even if it is forced or temporary, is the best gift for children. Ditto with all strained family relationships.
  • If you have no one you want to spend Christmas with and do not want to be on your own, volunteer to help others- whether it is just a lonely neighbor or an organization needing help. We all have something to offer, even though some people do not realise it.
  • Think of those in total want throughout the world. Almost even the destitute in the UK have a better standard of living and free medical care than a huge proportion of the world. Be grateful for what we have, even the poorest of us, have got more than most.
  • Do not think that everyone else but you is having a better time. You do not know what goes on behind closed doors. Money and goods do not automatically buy happiness.

So, do not worry about perfection on the table or whether you have brought enough gifts, just look at the people around you and count your blessings. Look outwards to see if you can make a difference to other people. Just also remember that Christmas was/is a religious festival, giving thanks for the birth of someone who was born to make the world a better place. Hold on to that thought whether you are religious or not. Keep these perspectives and Christmas will regain its lost magic for us all. 

Happy Christmas and a non consumerism new year
marian x

Wise womans words  fundamentalwisdom.blogspot.com

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Energetic Universalism. The creation of a unifying belief system by Richard Gordon

Energetic Universalism
The creation of a unifying belief system.
Richard Gordon

There is only this, nothing more than this, everything exists within the experienced moment, and we as conscious beings are energetic transmitters that exist within a universal mainframe.
Over the millennia Humanity has created myriads of incredibly diverse belief systems, many of these have become lost to the mists of time whilst others have flourished and evolved into the well-known spiritual paths that we find today.

In the last few centuries there have been several attempts to introduce new belief systems, most have ended in failure due to the fact that they aim to replace existing belief systems, and this case in point implies that people on a whole simply don’t want to give up on their existing beliefs.

Over the years I've been involved in many discussions on the subject of how it may be possible to introduce new systems of belief in an acceptable manner, eventually coming to the conclusion that the idea of replacing existing systems of belief would be nothing more than a futile and unwarranted exercise. Given time I did, however, come up with a plausible answer in regards to how it could be accomplished without upsetting the spiritual apple cart. 
Anyone who has taken the time to study the monotheistic religious or mystical beliefs of our world will have most likely come to the conclusion that mostly, the core values of these religions are only separated by a matter of degrees.

So rather than attempting to replace any of the existing systems of belief, I believe the answer is to be found in the creation of a complimentary mystical system that adds to our universal understanding yet is itself, devoid of the spiritual or religious dogma of the belief systems it may become associated with.

I named the resulting system Energetic Universalism. It is in itself not a religion, although it may stand in its own right for those that follow no particular spiritual path.

On the surface it is indeed a complimentary belief system with the primary directive of celebrating the living universal life force energy that runs throughout the entirety of manifest reality, especially in regards to that energy that has come together at this very moment in time to become a part of ourselves. 
On a deeper level it is also inclusive of several other concepts that when combined may lead towards a better understanding of reality, time and even the power of magik.

The birth of reality
What we experience as being our base reality may actually be akin to the outer shell or skin of a creational process. Traditional mystical belief systems tend to be somewhat in agreement in regards to how the universe becomes manifest.

The source of the universe is a sea of raw energy. This virgin energy condenses at several levels before manifesting as matter or other forms of energy that we experience as reality. The highest levels of this hierarchy of energy are ethereal in nature, the realm of sentient beings.

A famous quote by Albert Einstein may indicate that the above statement may be considered to be correct in respect to the transmutation of states of energy, “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”

Some mystical belief systems claim that the sea of raw energy manifests from a state of nothingness, and in my opinion if this is to be accepted as being a universal truth, then paradoxically the state of existence must be a direct reaction to there being a state of non-existence. If we then consider the sea of energy to be an actuality, we can perhaps agree that reality manifests from the inside outwards, from every possible point of origin in the universe. 


Perpetual re-creation theory: rethinking time and explaining magik.

As a whole we tend to see time as something that marches on regardless, we appear to be able to measure it via electronic or mechanical methods, but does that actually prove that it exists as an actual quantifiable force? 
If we reconsider the way that reality becomes manifest then the movement of the spear of time reveals how previously unexplained phenomena may come about.

This concept is reminiscent of the Buddhist concept that reality is a conscious experience of sequence of moments that are flawlessly linked together like cells on a projected film, each moment progressing towards the next, but differs in the fact that rather than suggesting that reality is a sequence of separate moments it is in fact a single stationary yet visually evolving moment that contains the sum experience of all previously created information.

Time is an illusion created by a perpetual state of creation. Manifest reality is in a perpetual state of re-creation. Nothing exists beyond the moment of experience, the past is a secondary illusion created via the apparent existence of a past and these remnants, such as fossils or something we jotted down on a note pad, are not actually proof of a past, they are in fact a re-creational product of the moment.

If the entirety of the universal reality is in a constant state of re-creation then in turn it would appear that reality is the product of an underlying universal force, no one can say for certain who or what generates this force so this becomes a secondary personal issue or belief.

There is only this, nothing more than this, everything exists within the experienced moment, and we, as conscious beings, are energetic transmitters that exist within a universal mainframe. 
If reality is indeed in a state of universal re-creation then it also explains how the art of magik becomes a possibility.

If reality is perpetually re-creating itself then the traditional idea of being able to wilfully direct the future towards a desired result becomes feasible.

Although we are an integral part of the re-creational process we also apparently have free will and as such, given focus, we can act almost akin to a computer virus and forcibly re-direct our experienced reality towards a preferable outcome, thus, the power of will becomes a tool of creation. 
Reality is a post-perceptional experience.
Everything we experience during our lives is experienced after the event with one exception, and that is our thoughts.

If you look at the sun in the sky the light that you see has taken around eight minutes to reach the earth, in turn the reaction at the centre of the sun towards the particle of light leaving its surface has already taken around a million years to come about.

If someone pricks your finger with a needle the associated pain is only experienced after the nerves send a signal to the brain, it doesn't matter how close we get to the brain, any tactile, visual or olfactory experience is only registered after the event. 
In the moment of experience it is our thoughts that count, especially a visual interpretation of those thoughts, a visualized interpretation of a thought is an example of re-creation at a personal level, it is the most important ability to achieve in regards to directing reality as it condenses all other concepts into a single unit. 
Of apparitions, the past and future predictions
To reiterate: Time is an illusion created by a perpetual state of creation. Therefore if manifest reality is in a constant state of re-creation then only the past is a certainty and the future is one of unlimited possibilities. Fortune tellers are basically tuning in to the various branches of the future and providing us with a selection of possible outcomes that we may then direct via our conscious or subconscious will, in harmony with the re-creational process, towards manifesting the desired outcomes. 
All that we are, think or do becomes an integral part of the evolving moment, they never really cease to exist, they simply become a part of the re-creational process.

This in turn implies that we may be able to access past events, or if we experience mistakes within the re-creational process, past events may actually replay within the existing moment and are what we refer to as hauntings.

Living for the moment and the next
Once we have accepted that we are an integral part of a creational process we can see that only the moment at hand is of any real importance, it is the past, the present and will become the future, yet it will only ever be experienced as the now.

The living energy of the universe runs throughout our veins and bodies, the plants, the trees and the very air we breathe, it is everything. We don’t need to look outwards for some hidden glory, the glory is to be found in our ability to experience and appreciate the moment at hand, whatever it may bring. 
Energetic Universalism
Richard Gordon
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The Brighid Oracle by Ceri Norman

The Brighid / Bridget / Brigid / Bride Oracle - by Ceri Norman

Brighid, the Ancient Celtic Goddess and Christian Saint, is closely associated with augury and divination, as well as the arts of healing, smithing and poetry. She was known by many epithets, including ‘Brighid of the Augury’ and ‘Prophetess of Christ’.  Her sacred flames and waters were used for divination, and still are today.

Within the oracle are practical instructions on how to conduct readings.  There are, for example, clear interpretations of the symbols, spreads that can be used, such as Brighid’s Cloak, and information on how to make and care for your own oracle set. There are 33 symbols which draw on the lore, legends and landscapes associated with Brighid; these include Brighid’s cross, Fire in the Forge, Kildare, Rowan and Swan. The oracle also includes a meditation to meet Brighid for yourself.

In this eBook Ceri Norman brings together information from a wide range of sources to explore the traditions, folklore and enduring legacy of Brighid, in a way that allows readers to utilise the information and work with Brighid for themselves.

The Brighid Oracle is easy enough to use straightaway; it requires no previous knowledge or experience and will, I hope, enrich the work of those drawn to work with Brighid, whatever your personal faith.

***Out Now - The Brighid Oracle***
Also by Ceri: The supernatural thrillers Celtic Maidens & Serpent's Mound,
plus my first non-fiction, Faerie Forest: An Exploration of the Folklore and Faeries Surrounding Seven Magical Trees

New UK Fracking License Areas Confirmed

The government has today announced that roughly 60% of the UK is now available to fracking companies: https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/266330/environmental_report.pdf

If you don't live in a license area now, it's very possible that you will at some point in the new year. Community resistance has dragged the industry into the spotlight & cost £millions in lost revenue over the last 2 years.

An organised community is THE best defence against this or any other industry that threatens your health and environment. Is there a group near you? If not, start one!


This is a fight we cannot afford to lose. For support in setting up a new group get in touch via info@frack-off.org

Latest News: http://frack-off.org.uk/barton-moss-latest-news/
Directions: http://northerngasgala.org.uk/map/
Know Your Rights: http://northerngasgala.org.uk/knowyourrights/
More about Threat to North West: http://frack-off.org.uk/fracking-threat-in-the-north-west/

The Seed of Yggdrasill by Maria Kvilhaug Enlightening Times Review

The Seed of Yggdrasill by Maria Kvilhaug 

Published by Whyte Tracks

ISBN 978 87 92632 28 9

This title is a hefty volume to digest but well worth every second of reading time. The Author has presented an outstanding text that anyone who is interested in the Old Norse Myths can delve straight into the heart of Norse Paganism and come out with a deep understanding of the whole belief system. Maria's translation and interpretations of the meanings of the Edda poems are brilliant. To fully understand the context of hidden meanings in the poetry you really have to take the time, as she has done, to break down each part into manageable segments to discover the wealth of wisdom within the words of the Edda Poems.

The last translation of the Edda Poems that I was aware of was Snorri's from 1220 and to be honest I found it hard going to read without any prior knowledge of the poems themselves, The Seed of Yggdrasill has been written in such a way that it fully engages the reader with the writing style and  without them having to have any prior knowledge of the subject. The text has been carefully crafted so that it allows the reader to follow the threads and tie them all together without getting totally lost in the semantics. 

This book will also appeal to anyone interested in the deeper meaning of Runes and their significance in the Norse Traditions as the author takes time to cover the concepts of the Runes and the Norse Gods, and their significance in ancient Pagan tradition.

Like most enthralling texts based on old manuscripts this material stems back to a secret book which was hidden until 1643 and revealed to a Bishop. The author has provided a scholarly masterpiece that not only redefines some of the original ideas from the initial translation but has presented a new way of looking at an old system that, depending on the level of interest of the reader, has the potential to breathe new life into rites of passage that could quite easily have faded into antiquity.

Maria's insights are invaluable and the text restores a large amount of knowledge and wisdom and this book is a must for any serious spiritual seeker to have on their reference bookshelf by getting intimate with the Northern Gods and Goddesses to broaden your knowledge of the old ways from the Pagan past.

The only criticism I have of the book is that unfortunately the binding on the hardcover separated away from the book but that won't stop me reading it again and again as it is truly inspirational, enlightening and a refreshing change from the hundreds of encyclopedias on magic and witchcraft that seems to adorn the bookshelves nowadays.

Maria Kvilhaug was born in Oslo, Norway, 1975. She graduated from the University of Oslo in 2004 with the Master thesis “The Maiden with the Mead – a Goddess of Initiation in Norse Mythology?” which was published in 2009. She frequently lectures and has written several articles on the subject of Old Norse mythology, many of which have been published on her YouTube-channel, where she has a rapidly growing fan club. 

Review by Jade Ashcroft
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The Numerology and Tarot of 2014 by Richard Abbot

The coming year marks our initiation into the new world. We have only been playing so far, and like the teenager, 14 years into their new life, it is time to grow up. This is a pivotal period in the history of humankind, so I can reveal one fragment from my unpublished work The Key To Time.
Pattern is the curse of man. Numerology allows us to understand pattern, in the hope that we may transcend it. If we cannot, then the matrix surely has us.

2014 brings a warning from history. The year reduces to 7 (2+0+1+4), which in the Tarot is shown by The Chariot. The year will be high speed, with fast moving events. The global trends already set in motion will gather pace, and at times it will seem as though they have a life of their own, and that we are merely subject to the inevitable. It will only seem like that though. Developments and advances in all forms of travel may be expected. We may expect progress in the crossing of the North West Passage, cutting trade times between China and the West, as well as advances in personal transportation, including electric and driverless cars. We may also see advances in space travel. With the number 7 always associated with science and discovery we might see some genuine scientific breakthroughs.

2014 is the first 14 year of the new century and millennium, 14 being shown in the Tarot as Temperance, whose lessons are flow and balance. There will be renewed interest in the redistribution of wealth and opportunity across society. The word du jour will be tolerance, and occasionally intolerance. In a literal sense there may even be some attempts to divert large rivers or waterways. The imagery of the card is strongly connected to water, and it is hard not to see flooding of some kind.

To look forward we must also look back, to the corresponding years of previous centuries. The core lessons of Temperance are tolerance, time, patience, flow, acceptance, give and take, movement and change. This is what 2014 asks of us. But can we deliver? The last time we faced such a challenge was in 1914, the spirit of which is more alive than many would care to admit.

Then, as now, the old world (in 1914 the British Empire, in 2014 the American Empire) is challenged by the new (then Germany, now China). The specifics of the challenge are different, but the principle is identical. Today’s dominant world power, the USA, is challenged like never before, economically by China, militarily by Al Qaeda and politically by radical Islam, not to mention being riven from within by partisan infighting. Contemporary accounts from 1914 show us how inevitable people felt war with Germany was. They just thought it would always come tomorrow.

Maybe we now live in more enlightened times? Regular readers will know that, after initial reservations, I see President Obama as the right man at the right time, the man least likely to do something rash. But then again the 1914 British Prime Minister was the level-headed liberal reformer H H Asquith. So we might be a little careful about putting to much faith in one man.

The pressures of 1914 are patterned into the global psyche. Britain particularly faces a profound identity crisis, as she did before. Back then she faced Irish Home Rule, Coalition government and shrinking world influence. And so the wheel turns again, albeit this time Scottish separation is the lens through which we will greet it.

We may yet experience a Glorious Summer of 2014, as we did 100 years ago, but if we are to avoid subsequent calamity then the global lesson must be one of adjustment and compromise. Wherever there is failure to do this, wherever there is intolerance, reaction and a hard line, trouble will not be far behind. The year knocks on our door to ask ‘how enlightened are you, really?’ Our answer is not yet written.

These are pivotal times because they are early times, seed years of the new millennium. Whatever is begun now will be with us for more than a lifetime. It is not just the now that we have to be mindful of, it is the consequences of the now. The last couple of years have seen the appearance of many repetitive dates – 11/12/13 being the most recent example – but it must be reiterated that our task is to understand pattern so that we may transcend it, not repeat it.

We have a fundamental choice to make over the next three years. 2014 (Temperance) is followed by 2015 (The Devil) and 2016 (The Tower). I will write more about the long-term picture another day but throughout this period we should remember that the micro is the macro, as above so below, and the personal is the global. We may be powerless – in the wider sense – to influence lunatic Islamists, power crazed oligarchs or vacillating politicians, but we can much better manage the energies of our personal lives. If enough of us do this then positive change will result.

2014 is therefore, more than any other year, the time to be tolerant, to adapt and flow with change, to move, to give, to take, to balance, to negotiate, to discuss and to accept. All this must be done with a clear goal, a positive forward momentum, with a quiet determination. It is not the year to simply roll over in the face of challenge, but neither is it the year to fight. The paradigm of ‘surrender or fight’ is redundant. Another way must be found. Like the tree we must stand and yield at the same time. The patterns of the past must be broken if we are ever to fulfil our potential. Do this in your life, work and family and please encourage others to do the same. We may then have many more glorious summers to look forward to.


Astrological Energies of the Winter Solstice 2013:

 Working to find a middle ground for our global family unit.

This year's Winter Solstice will prove to be very interesting for human consciousness and its spiritual awakenings.

  As always the Winter Solstice occurs as the Sun moves into Capricorn highlighting the potential for success, and the 'right way of doing things'. There have been many crises that have occurred this year such as the ongoing global debt crisis; political repression and the general dissatisfaction of the world community; the humanitarian crisis in Syria, as well as extreme weather events leading to catastrophe such as the Philippines Typhoon.

  The Sun in Capricorn helps us to keep calm and methodically and patiently achieve our objectives. Now we can get through a mountain of work if we have to, and through patience put new structures in place. With the UK position of the Sun being in the 6th house, the  workplace is where our organisational skills and ability to serve others really can come to the fore. This can go a long way towards helping to alleviate the sufferings of humanity. The only problem is the health of our own economy is drained and the outlook may be still fairly pessimistic contrary to what the government tells us. However, Capricorn likes to do things that are worthwhile—and like other Earth signs, needs to feel valued and favourable in the world in order to be fulfilled.  The UK could gain recognition on the world stage by having a better ability to appreciate what motivates human society and its set of ideas, principles, and agreements, and that it can be an essential and integral element within that framework.

  This is an excellent time to be resourceful, take more responsibility  and become more creative when it comes to the well being of the planet. With the Sun and retrograde Venus making positive aspects to the star of Scheat we need to push forwards with grand schemes and plans about becoming more self supporting and sufficient even if some of the ways of thinking are unconventional.

  Also, we have an aspect pattern between Jupiter, Pluto and Vesta reaching its peak on the same day as the solstice. There are vast energies at work here trying to search for an outlet for expression. If used wisely it can be the time for great accomplishments. Retrograde Jupiter located in Cancer helps us to feel as though the world is our family and there will be a strong urge to look after this family either through more concern and compassion; or by giving money to lessen mass distress. However, our determined efforts may mean that we are willing to stray from the correct way of doing things. We may be over forceful with opinions even though they may actually be right!  This is because these energies bring to the fore a style of communication that seems closed off, extremist or downright weird. Finding a middle ground is better at this time and it may be more worthwhile to create change from within rather than trying to tear down the whole structure of something just to make a stand.

  Every creature has a purpose of presence. The power of love and sympathy for the suffering of others often including a desire to help; for all living beings creates confidence and reliance on good qualities - especially fairness, truth and honour all over the world. Humanity needs to see itself as a rough diamond that now needs polishing. It is the time to look at how we can improve ourselves through small changes that make us more effective and better ourselves to reach a higher potential.

  It is impossible to avoid or to prevent from happening the repetition of events the like of which we have witnessed recently, but what we can do is to start to see these events helping us to extend beyond or transcending the personal and the ego; to recognise ourselves as a family of human beings, living together and functioning as a single unit, related in origin and as one organism, adapting and responding to change together, as one in joint effort.

Lisa Gates - Spiritual Counsellor, Healer, Astrologer and Psychic Medium

01949 845157


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"Aspects of Reality" Enlightening Times Book Review

Book review of Aspects of Reality - Marian Matthews.

In her book Aspects of Reality the author discusses the place humanity takes within the grander scheme of the Universe and the nature of our role in it as human beings. She asks pertinent questions about the nature of consciousness, and what life is really about. With a down to earth and personal approach she covers lots of different ideas and areas of knowledge and she gives her own life experience and observations up freely for the reader to make their own assumptions and conclusions.

It is a highly engaging and thought provoking text that will appeal to anyone who is interested in the deeper meanings of life. Psychology students and those inclined to think outside the box will enjoy the ideas presented in this book. With its common sense approach and well presented material I'm sure it won't be the last of its kind to be produced by Matthews and I'm very much looking forward to reading her next material on the subject.

The author's curiosity and open minded approach to answering age old questions in an informal and unobtrusive manner may just break some of the myths presented in mainstream education. She journeys through the different world views with the intent to shed light on what is and what is not truth amongst these views. With  Spiritual teachings with what is presented as Quantum Physics drawing parallels and offering discourse about the similarities in the systems. Definitely a tome worthy of revisiting regularly.

Review by Jade Ashcroft
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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Moon Mysteries by Marian Matthews

Photo © Jade Ashcroft 2013
Even as a small child I was fascinated by the moon. I remember looking out of my bedroom window and peering to make sense of the markings which are visible, particularly on a full moon. Were they canals? Were they marks of a long gone civilization? It was long before the first moon landings and probes confirmed the view that the moon was an uninhabitable arid rock. Researching the significance of the moon, particularly looking at the role of the moon in magick and as a goddess  has turned out to be a personal voyage of discovery. Indeed I would go as far as to say my understanding of the big picture of our reality has been widened and new tantalizing  clues what is actually going on in the universe have been revealed to me.

Uninhabited it may be, but the moon has subsequently been found to have a profound affect on the affairs of humanity. The fact that the moon is worshiped as a goddess and used in magic rituals by some sectors of society is interesting enough. But the truth is that people, planets and all earthly beings are deeply affected by the cycles of the moon, at several interesting levels. How can this be? What forces and realities are operating here?

Moon Science 

Photo © Jade Ashcroft 2013
The moon is, in simple terms, Earth's satellite. It is a sphere 1/81th the mass of Earth and is somewhere around 400,000 km away from us. The Moon is in something called synchronous rotation with Earth, always showing the same face to us. It is the brightest object in the sky, apart from the sun. It is made of dark rock, its brightness is just reflected sun light.

Where did it come from? The Moon is thought to have formed nearly 4.5 billion years ago, not long after the Earth. Although there have been several hypotheses for its origin in the past, the current most widely accepted explanation is that the Moon was formed from the debris left over after an impact between Earth and a body the size of Mars, probably another small planet called Thea.

How does it affect us? Firstly, of course, it is a lantern, providing light at night throughout the planet.  On a purely scientific level the Moon's gravitational influence produces the ocean tides and the minute lengthening of our days as it almost imperceptibly moves away from us. It appears from Earth to go through phases, as the sun reflects different proportions of it as it moves through the sky. So the basic explanation is that the lunar phases are created by changing angles (relative positions) of the Earth, the Moon and the Sun, as the Moon orbits the Earth. Some people do believe that its power affects humanity in other ways, as the energies of the Moon interact with us. For instance, that at the time of the full Moon lunacy or Moon madness is more prevalent.

Beyond science Since ancient times these apparent changes and phases have made the Moon an important cultural influence on language, calenders, art and mythology. Some say that it us part of a matrix of energy that affects humanity, and its influence can be interpreted by skills such as  Astrology. The theory is that the whereabouts of the moon in the sky at your moment of birth can affect your characteristics and your life's path. Some people feel it goes deeper than that and worship the moon as a goddess and use its spirit in magic rituals.

http://www.esoteric-art.co.uk/Store/index.php?route=product/product&path=61_66&product_id=70 Astrology and the moon. One of the interesting ways that the moon is supposed to affect humanity is in its use in astrology.

Western astrology uses the position of the sun, planets and other heavenly bodies at the time and date of your birth, to predict your characteristics and give you a star sign.(e.g. Taurus, Capricorn etc) In general terms, readings of the heavens on a daily basis for that sign can then be used to give on going guidance. Astrologically, the moon is said to show the characteristics of your subconscious mind and some say soul or spirit. It is also much concerned with emotions.

Chinese astrology is, of course, based on the cycles of the moon.

Both systems are not, as I once believed, to predict any fixed future, but seem to be set up – like a satellite navigation systems- to show us the way though life and point out any potential hazards or best paths in our lives.

Why should these systems work? At base we are nothing but beings made of atoms in combination. We are held together by the energies generated by these atoms. We are energy beings living in a world of energies, gravitational, electromagnetic and biochemical, to name just a few. We live in an energy matrix. On one level, our thoughts are nothing more than biochemical energy. The moon is the nearest heavenly body to us. Its gravitational energies are very strong. It is entirely logical that those energies will affect us. Astrology can be seen as a way of quantifying this effect.

The whole story? Could the moon affect our lives in this way? Energetically, for reasons stated above, it must have a effect on us all. Could this effect be quantified into the astrological systems? Or does the existence of astrology itself seem to hint at a bigger picture of reality?

There are also many people who view the moon as a Goddess or use the moon in magick.

Goddess Moon

The moon has been revered as a Goddess almost since the beginnings of time. She has had many names and been worshiped in many guises. She also has been and is extensively used to facilitate  Magick. (The extra K is used to distinguish it from stage magic etc).

Magick can be defined as an effort to make a change in ones, or other's life by using ones own personal energy and the energy of surrounding elements. This can be done by spells, ritual or intention. The question is, how is the moon, in any guise, able to facilitate or enhance this? The answer is, of course, depends on the real nature of the moon. Interestingly even within those using the moon, Pagans, Witches, Wiccans and others there are differences in understanding about the real nature of her and what process is actually going on.

Alternative views on the true nature of the moon.

Photo © Jade Ashcroft 2013
  • As the Earth is seen as a sentient being (Gaia) who has merely clothed herself in planet form, so is the moon. She is here to help humanity.
  • The moon represents a Goddess. The Goddesses were here before Christianity or Judaism, and are available to help humanity. They have been pushed out of mainstream consciousness but have always been there. Their power is rising again with the ascent of the feminine spirit. They are available to help when asked.
  • The energies and electromagnetic flux of the moon are used to enhance spells or intentions. Every phase of the moon contains a certain energy. This energy affects us and everything on Earth. The moons visual phases just reflect the changing position of the moon and its position re the sun. These apparent phases merely signify the changing energy throughout the lunar cycle. The energies are here for our use but are themselves neutral. 

The above is just my synthesis of all the wonderful information that I have been privileged to receive. All of those aspects can be seen as manifestations of spirit helping us. The real questions arising, though, are where do these Goddesses themselves come from?  Did an intelligent designer of some sort created the system of sun or moon based astrology to help humanity? Do the quantified astrological effects just reflect the underlying physics or mathematical codes embedded in the creation of the universe either at random or by deliberate design? What big picture of the universe does all this indicate? What do you think?

Marian Matthews.

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Enochian Chess and the publication of WB Yeats's Celtic sub-elemental boards by Steve Nichols

A unique set of 88 TAROT of the FouWorlds atous drawn in the 1500’s, but directly from  designs from late antiquity.
These cards are designed to accompany the four boards of Enochian Chess, and represent the 22 x 4 paths of the
Qabbalistic worlds of Atziluth, Briah, Yetzirah and Assiah.

The FIRST EDITION Tarot Four Wolrlds printing is limited to 100 sets, each with individual numbered  now SOLD OUT.
    My personal history with Enochian Chess goes back quite a long way, to my teens in the 1970's when I was a keen tournament chess player (common variety) as well as a voracious reader of any occult literature I could find. After leaving university around 1980 (Philosophy, Psychology, AJ Ayer was one of my Profs) I embarked on my sometimes haphazard and individual career as an acupuncturist/ psychotherapist/ neural computing /brain research on the one hand, and as a Games consultancy, inventor and manufacturer on the other hand. Enochian Chess was launched in the early 1980's with collaboration from JH (Herbie) Brennan, Francis Regardie and with publicity from meeting with Prince Charles to demo the sets, the sets were published for the first time, 1982. More than 30 years have elapsed since then, but I am genuinely happy to present for the first time all of Yeats's sub-Elemental 'Celtic' Enochian Chessboards.

At this moment I don't want to say anything that might be a spoiler to the forthcoming book which covers the full historical background of these Celtic boards, plus instructions how to paint them for yourself. Suffice to say that my research has been helped in owning probably the bulk of Ithell Colquhoun's manuscripts concerning occult matters, plus some letters and correspondence. Many of these unique resources I published as "The Magical Writings of Ithell Colquhoun", http://www.lulu.com/shop/steve-nichols/the-magical-writings-of-ithell-colquhoun/paperback/product-702061.html and I also programmed a PC version of Enochian Chess that very handily contains all the various Rules options and does all the divination work using my Connectionist AI patch.

As an antiquarian book dealer living in London I came across Golden Dawn manuscripts and rare items every now and then, and I purchased anything connected with Enochian Chess. The first edition Celtic boards follow some of Ithell's suggestions regarding Yeats's boards designs, which I have they suit the 'printed' format better. In 1980 I used to screen-print all the boards, these days I still love the printing process although it has modernised a great deal. Yeats's himself is sometimes a bit woolly on specifics of colour, whilst Ithel (a famous surrealist painter who wrote "Taro as Colour" along with other works and whose own taro cards are pure abstract colour and nothing else) is probably the greatest specialist in that field. Dee's Watchtowers and the 4 GD chessboards that represent them now supplemented by 16 Gates of the Cities of the Four Elements (or four Worlds of QBL), and if arrayed along compass lines will form an even larger and more vibrant 'protective space' or astral temple.

John Dee saw the Watchtowers as 'bulwarks against Satan' so the WBY Chessboards are useful to Ceremonial practitioners who may not be particularly interested in playing the Enochian Chess game itself. Yeats's magickal colour schema is strikingly different from the Tattvic colours (primary red, yellow, blue and red) used by the Westcott-Mather's boards. The patterns are different as well and create a 'Celtic' rather than a 'Kemetic' ambiance.

These perfectly supplement the four Elemental boards that everybody knows. As well as extending the system wider and further than until now (and introducing Celtic deities into the fray) , the full twenty-chessboard system really stretches and overloads the single 78 tarot pack imagery. Some years ago, the (Egyptian or pyramid) Enochian chessboards 'spoke' or alt least winked to me and "asked for" what turned up as Tarot of the Four Worlds (T4W collective with the minor Tarot of the 4 Winds), which I duly came across ready-formed but unnoticed by the Frat-Sors. Having four sets of 78 tarot, one for each of the elements, makes divinatory life a lot easier and more accurate. Especially since I came across the 88 Trumps from research into the history and true origins of the Tarrochini itself. I claim the Puritans in a backlash against the Humanist Renaissance made a crusade against playing cards, and against any non-Christian deity images or Witchcraft and divination in particular, see article http://88taro.com/prohibition.html
The 'Emblematic tradition' which traces back to ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics ultimately (via Horapollo) seems to have given rise to the Game of the Four orders of Virtue (c 1425) and subsequent Tarot "Trumps" (lit. "Triumphs" of the Pagan Gods and Goddesses). The modern "Levi Waites" tarot is what the Christian Church in the place of the raw and authentic (Ptolemaic era) pre-Christian tarot. Wither's 'Ancient (pagan)' and Modern (Christian) Four Winds clearly demonstrates the birth of a newly minted Church-approved "tarot" by the absorption and cannibalisation of foregoing ancient (pagan) wisdom images. I have placed a free set of the 88 Trumps at http://88taro.com/hachenburg1614.html so folk can look at these imagos including Wheel of Fortuna, Strength and other familiar images. 
Check Enochian Chess website http://Enochian.net and http://posthuman.TV for further announcements on WB Yeats and Enochian Chess.

Steve Nichols

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Embracing Spirit

"If I had only one piece of advice to give it would be this - forget the label society has given you - boss, engineer, teacher and be a human being first." 

This book is about our loved ones in the spirit-world and their ability to communicate in the most unlikely of places. There is a new wave of interest in the ‘Ghostbox.’ This is a radio that sweeps continuously instead of stopping at a station. The theory is that Spirit can use the white noise generated or manipulate the voices on the radio. You do not need a ‘Ghostbox’ to get started; you can manually sweep and ask a question while using the book. 

I have had some amazing messages from the radio, which you can listen to on my blog. They are truly wonderful. 

I also speak about my experiences with Spirit to show people that Spirit are beside you all the time and all you have to do is look in the right places. This book shows you the right places.
The book covers; recordings from Spirit, psychic art, automatic writing, some amazing spiritual experiences, angels, aliens, some amazing pictures of orbs, UFO’s and strange formations with clouds, smoke and even birds. 


Embracing Spirit
Paperback: 82 pages
Publisher: lulu.com (12 July 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1291263330
ISBN-13: 978-1291263336
Product Dimensions: 22.9 x 15.2 x 0.5 cm

Saleire is a qualified SNU Healer, medium, psychic artist and author of several books on the spiritual realms, healing, tarot and spiritual healing.

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Affluenza - A Rich Man's Disease?

The disorder of having too much? Or a fatal dose of semantics?

Affluenza : "The term "affluenza" was popularized in the late 1990s by Jessie O'Neill, the granddaughter of a past president of General Motors, when she wrote the book "The Golden Ghetto: The Psychology of Affluence." It has since been used to describe a condition in which children — generally from richer families — have a sense of entitlement, are irresponsible, make excuses for poor behavior, and sometimes dabble in drugs and alcohol, explained Dr. Gary Buffone, a Jacksonville, Fla., psychologist who does family wealth advising."  

Read more here.

A Genuine Defense or Another Kick in the Teeth to the Poor?

FORT WORTH, Texas -- A North Texas teen from an affluent family was sentenced to probation this week after he killed four pedestrians when he lost control of his speeding pickup truck while driving drunk/ Read the full story here. 

There is a varying range of projects listed on the Affluenza website with topics that include such things as;-

How To Better Serve Your Affluent Client: A Psychological Profile

Affluenza, Climate Change & Loss of Biodiversity

Money Dearest: Healing From Affluenza

It really make me wonder if Jessie O'Neil is really the most, un-biased "expert" that could be found to testify in a case that involves 4 deaths.  One thing's for sure"Affluenza" looks like it's a very lucrative earner for the M.A. Visit The Affluenza Project to read more.

Who is Jessie O'Neil, M.A.?

On Jessie's website we can find the answer...
About Jessie H. O'Neill, M.A.

"Jessie O'Neill was born to wealth. She is the granddaughter of Charles Erwin Wilson, past president of General Motors and secretary of defense under President Dwight D. Eisenhower. It was Wilson who immortalized the equating of financial and patriotic success with the now famous, comment: "What's good for General Motors is good for the country, and vice versa."

What are the symptoms of affluenza?

"In individuals, symptoms of affluenza can include: workaholism; an addiction to chaos; low self-esteem; depression; a loss of future motivation; an inability to delay gratification or tolerate frustration; a false sense of entitlement."

"Affluenza is frequently accompanied by all manners of addictive/compulsive behaviors. We can see the symptoms of affluenza throughout our culture:in those around us who have wealth; in those who are pursuing wealth; and in varying degrees within ourselves. One of the major causes of climate change, loss of biodiversity and the "legacy" we threaten to leave our children and grandchildren, is affluenza." Jessie O'Neil's Website

Is it a bad dose of semantics? 

Affluenza - Influenza

A contagious disease or a convenient way out of taking responsibility?

Let'stake a closer look at Affluenza and maybe you'll notice that it's all fairly subjective, open to opinion rather than fact and therefore potentially very corruptible.

Workaholism - Where I come from I know people who are juggling three jobs, for them it's not workaholism for them it's survival. Other terms that may apply equally well to the term workaholic could be driven, ambitious or determined.

Isn't defining one "disorder" with the use of another "disorder" a bit like defining a word by using it?

Addiction to chaos - Where I live we generally call this being a Drama Queen.

Low self-esteem -  another subjective term and something that we have more control over than we think but only if we take responsibility for ourselves.

Depression - Another dis-order within a dis-order and too huge a subject to discuss here.  One thing's for sure, depression hits people in all wealth brackets.

A loss of future motivation - Not giving a monkeys. Common side effect of a lack of purpose and self-obsession and also a common symptom of depression, so there's still not really anything of a solid nature for this Affluenza bug.

An inability to delay gratification or tolerate frustration - Character traits associated with this type of behaviour would include Impetuous, Greedy, Impatient and Victim of emotion.

A false sense of entitlement - Here we'd call it, A Bad Attitude!

"If it's never our fault, we can't take responsibility for it. If we can't take responsibility for it, 
we'll always be its victim."
 Richard Bach 

Even the word disorder itself holds a clue to what is really going on in the mind of those diagnosed with Affluenza.  What if the disorder was merely a disordering of thoughts?  What if by creating a "disorder" around it, we actually dis-empowered the thought process that would be most likely to create a different set of behaviours?  As victim of the "dis-order" there is now a reason, what some may call an excuse for the behaviour to continue, allowing the "victim" to continue to take no responsibility, while those around them pander to them because they are mentally ill! The pain is never really turned up, so change doesn't happen and instead the behvaiour is reinforced making it much more likely to continue.

 "We are setting a double standard for the rich and poor," she added, noting the message is "families that have money, you can drink and drive. This is a very, very 
dangerous thing we're telling our children.""
Dr. Suniya Luthar, Psychologist 

Rashelle Reid BA Psych.

Rashelle Reid was born to love.  She is the granddaughter of Joseph Hicks, crane driver and amateur boxer. His most famous quote, fondly remembered by his descendants today was "Bless yer wee cotton socks."




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The Sacred Journey and Intuitive Guidance by Lois J. Wetzel, MFA

The Sacred Journey and Intuitive Guidance
by Lois J. Wetzel, MFA

" Awakened" Greetings Card  Spirit guides us from pillar to post if we allow this. My own saga starts over twenty years ago, and includes a divorce as do so many. I had remained in the marriage far longer than I should have, and when I did finally divorce, I had become quite ill from the prolonged stress. I moved from Houston to Austin, Texas, where there are so many healing vortexes in the landscape around the lake there. My intent was to heal myself of the stress-induced illness, and I did. A few years later, though, where my story picks up, I had learned how to even more carefully listen to my inner guidance. I had discovered the hard way that the mess always “hit the fan” if I did not follow the guidance I had learned to hear so clearly. For example, although my personality did not want to do massages—I sorely did not want to touch strangers’ bodies, and besides, I already had two college degrees—yet still I enrolled in massage school right after my breakup. Why? Because my intuitive guidance was clear I was to do that. What did that look like? Every time I tried to find something in the yellow pages, the book would fall open to massage schools. Additionally, friends would tell me they heard I was going to massage school, though I had mentioned this to no one. So I followed guidance and signed up. I reasoned that this was something I could do to remain in control of my time and be at home when my young sons returned from school each day.

In doing the body work I experienced a soul-deep healing myself. My profound aversion to touching strangers’ bodies pushed me into therapy where I remembered something that happened in childhood to create the aversion. I also learned that we get to decide how we react emotionally to events, that we are not required to go with our initial knee-jerk reactions. I learned as well the power of the stories we tell ourselves about the occurrences in our lives, and that we can reframe those stories, or look at them in a different light.

  Following guidance, I also studied shamanism via several seminars in New Mexico with Sandy Ingerman of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and began to heal my clients using this method, especially soul retrieval.

  Several years later the twists in the road of my life took me eventually to study energy medicine, and enroll in a class in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. After the seminar I toured the countryside by car. I camped with borrowed gear at the stunning Lussier Hot Springs, British Columbia, where sheltered by towering pines on the side of a hill a multi-tiered hot spring with a succession of pools flowed down into a raging ice cold river of melted snow coming from the mountains above. Awaking at dawn one morning, I hiked down to the springs from my tent and meditated alone in one of the pools as the steam from the hot water wafted in the cold air all about me.

  One of the places I spontaneously decided to visit while driving around that summer was the glacier called the Columbia Ice Fields. While on the road driving there I spotted the glacier in the distance and pulled over into a small parking lot next to a meadow. I stepped out, breathing deeply the crisp, clean air and walked out into the meadow covered with small alpine flowers. Deeply in awe to see my first glacier, I was exuding gratitude to be there. That energy brought me a gift. As I stood gaping at the glacier, a raven glided up from behind softly landing precisely in front of me on the ground. I held completely still, watching her. She marched in a perfect counterclockwise circle around me about ten or twelve feet out from me, never stopping until she came back to the spot where she had started. Then she paused, turned her head to look at me, and then turned to fly in a straight path directly to the glacier, dropping an enormous wing-feather as she left which landed at my feet.

  From studying shamanism I knew that ravens are an inter-dimensional bridge between this world and the spirit world. It is rare to ever find a raven feather, because they normally tear them up with their beaks and eat them to keep them from falling into the wrong hands. Raven feathers are considered very powerful among many Native American tribes. That a raven dropping her sacred wing feather at my feet after making a protective circle around me was a clear sign. It felt like a blessing.
   I knew that a miracle had just occurred, that my following guidance had made it possible. I also was clear that the raven’s flight path was clear confirmation that I was indeed being guided to go on to tour the surface of the dangerous glacier. And so I continued on my sacred journey, allowing inner guidance to take me where my spirit willed.


Lois J. Wetzel was born in Dallas, Texas, and earned a BA in art education and an MFA in painting and drawing from the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas. About twenty years later she studied Clinical Psychology and Art Therapy at the University of Houston in Clear Lake City, near Houston. She is the mother of two adult sons and has one grandson.

For over twenty-five years she has studied spirituality. Her books are about metaphysics, spirituality, and her mystical experiences. Lois is a highly experienced teacher, healer, medical intuitive, shamanic practitioner, mystic and intuitive counselor. 
The spiritual realm is what Lois writes about; this is a major part of her Soul Contract in this lifetime. It also brings her great joy. Her books include: "Akashic Records: Case Studies of Past Lives," "EDINA: Energy Medicine from the Stars!" and "Sacred Journeys and Vision Quests."

Lois still does readings from the Akashic Records for clients,plus intuitive counseling, and has a virtual learning center at her website: Hot Pink Lotus. She is one of the world's experts in past life readings and works with people all over the globe in this capacity.

At the website http://www.hotpinklotus.com you can sign up for the free newsletter and be kept abreast of Lois' free teachings, interesting spiritual information, notices of new books, appearances, and her free offerings.

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Awakening in the Looking Glass

A poem by Rashelle Reid

Awakening to wonder, awakening to pain.
Awakening to thunder, awakening to rain.
Awakening the senses, awakening my soul.
Awakening to seeing that we are always whole.
Understanding the miracle, seeing it with my heart.
Knowing even when I feel weak, we never are apart.
Sensing the spirit, rise and fall within.
Dependent on my thoughts, and what they allow in.
The energy runs through me, sometimes like a great big tide.
Tumultuous waves, this years been such a ride.
Fast and furious with trouble always threatening.
As I look around me, I see no signs it's settling.
The truth is coming out at such a mighty pace.
It's the final lap but who's going to win this race?
Good and evil, light and dark,
The fire's lit, it's awaiting your spark.
Join the choir, let us hear your voice.
That is when we'll finally rejoice.
What if the world was waiting just for you?
Would you wake up and know what to do?
The time is now, there is no other.
So let's all do it for our Mother.
The Earth has provided for all our needs.
So let's stop the madness and end the greed.
Corporations that have no soul,
Leaders that are out of control.
It's time for sense to prevail at last.
After all it's our reflection in the looking glass.

Rashelle Reid

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The Problem with Perception is Projection

It’s been such a fascinating journey witnessing the collective and individual awakening of so many people around the world, myself included  and no “matter” how it looks in the physical world just now I have complete faith that we are entering a new paradigm of human consciousness. And, yes the transition period may seem a little messy as those who’ve held power for so long resist the changes but in the end I “know” with complete certainty the change we wish to see is being birthed now.
As the journey has been so fast for so many, there is a lot of confusion around just now and that’s okay because as we know, confusion comes before learning. One of the ideas I’ve noticed that there is a lot of confusion around is the notion that Perception is Projection and that’s funnily enough why the post is titled “The Problem with Perception is Projection.”  The good thing now, is that as many of you know when a problem exists then the solution exists too, so not only will I detail how people’s understanding may be keeping them feeling stuck I’ll also reveal how to make the breakthrough to the next level.

The concept that Perception is Projection is thought to have originated with Carl Gustav Jung, the Swiss Psychologist, famous for his work on the collective unconscious. One of my favourite quotes of Jung’s is directly linked to the idea of Perception is Projection and is really useful as we first begin to see how the world is a reflection from within:-

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”

Carl Jung

And, it’s so true that when we’re irritated, annoyed or judging other people it is based on a projection from within which has been filtered through our beliefs, attitudes and past experiences, so by noticing these feelings it leads  us to a better understanding of ourselves and how we've separated ourselves from Love.

Although the notion of Perception is Projection is thought  to originate with Carl Jung it has gained more momentum recently through its incorporation in the Presuppositions of NLP  where many have attributed it to Tad James. It is used to describe the process by which our minds our External experience has an Internal Representation that goes along with it and our experience of reality is more like a map of reality, than reality itself.

Through the NLP Communications Model we begin to understand how we create our internal representation of the World through the information that we receive via our five senses.  This information is filtered by our Unconscious Mind through the processes of deletion, distortion and generalisation and the end result is that we have a representation of the world based on our beliefs, attitudes and experiences.  In other words, our representation of the event is not the event, it is our filtered version of the event.  Get it?

That doesn't mean the event doesn't exist.  It doesn't mean the event is not real, well at the highest level it’s all an illusion but as Einstein said  it’s a very persistent one, so you see what I’m getting at, don’t you?

There’s a bit more to it…
Let’s look again at the words of Jung -

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”

Carl Jung

What happens when we’re not irritated?  What happens when we've cleared out the  filters of judgement and let go of beliefs of separation? What happens when we've  given ourselves the gift of Unconditional Love? Are we still projecting in the same way?

You see, the thing that’s missing from most of the discussions about Perception is Projection is what happens once we clear out the beliefs and the attitudes that were separating us from each other and from the Universe.  When our filter changes from that of  judgement and beliefs to Unconditional Love.  Once we've cleared the way for spirit’s truth to be heard loud and clear.  When our energy in motion (Emotion) is not blocked by resisting and repressing anything we see as less than serene.   When we fully accept all of who we are. What happens then?

Fully awakening to the power of Unconditional Love and the Awareness that comes with it means that you transcend the thinking that keeps the World where it is and you see clearly that the possibility of a World at Peace exists now.  The possibility of moving from a paradigm of surviving to thriving is a real possibility for everyone, now….and….pretending everything is okay when it quite clearly isn't, is not the solution to the challenges we face because the soul always knows.

As we reconnect to our soul, we begin to see a fuller more complete picture emerge.  No longer are we blinded by the illusions of separation and we now see that we are connected to everyone on the planet.  We see that if we continue  on the road of “I’m all right, Jack” then we might as well give a death sentence to our brothers and sisters who are being mutilated as a result of lies from today built on beliefs from the past.

We hear the lies being filtered through Mainstream Media and Newspapers and how the available  information  is deleted and distorted to form a world filled with the illusion of terror, of angst, of turmoil and not only that but to feed lies to the people that will keep them trapped in the emotion of powerless and fear.

While simultaneously the  financial system has been set up to keep people trapped in the struggle for survival and like all of nature, when humans are locked in the struggle for survival, thriving is not an option.  Year after year the cost of the basic necessities of life are rising while jobs and pay for the majority of the population are falling, and the result is a society that is Worth Less than it was before. 

Can you imagine the energy being made worth less and less every year has on the human mind, body and soul?  Yes, worthless, one of the emotions that keeps us docile!!  Worthlessness keeps us from speaking our hearts truth and standing up for what we know is right.  Let’s face it, our souls always knew what feels right and what doesn't, this is what the Dalai Lama would refer to as “right action”.  For a while we just got so caught up in the game, or so de-sensitized by it that we failed to notice.
Worthlessness is one of the fundamental blocks to creating transformation both on an individual scale and on a global scale.  But, thankfully the veil has been lifted for many and the heavier more oppressive emotions of fear and worthlessness, shame, guilt, all the things that came  along with life in the old world have been cast aside in favour of the love and compassion for ourselves and each where we see love is the bridge to the New Earth.
But and again it’s a big BUT we also see that there is much work being done to create change, to raise awareness and to help humanity heal and move forward together as one.

Awareness is key to this evolution.

You are being called to BE the U of the Universe the One you came here to be. The more you be the you, you are being called to be, the more you will fully awaken you to your most magnificent self.
The kingdom of heaven really is within…and once we discover it is we can go about co-creating it here on Earth for everyone.


For those who wish to have a fuller look at Perception is Projection at work on many levels please read this piece I came across when researching this post by Michael Hall Ph. D