Monday, 21 January 2013

Coming soon in the Enlightening Times Magazine

And the pieces go click..
So my brother's calling me scoop and having a few pops about me running around with a camera and a note-pad but other than that it's all good in my wee world! Since surrendering last year lots of exciting thing's have been falling into place resulting in some very special features we'll be bringing you during the course of the year in the Enlightening Times.

In the Spring Equinox edition the special feature will be on Activism and will be bringing together people who're out in the world leading the change and standing up for the rights of their fellow man. There will be a story on Chemtrails and what we can do about it, featuring a local man who's been collaborating with friends globally while doing some amazing work here in the UK to shield us from the effects. Joining him will be Keith Ordinary Guy who's agreed to take a little time away from his letter writing to join us and share his views on the diabolical political situation we find ourselves in, in the UK today. This one is not definite just yet, but it's one that will appeal to all the dreamers among you. The Universe recently delivered me to a group on FB where some very inspired people had come together to share in a collaborative dream project and the result has been an amazing and fascinating journey which you'll hopefully get to hear about soon.

The Summer Solstice feature will be on Holistic Health an issue particularly close to my heart and will include the wonderful Dr David Hamilton, best-selling author of many books including How the Mind Can Heal The Body, Choice Point and Is Your Life Mapped Out?  I've mentioned David's work on my blog a few times before as he was a huge catalyst for me in my own life and inspired my mum to try something different which subsequently healed a problem she'd had for years. If you wish to hear more, you can read the details here.

David will be joined by his fellow Hay House Author and Celeb Life Coach, Ali Campbell.  Ali will be sharing his own unique blend of kick up the ass wisdom and insights on health and also raising awareness of the beautiful work taking place over  Ali and David will be joined with a special friend of mine who's just totally yummy scrummy, Margaret McCathie.  Margaret has traveled the world in her clown costume with Dr Patch Adams helping heal people with laughter and will be sharing some of her stories and insights which knowing Margaret, will make you laugh until you cry lol!!

What do you think so far?  Can you feel how super it's all shaping up? And, I've not even shared Autumn yet? Woo hoo!! So blessed and excited!!

In the autumn Equinox we're going to be honouring the divine feminine by bringing together some beautiful Destiny Goddesses and as I'm currently waiting on one confirming I'm not going to give you all the details just yet, but since regular readers of my blog know one of them already I'll give you a little sneak peak who's going to be there. Do you remember the Name Reading I had done by the lovely Kimberly Anne from Life Path International? It was absolutely amazing and having watched Kimberly Anne as she launched her business and ventured into the next stage of her studies in Trans-personal Psychology I have to say, everything she does is, so it looks set to be a divinely perfect edition too.

So all in all, it's shaping up to be a phenomenal year for you and me both!! I am feeling so humbled and blessed to be where I am and it is with incredible gratitude I thank each of the people who've agreed to be interviewed so far. You all absolutely rock!!!

For now, I'm off to be float on cloud nine but I plan to be back soon with more tales from my life and tips to help you live an inspired life but in the meantime, please remember the Universe is always supporting you, stay out of the way, follow your heart and SURRENDER!!

Love you all millions


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P.P.S Dear Universe, as you know the magazine is donation based so if you'd like to deliver a big investor, we are open and ready to receive. Thank You!!