Sunday, 6 January 2013

Chemtrails?? Scotland - 4th January 2013

I've always lived close to an airport, this is the first year I've seen this regular!!DSC_0076
(Pictures taken 4th January 2013 in Paisley, Scotland)

Chemtrails or Contrails?

Fact or fiction?

Beliefs or Lies?

Apathetic, Curious or Conditioned?

Purpose driven or Survival Driven?

It’s a funny old world, there is no doubt!
And there’s many words that hold lots of clout.
Something’s off, it’s plain to see.
And, at what cost to you and me?

I’d rather be wrong than be right,
But it seems to me a dreadful plight!
Haven’t we got it? What’s taking so long?
How we’re treating the planet is wrong!

Our world, our children are depending on you,
So tell me please, what will you do?
Will you keep quiet and hide in the dark?
Or decide right now, to make your mark.

The time has gone now when we failed to see,
The truth that was hidden from you and me,
An abundant Earth for all to share,
When we stop competing and start to care.

For me, the question I often ask,
What’s the agenda hidden behind the mask?
What do they gain from the stories they fuel,
Millions of money or potential ridicule?

Stop the stories before they start,
Tune in, listen to your heart.
Hear it’s calling, what’s it say?
Is it really to look the other way?

The truth is out there, so they say,
Yet it’s in the heart the wise choose to play.
You know the answers, you always did.
Just think back to when you were a kid.

Our minds are conditioned, it’s a fact of life,
Is yours conditioned for trouble and strife?
Do you feel powerless, strong or weak,
Repel your magnificence? Just to be meek?

It is not by shrinking and remaining unheard,
That we diminish the power of thing’s that we dread,
It’s like reassuring a child at night,
All we need, is to switch on the light.

Put the pieces together and it’s easy to see,
The illusion that played out around you and me,
There is no lack, we have the solutions we need.
Yet many continue in the game of greed.

Changing within, really does change without,
It’s up to you to raise your voice and shout!
I write for me and all I hold dear,
This world needs love, let go of the fear.

Whatever your label, we need to stop the fight.
This battle is not to we won by might.
The elite, the kabal, the 1%
It's ALL consciousness, that’s what they meant!

The sages, the saints, the Masters of past,
They paved the way and we got here at last,
Be thankful for they have led the way,
To humanity’s brightest day.

Transcending the drama’s all well and good,
And we can still do that while protecting our food,
Let us never forget with what we’ve been blessed.
As we focus on creating heaven manifest.

Rashelle Reid

©2012 copyright ~All Rights Reserved

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