Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Sandy Hook - A Mothers Perspective

Before I begin I'd like to say this is probably one of the most challenging things I'll ever have to write, well except from the story that this one leads into.  I make no apologies for writing this piece though, as the questions that are being raised about Sandy Hook must be asked. Many in the “Truth” movement already have their eyes wide open and believe that the events at Sandy Hook were a false flag event, manufactured to fulfill the Elite//Illuminati/New World Order’s agenda to take the guns from the American people.  

Sounds like something out a movie, doesn’t it?  Ridiculous, I hear people shout! I know, it might seem that way to many of you reading this, but stick with it, because there is more to come that you will never see on your TV screens.  

It’s one of those events, isn’t it? Like Princess Diana’s death, or 9/11, or if you’re Scottish the Dunblane Tragedy of 1996.  You know the ones, the ones you will always remember where you were when it happened because it hits your soul so deeply.  I was in my kitchen with my brother as I seen the first bit of news hit my screen. I felt my stomach lunge, and my soul screamed NOOOOOO!!  It wasn’t the usual kind of no you get when something horrible happens, it was a deeper, more resounding scream.  A scream that said, you’ve seen it all, you’ve watched with your eyes wide open, you know who is behind this kind of scream! 

As I slammed my laptop screen down, I looked at my brother with tears in my eyes and said “They did this. I “know” they did.” It wasn’t a knowing based on logic or fact, but a deep inner knowing, calling my attention to the very depth of my being. I “knew” and I also knew people would think I was nuts. Some of  the conversations I’ve had with my brother in the past, and he even thought I was cuckoo. 

I also knew that if I wanted to know the truth I needed to know what was going on, and reluctantly I opened the screen to watch as the events continued to unfold. Being extra careful not to let my children hear, so they could continue to live without the fear a horror like this would bring to a child's world.

As I watched the events that day, my heart ached for those lost souls who’d given their lives, so that we could see what's really going on, and though I dis-like saying it, especially to those who’ve never considered the possibility that this event was staged, there is now doubt in my mind that there was even any victims that day.  Before I continue, I would like to say the humblest of apologies to anyone if they did lose someone that day, I do not write this to be offensive, I write this because there are so many unanswered questions and we all deserve to know the truth. As a mother who has buried a child, there are things that are so off about this whole scenario that instead of the screams being silenced as I seen more, they got louder and louder! No, no, no!!! 

When we finally began hearing about Adam Lanza there had already been reports of more than one shooter on the scene, and someone being arrested and sitting in the FRONT of a police car.  As soon as I seen the picture of Adam, my feeling was, that just like the others, he was a victim of this atrocious crime.  First his mum worked there, then she didn’t. Had he attended the school himself, nope? It didn’t seem to make any sense, did it?  Four guns, and not just guns but BIG guns, how did he carry them all? Was he an octopus?  Excuse the flippancy, but seriously so many loose ends!! 

As I’m sure many of you did, I went to bed that evening with a heavy heart, praying for the children who’d died, praying for those who lived through the ordeal and for the families and community of Sandy Hook, just as I had all those years earlier when similar events devastated my home land. I arose from my bed, still feeling a little shattered by the events of the previous day, and later that day as the tears flowed, I knew I was going to need to dig deeper with this one. 

Before I did however, an article caught my eye detailing what our very own political leader and another 26 EU leaders were doing the day after kids were being slaughtered in both USA and Japan. 

“Under a deal reached in Brussels yesterday, leaders of all 27 EU countries promised to “strengthen” Europe’s ability to deploy troops “rapidly and effectively” in any future crisis.”

Our Prime-Minister was busy signing us up for more War! Hmm…always worth wondering what am I being distracted from when there’s big news eh?  Well this is definitely something a lot of us would’ve missed as the events of Newtown filled our mind, bodies and soul.  Even his own back-benchers claim this deal is the first step in creating a European army FFS! Is anyone else thinking another step towards the New World Order? 

What I noticed as I read this article was the number 27.  Hadn’t 27 already been significant in the events that weekend?  Co-incidence, maybe?  But then in my world, there are no co-incidences, only synchronisities, and those of us who’ve ventured deep down the rabbit hole know, numbers are one of the many ways we get to see behind the illusion of the matrix.  So with thoughts of mind-controlled shootings in my mind, I entered into Google, significance of 27.  Now, I know it’s not how detectives would do it, but all my research these days is guided by intuition, so like a good little truth seeker I waited as the results came up.  Imagine my surprise when the first article that came up was about John Lennon and Mark Chapman! Now I know to many of you that probably shows nothing but for me it was the confirmation I needed to keep digging.  

I discovered before long I wasn’t the only one.  There were lots of us.  People who felt that the events at Sandy Hook just weren't making sense, not on a logical level or an intuitive level, it just felt off and the fact it happened to fulfill the Gun agenda, just seemed like a bit too much of a co-incidence.  It may be a good time to mention that I am in no way an advocate of guns, I would be delighted if we, as one humanity were to lay down all our weapons and Peace be declared, now.  In fact if I was only given one wish, World Peace would be it, and yet, do I feel that now, is the right time for the American people to give up their Second Amendment right to bear arms?  No, I don’t!! And, not only for them, but for all of us. 

Why, I hear you ask.  Why would an advocate of Peace ever be against people giving up their right to brandish a weapon of destruction?  And this is where it gets a little darker, for those of you who’ve never ventured from the main-stream view before, have you heard of FEMA camps?  If you haven’t it’s time you did?  Have you heard that Obama has signed a bill where he gets to decide without due process whether someone is a “terrorist” and they can be incarcerated without limit or even killed?  Research please,  it’s all out there.  There is more to this than meets the eye.  

As the gun issue rages in America, I wonder if I was there what side of the fence I would sit on, and it surprises me to say that I would be with the people who do not want to give their guns up.  Not because I don’t trust my fellow man, but because I do not trust their government.  As our leaders understand the trickle-down effect of consciousness, and how what is acceptable within a society trickles down from the top, you’ve got to wonder, if the leaders in America want their people to lay down their arms, maybe they should do it first.  It is not terrorists, the average American fears, it is their government, or it least that's how it looks from where I'm sitting.

So, anyway, back to Sandy Hook and how it looks to me, from a mother’s perspective.  
I watched as we seen one line of children being ushered from the school, and was amazed as the children seemed remarkably calm, very little if any tears could be seen. Now, my eight year old can create a drama as big as Lord of the Rings, if they get a scratch, yet these children looked as if they were doing a routine fire-drill.  Hmm…could be shock I guess! 

Then I watched, as Obama addressed the nation.  It hadn’t been long before this fateful day, that I’d been hoping, that having been graced with a second term as the US president Barrack would’ve removed the hand from his ass, and actually re-ignite the hope we’d all felt when he first became President!  Watching the address, my hope in Obama died. 

I looked on as he said he was reacting just like me, a parent would (that’s called building rapport btw!), I watched as he wiped fake tears from his eyes and paused for breath as if he was pulling himself together, and yet not once did his voice falter.  And then we got it, 2 mins 33 secs in, the call for action that we knew would come, the agenda filling, the call to put aside all politics and unite, funny how that only happens when its in favour of what the powers that be want.  Have you noticed that?  Watch it for yourself, see what you think. Come back share your views. 

Then came all the anomalies in the reporting which you will see in the film at the end of this article, the fake pictures, the actors, the strange behaviour of the Medical Examiner and key witnesses but as a parent what struck me most was the testimony from the parents we did see, and the lack of it from the ones we didn’t. 

I’m going to share a few of these interviews today but there’s more available on YouTube that have been taken from various news channels, view them, make your own mind up, just please don’t let the main-stream condition your mind, as it has in the past. 

The first one I want to show you features Robbie Parker, Robbie is interesting on many levels but when I first seen this I didn’t know any of the other information. All I knew was this is NOT the face of a parent that has just lost a six year old child.  I later discovered he was also at the Columbine shooting, which is referred to as the Bat-man shooting, and since being there he’s already been on the gun control campaign for the past two years, convenient that he just happened to move to Sandy Hook, eh? Especially as there's also a clip from a New York TV station from a few months previously talking about how he'd moved to New York to keep up his gun agenda work, and would be staying there for the next year!

The next one features the parents of Jessica Rekos and again is taken within a few days of the shooting, notice the eyes.  Having lost a daughter to a still-birth, 9 years ago I know without a shadow of doubt that these are not the eyes of grieving parents.  Yes, she makes a good attempt at the water-works but when it seems like she’s breaking down wouldn’t her husband put her arms around her, support her, stop the interview? Come on, seriously, there will be no Oscars for this lot, that’s for sure!

And finally, the piece de resistance! Yet, another smiling and bright eyed parent takes to the stage.  I know parents who’ve lost a child can remember them fondly, with smiles amongst the tears, but usually it would take years to be able to speak about a lost child in the way this woman does.  So either, they, as some have claimed are actors, or Sandy hook has the most heart-less parents I’ve ever came across in my existence. My daughter was also laid to rest in a white casket, and even now 9 years later, I speak of it with sadness and regret and humility, not glibly, not smiling and yet she has a cheesy smile like the Cheshire cat. Alice in Wonderland, isn’t even as mad as this story!! 

If you’ve ever been to the funeral of a child, I’m sure like me, you will be amazed that this “mother” can talk about a white room, filled with children’s coffins without breaking down, within a week of the events. One of the final and most compelling pieces of evidence for me is mentioned in this video, when the interviewer asks her about not seeing her child’s body.  

21 children died that day, 21! That’s at a rough estimate 42 parents, yet not one of them seen their child’s bodies.  The state decided this!  Now, as a mother with beautiful angels to look after, I can tell you now with complete certainty that God forbid, should anything ever happen to them, there is not a person in the World big enough to tell me I will not be seeing them!  No-one, no member of state, no US president, no Prime-Minister, No-one!!  

And, the fact that this was accepted by all the parents at Sandy Hook, well sorry folks to me that’s just complete BS!  Oh yes, and then there’s the owl, you will see what that represents in the final video at the end of this article. 

So then we move on to the events of the Memorial service where the President of the US joins the people of Sandy Hook in their grieving, or at least that’s the official story.  IMHO it seemed more like it was a stage for Obama to address the nation on gun-control.  As I watched this, I recalled the day I buried my precious little angel and how I had felt that day and my heart went out to the parents that sat there and listened to the words of the President, words that should be designed for comfort, because let’s face it we all know he’s got speech writers and every word will be selected for impact, don't we?  And if that’s no surprise, it probably wouldn’t be too big a jump for you to realise that the President has as its disposal people who understand the power of words and know how the human wind works, and what emotions dis-empower us to be easily manipulated and controlled.  

As I watched this speech, I hoped and prayed that Obama was going to deliver something that re-ignited my hope in him, but I waited and waited and waited and instead I got more of what I’d been already seeing from Sandy Hook, a staged pantomime to fulfill the agenda of taking the guns from American citizens.  His words at times rather than bringing comfort, would’ve been like a knife in the heart to a grieving parent.  He hi-jacked the podium for almost 20 minutes and during that time, I couldn’t help but feel, had it been my child’s memorial service I would’ve kicked him off the altar myself. There was so much within the context of his words, that I could analyse the full speech and show you what is being created at every stage, but this articles long enough already so I’ll leave it you to watch for yourself with a mind now opened to another possibility than the mainstream would have you believe. 

 One thing I will say Obama is right about though is this, “There is nothing we will not do to shield our children from harm.” This is so true for me, and it is the very reason I write this article today.

I don’t know the truth about Sandy Hook and I do not claim to, but I do know that the official story just doesn’t add up.  I know many people reading this will think I have finally flipped completely but I can ensure you that I am totally sane and I write this with the only agenda being to help people open their eyes to how we are and have been manipulated for political agendas by mainstream news and the “officials” they get their stories from.  Thankfully, some celebrities have also joined those calling for answers including the beautiful Ellen DeGeneres, adding their weight and influence to the “truth-seekers” and “conspiracy theorists” that our governments think it’s okay to just laugh off. 

Note to all politicians within the US and the UK, It is not enough to say it’s a “conspiracy theory” and not answer questions asked by the people you are supposed to serve, or your Right Honourable colleagues in Westminster, There are questions that must be answered.  In this final video, much of the available evidence has been collated for you, as it's still only a few months from that tragic day, more and more information is becoming available daily, though not the CCTV images from Sandy Hook, because they've been locked away for 100 years, again you've got to wonder why?

They have gone too far, and too many people now have their eyes wide open. Let us honour the sprirt of innocent children everywhere by adding our voice to the call for truth and justice. Before I end, I would like to say thank you to all those who've spend hours researching and putting the videos I've used here together for no reward other than to help humanity open it's eyes. Keep up the good work peeps,you are helping the World heal and I know you take a lot of flack for it, yet there are many more who appreciate all you do.

With love and hope for the future of humanity. 

A Wide Awake Mother