Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Chemtrails - Interview with Mr Gift and Up-Lift

ET: When did you first become aware of Chemtrails and how did this awareness enter your life?

MR G.: It seems so long ago now, and it is quite hard to bring to mind an exact year, however I can certainly say it is at least several years by now. I can also remember it was not until I had been made aware of the phenomenon that I started to actually notice it happening in plain sight right above our heads. People perhaps understandably spend most of their lives looking more or less straight ahead at things and don’t often take the time to marvel up at clouds and the stars etc. I think it simply goes unnoticed by many people for this reason alone. Once made aware it is impossible not to notice.

ET: What was your reaction when you became aware?

MR G.:Once I became fully aware, it was of deep concern to me, and what made it more difficult to handle is that nobody I knew, wanted to listen when I would dare speak about it. It is a difficult thing to accept, but one I believe we have to accept it in order to actually do something about it. Once people take the time to observe it happening, and watch the spraying take place on very active days it can be a very real and alarming wake up call.

ET: So many people still believe these are simply contrails and are a natural phenomenon that arises from aeroplanes, what’s your view and why?

MR G.: Yes this is often the first thing that people say about the trails, and it is an understandable reaction. Jet engines in planes at a certain height in the atmosphere do indeed leave contrails (short for condensation trails) behind them, and they can be seen relatively often in our skies. What is the case here however is that they leave behind very short trails, perhaps only two hundred metres or so long. You can clearly see at the tip of the trail that it gradually fades away to nothing and the trail then follows the jet place along, keeping the trail roughly the same length throughout the journey.

Quite often you will see planes with normal contrails alongside planes which are physically spewing what have become known as chemtrails i.e. huge white lines which often go on for literally miles. They often spray along the same direction but a little further to the side and also create grid like patterns. If enough of these planes (unmarked military jets for sure, try looking at them with powerful binoculars) have been spraying a big enough area, cloud cover can very quickly appear.

This video clearly illustrates the difference between what the government say people are witnessing (contrails) and what they are claiming to witness (chemtrails) I have seen this in our skies time and time again, and if you have not already I am sure you will also witness this with a little sky gazing.

Another video here clearly shows that the spray is being emitted from what must be some kind of nozzle above the wings of the unmarked jet. It is a little shaky, but when it gets stable you can clearly see the engines have nothing to do with the huge trails being left behind.

This final video is extremely revealing too, in that you can clearly see that the trails coming from the back of the plane are effectively being switched on and off. If they were in fact simply condensation trails made by a reaction with the jet engines and the cold air then the pilots would have to switch their engines on and off! Columbo would have a field day with all this evidence “…And one more thing..!”

I have also seen this on and off spraying myself on numerous occasions and I usually notice them appear in the distance and start to spray as soon as they reach their target destination. It is clear that they work in well organised teams and intentionally create grid patterns which then go on to create cloud cover. One day while playing football outside with friends I saw what was a 75% clear beautiful day with normal clouds around turn into a completely murky overcast sky within just one hour of playing football, thanks to the 20 or so unmarked jet planes creating such a pattern above us.

At times there is also relatively large blue holes that appear in their fake cloud cover and often you will see one of the jets fly right down the middle and within minutes like a zip, the blue is gone!

ET: Have you recorded any personal evidence of chemtrail activity?

MR G: I have taken thousands of photos of chemtrails since I became aware of them and dozens of videos. There are literally thousands of websites online regarding the subject and a huge amount of videos on YouTube which is an excellent resource for alternative information (as long as discernment is used of course, some of the videos will be there to put people off the scent and carry on as normal)

ET: Do you know what the official story of the chemical Spraying that the government puts out?

MR G: That’s a very interesting question. The thing is there is no official story whatsoever since any enquiry from the public to politicians or to the military are always answered with a flat denial by means of a standard letter. The concerned citizen is simply asked to believe that all these hundreds of planes flying around are normal air traffic and they are just leaving lots of harmless condensation trails or contrails behind.

ET: What purpose might the chemtrails have?

MR G: Some people believe that it might be a global form of geo-engineering which is being done for all of our good. I believe that the pilots are likely told this whilst also been sworn to secrecy of the spraying even taking place. We have all been sold a big lie in my opinion regarding global warming, and this will likely be what we are told they are trying to prevent should they ever make the trails an official announcement. This makes no sense, cloud cover keeps heat in, and the world is in fact cooling not warming. The carbon dioxide issue is a scam designed to raise huge amounts of money in taxes. A short video regarding this and the huge amount of scientists opposed to the fraud is here.

ET: What do you believe the chemtrails contain typically and is there any evidence for this?

MR G:  Chemtrails have been tested far and wide by concerned citizens with access to labs and they have been shown to contain the following: desiccated red blood cells, cancer viruses, nanotechnology, silicone "smart dust" that contains fibres causing what is known as morgellons disease, viruses, aluminum, barium, mercury, muted molds and fungi. In a nutshell, not a healthy mix of substances and impossible to "sell to us, as in our best interest.

ET : What effects does this have on human health and the environment?

MR G: Understandably the contents mentioned above that they are spraying have potentially disastrous effects on the health of everyone and every living thing. What tends to happen is there is a gradual wearing down of the immune system making people more susceptible to various diseases and illnesses (which in turn lead to people becoming yet more dependent on the pharmaceutical industry, and also keep the population down, death rates will certainly increase) What is more worrying is they could easily use the same method to deploy some kind of deadly virus and quickly cause a pandemic allowing them to declare a global emergency (and step in with a global world government, which I believe has been the goal of “the powers that be” (soon to be "powers that were") for hundreds of years.

As far as the environment is concerned it’s another disaster gradually building up. The metallic particles especially are ending up everywhere, in our food and in our soils and there is evidence that a lot of the unusual amounts of animals dying off (flocks of birds just plummeting dead from the sky, fish dying off in droves and also plants dying off etc.) is fully connected to the spraying. The good news is there are some substances one can ingest to help remove the heavy metals and toxins from the system, even from the brain. Zeolites in particular are great for this, and I have a particularly good tried and trusted source for them. If anyone is interested in these, please get in touch via the Enlightenment Times.

ET: What do you believe is the real reason behind Chemical Spraying?

MR G:I think the main real reason is unfortunately particularly dark and menacing, in a nutshell, population control. The spraying is gradually weakening our immune systems, heavy metals and toxins and being built up in our body and more worryingly our minds. This will in the meantime mean a lot more business for the pharmaceutical industries due to a large increase in sick people. What they could easily do is up the amount of toxicity in the spray and also add in viruses and pathogens etc. which could lead to a new worldwide plague of some kind or other, leading to a global government.

Look up the “Gerogia Guidestones” on Google or you tube. In plain site a very large monument has been made out of  granite in 10 different languages stating that the “ideal” population of humans on earth to be in harmony with nature is only 500,000,000 and we currently have 7.1 Billion and rising. Essentially they are saying there should be 14 times less of us as there are now, frightening! You can see a very interesting real time link up here to the world population including births and deaths etc. incredible to watch - you can view it by clicking here. 

People have already looked into the contents of the spray and have found live viruses etc. along with the mix of dangerous toxins and metals. Another reason behind the spraying is certainly weather control. The US Navy is on record as stating they want to control the weather entirely by 2025.

I believe the trails are used in conjunction with the many hundreds of thousands of mobile phone transmitters littering our landscapes worldwide to control the weather, for example bring drought, floods etc. and also simply to block out the sun. The “summer” in Scotland last year was atrocious in most parts of the country, I strongly believe it is due to the on-going chemtrail assault & specific frequencies being beamed out of the mobile phone masts.

ET: In the BBC’s latest propaganda video they describe contrails and how they benefit the planet by keeping us cool, do you believe this is simply a way to condition people’s minds for acceptance and have you seen this type of behaviour from the main-stream media before?

MR G: Yes I saw that video, so frustrating to see how people are brainwashed into thinking that the harm they are doing is actually for our own benefit. The same goes for things like Fluoride in water and toothpaste, diet drinks with aspartame, vaccinations, pharmaceuticals etc. Avoid all of these and fall in line with mother nature and you are on a far better track. Yes, I agree this is certainly being put out there so people will accept the “geo-engineering” trails when they eventually become impossible for them to deny.  For anyone who has not seen this particular video, here is the link.

“picturesque lines in the sky” – wow the bare faced cheek is quite incredible, they are very ugly to see, like a toddler scrawling on your walls with crayons, and they are also depriving us of our happiness due to a severe lack of sunlight and Vitamin D.

As for this type of behaviour from the mainstream media appearing before there are countless examples.   When the first gulf war was kicked off in the 90’s the media put out a fake story about babies being taken out of incubators etc. in Kuwait by Iraqi soldiers etc. This swayed public opinion to allow the US to enter the war. The whole thing was fabricated and used to gain acceptance for the ensuing war. Quick video here;

Another example is footage that was taken before the war in Serbia, where footage was taken of people in such a way as to make it look as though they were in concentration camps, used to justify the war, and again totally fake. Another quick video here;

In my opinion a large majority of the news is faked in a similar manner to these examples. The truth is usually so different from what we are told, and the majority continue to believe their lies.

ET: What else do you see happening in the world that is connected to the chem-trail operations?

MR G: I believe the current rush to have GMO food pushed through is part of this and I’m deeply concerned that if eaten excessively it could have very serious and perhaps rapid effects on our well-being and health. It is also worth looking up an organisation called the Codex Alimentarius , an absolutely shocking selection of international trade laws which if implemented would kill billions of people worldwide. I have been aware of this for a long time and it has always been at the back of my mind.

Not only would they effectively criminalise vitamins, natural herbs and even organic food, but they would also ensure that all food would have to be irradiated, packed with dangerous pesticides which would do a great job of slowly making people slowly become weak sick and very ill indeed. Deaths would go through the roof and of course drug companies would be the only place we could turn.

The following video gives a very good overview, let’s hope they never get away with it. The more awareness of these plans the better. They have tried time and time again to ban healthy natural products that are proven to heal, and for now at least we still have relative freedom.

It's also worth looking into the new global legislation within a document named Agenda 21, which if used in conjunction with Codex Alimentarius spells out a complete disaster for just about all of us. Both of these attacks on our freedoms are packaged in such a way that they look in some ways non threatening to your average member of the public. Understandably most people naively believe that most other people are like them and in general do no harm to others. Nothing could be farther from the truth when our “leaders” and those pulling their strings behind the scenes are concerned.  I would say they are the worst kind of psychopaths, intent on destruction and chaos on a grand scale so their thirst for ultimate power can be satisfied. Their time is up though, people are awakening fast all over the world, and I believe wonderful times are ahead. There are so many incredible technologies that could make the world a paradise for all of us, and once those in power release their grip, and old wasteful technologies are phased out, I think we will all be astonished at how different things will be. If we all expect this and project this too, it is a great way to think and we will attract this very desirable reality into being.

ET: Are we power-less to the effects of the spraying?

MR G: For a long time I thought we were which made me upset every time I noticed them spraying. By chance a couple of years ago I heard about a substance called orgonite and decided to investigate further and buy some to try out. I am what some people call “energy sensitive” in that when I hold crystals etc. I can feel their vibration and very soon a pleasant healing sensation starts in my hands then into the rest of my body, particularly in my chakras. Orgonite is in many ways much stronger than using crystals on their own, and they are made quite cheaply and relatively simply using a mixture of resin, metals and crystals.

The beauty of orgonite pieces is that they actually balance energies around them so you do not even need to touch them to heal which is the case with crystals. Larger pieces of orgonite can give off a healing field for a very large area around them. Incidentally crystals also absorb a person’s negative energies when held and require to be cleansed quite often using water, sunlight, moonlight or by burying them in earth. Since crystals in orgonite are cleansed first and then placed in the metal and resin matrix no negative energies can enter them, and they perpetually give off their positive healing frequencies, which are amplified by the matrix around them. Essentially orgonite pulls in what is known as chi, prana or life force etc. and accumulates these energies to bring more positive energy around them. Not only this but when placed next to an area with negative chi, they would transmute the energy thanks to the crystals within and bring positive energy back out in an instant.

Initially I was using orgonite to heal myself and quickly experienced profound effects physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Easily the most amazing thing I have ever found in almost 2 decades of having a strong interest in alternative healing. Soon after found out it could be used on a much larger scale, you could actually heal the environment too, and this in when things really got exciting!

I found out that many people worldwide were “gifting” orgonite not only to other people but by burying pieces under the ground or hiding them in bushes etc. nearby their local mobile phone masts. Not only that but by having very large cannon ball sized pieces of orgonite outside with copper pipes attached, the energies could be sent out for several miles around, and actually start to make the chemtrails dissipate far quicker than normal and help restore normal weather patterns and bring beautiful clouds. I remember when I first started to gift the local mobile masts in earnest and also had my cloudbuster indoors (I had a flat with no garden at that point) the chemtrail planes were not able to get their trails to stick properly, they were disappearing soon after they sprayed out. I was also delighted to see that the most beautiful clouds started appearing in the local area, clouds so pretty they reminded me of my childhood before the chemtrails were being sprayed.

Now that I have my setup outdoors the effect is even stronger and so frequently now I can see dark and negative looking clouds and chemtrail clouds several miles in the distance in a circle, and a lovely blue hole of healthy sky around my area. This is an extremely empowering feeling, and it’s wonderful to know that anyone can also do the same and help mother nature do what she does best, and shine radiantly.

ET: Could you explain a little more about how orgonite was invented and what it can do?

MR G: Orgonite was originally invented by a German inventor called Karl Weltz. Orgonite is actually a trademark name he used to describe his mix of metals and resin which could absorb energies. They were able to absorb both positive and negative energies so would work well in places with healthy chi, but would perhaps have negative effects on a user if used somewhere with negative energies around.

Another inventor from the USA called Don Croft came up with the idea of adding crystals to the metal and resin matrix and that’s what made all the difference. Now it could be made without the risk of it being able to do any harm. His new version of orgonite would bring balance to any surroundings and not be capable of doing anything other than healing.

Neither of these very interesting individuals would have been able to get to where they are now without the amazing discovery of an amazing man named Wilhelm Reich, who actually discovered that there is indeed a chi, prana or life force energy all around us, prevalent in the entire universe, and that it also has it’s opposite in that there is also a negative life force to counter balance it. He named the two opposing energies Positive Orgone Energy (POR) and Deadly Orgone Energy (DOR) It is when things get out of balance and too much deadly orgone energy that things become out of balance and negative aspects of life such as sickness, illness, depression arise, and on an environmental level things like major drought and other destructive forces would become prevalent. The chemtrails are mobile phone masts are huge sources of deadly orgone energy, by intention I believe, and the wonderful thing is that it can be combated very effectively and inexpensively using orgonite.

A great 10 minute video here will give you a grip on the most important aspects of his life and discoveries etc. Please watch this and it will help everything fall into place.

In a nutshell his discoveries were of such amazing importance for the good of humanity and indeed the whole world that he was met with huge opposition from the establishment that eventually led to his incarceration via the FDA objecting to his work, his death just one day before his release day (exceptionally suspect!) and then the ordering of the destruction of all of his research and books etc.
Thankfully like any truth, eventually it will be aired somehow and many scientists have been able to replicate his experiments, and also take his ideas and develop incredible things like orgonite.

ET: You’ve been doing some amazing work so far, gifting Orgonite around central Scotland, could you tell us where else this work is being done?

MR G: The wonderful news is that hundreds if not thousands of individuals have taken it upon themselves to either purchase or make orgonite for their own gifting of their own villages, towns and cities and in many cases go further afield into new countries and places that are in great need of healing. In some cases entire cities have been gifted with orgonite and cloud buster set ups, with amazing results. I believe that all this work is definitely playing a big part in increasing the vibration of the planet and helping to raise human awareness and make us aware of our infinite potential.

Gifting orgonite is not only taking place on land, people also gift rivers and coastlines etc. I have personal experience of gifting water and find that a wonderful energy vortex soon flows upwards from the water, and the same positive orgone energy can also be felt 10’s of metres away further downstream. Positive orgone energy from orgonite is able to travel easier through water or other liquids than it is in air, much the same as sound waves behave.

ET: So far your gifting work has been done at your expense and the expense of the manufacturer who supplies you and I’m sure our readers will be grateful to you for all you’ve done. I can’t imagine it’s been easy for you in the current climate, or that you’ve been able to achieve as much as you’d like. What are your hopes, dreams and aspirations for continuing this work in 2013?

MR G: Thanks very much for the compliments and the encouragement, it is certainly heartfelt. I feel I am only doing what needs to be done in order to make the world a better place. We are in an exciting time in history with a great turning point and cross-roads up ahead. By helping to heal the vibrations within communities and help heal mother nature too I believe it is helping the universe steer us in the right positive direction. Heading down the wrong road and the repercussions of doing so is pretty much unthinkable. My hope is that others reading this document will want to get involved themselves. I aim to have the whole county I live in gifted by the end of 2013 and hope to be connected with like-minded others so they can do the same for their part of the country.This is an exciting vision and really would give "power to the people."

The good news is I have connections with suppliers happy to provide the necessary orgonite pieces for a cheaper price than usual since they know it is for the good of all. Most suppliers are very spiritual people with only the best intetnions however it is useful to be discerning and make sure they are making it properly and for the right reasons. Anyone can easily change their local vibrational rate for the better and protect themselves from chemtrails and negative energies etc. by spending what someone may typically spend for a night out on the tiles. Even better if they can afford to buy a cloudbuster / chembuster the effect will be spread out for miles around in every direction.  It also makes perfect sense to protect your own home and garden first and then start to work on the community. For anyone interested in providing this wonderful service to their communities, please ask them to get in touch via the Enlightening Times website and we can take it from there. I am excited about the potential of a movement really taking off all around the country.

ET: Please provide links to any websites or resources you’d like to make available.

A great quick introductory site to look at is

For more information on chemtrails two excellent documentaries have been made, one being “What In The World Are They Spraying?”   (over 1 million views)

A sequel documentary has been made called “Why In The World Are They Spraying?” HD video link;

Understandably, people will want proof of the positive effects of using orgonite to help heal the environment. I believe the best documented proof of this is found on this website (brilliant resource for a lot of information on orgone energy) The best way of course is to DIY and watch the skies!

Incidentally I have consistently seen much better sunnier weather with healthier looking clouds for several miles around my outdoor cloudbuster setup. Quite often there has been a very obvious big blue hole in the sky with the fake clouds and trails on the periphery. One of these days a helicopter was literally 50m away slowly checking out the area. They must be wondering “what’s going on, how come the weather is healthy and the sun is out!?” – This is nothing to be afraid of, just confirmation you are making your area a better place to be and flipping negative energies right round into a positive direction. (David Vs Goliath)

I recently made my first batch with the help of an experienced orgonite maker and I must say the whole experience was very enjoyable and my orgonite gives off a wonderful powerful vibration. I have given just about all of it away and plan to make more in the next short while. It is a lot easier to buy orgonite, especially for gifting purposes and I have access to people who sell it in-expensively. They know it's helping to bring the world into a higher vibration and help fight back negative energies.

Should anyone wish to make orgonite themselves this is a good short and sweet video (there is perhaps several dozen other such videos too, with slightly different methods in use)

I would like to thank you for interviewing me and wish every success to the Enlightening Times, it is a fantastic way to help further awaken and indeed empower people. We can win against the "powers that be" and we will win. There are far more of us than them, and we come with awareness and love in our hearts, which is a powerful and wonderful combination. I would love everyone out there to get active and help their communities using orgonite, it is very empowering and will bring your own vibrations higher than ever before, and help pull others onto higher planes too. Onwards and upwards for all of us, is the only way to at this juncture.

ET: We are grateful to you for taking the time to share your wisdom and empowering info with us, please keep up the good work and together the World we want to see will manifest before our eyes.

There will be a Pro-Humanity demonstration against Geo-engineering on 6th April in Hyde Park, London. If you can be there, please do and help us keep the momentum going.  It is time, now!!  Click the picture for more information.