Friday, 8 March 2013

Creating Heaven in a Heart-Beat

Wow, so here we are in March already, spring is on it's way with the promise of regeneration and renewal only a breath away. This year has such amazing gifts to offer us, the potential and possibilities that exist are infinite as we move through the first year of the new paradigm. Planetary, the Earth has went from night-time to day-time, or a dark period to a light period. Astrologically, we’ve entered the Age of Aquarius. Globally, more people than ever have birthed Unity Consciousness in their hearts and individually we have awakened to ourselves as creators of our reality. So where do we go from here?

We have been given all we need to co-create heaven here on Earth and though in the big world it might seem like we’re still a long way off, have faith that things are falling into place in ways we can’t even begin to imagine yet. Your task for now is to keep the spirit of heaven alive within you and to bring it to life in your world, and as you do it’ll only be a matter of time until you see it reflected in the global picture.

I know that dealing with the daily toils of 21st century living can be challenging, especially when you’re stuck in the struggle for survival, but it is in these times it is most valuable to you to continue to cultivate consciously the seeds you wish to blossom in your life.

Moaning about the never-ending cycle of bills and the over-inflated prices is not going to resolve these issues. Ignoring the letters from the debt collectors and pretending they’re not impacting your energy levels, doesn’t work. I should know, I’ve tried it on many occasions lol! Getting “stuck” on how the system has been created to keep us so busy in the struggle for survival that making the transition to thriving is a real challenge for many, doesn’t help either, it just keeps us stuck in the same cycle of giving our power to others.

And in 2013, we are all committed to making it work!! Aren’t we?

Well I AM and I hope that you are too!

Together we can create the world we want to see, we’re creating it already. Every day when we are love in action, we are sending ripples throughout the Universe and even in our wildest imaginations we have only a mere idea of how much power every heartbeat holds. So no “matter” what the external world looks like, brings to you or shows you this year, the power is well in truly in your hands to consciously create a garden of love that will bloom for you and for generations of the Earth to come.

Yes, some of the things that happen in the World are horrible!! Even from a non-judgemental viewpoint there is no denying that sometimes things are just plain gruesome. They are so far removed from our true nature, that it hurts to see them, to hear of them, to feel them as they happen to a part of you. And, sometimes yes it is easier to turn your head away and try to pretend it’s not happening, but just like with the bills, it doesn’t work, does it?

What does work though, is getting yourself back to a heavenly state as quickly as possible, where you are in tune with your creative juices and solutions to all your challenges come easily and effortlessly to you.
Einstein once said:-

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

And this to me is the main reason I know that change on a fundamental level is happening now. The shift in consciousness that has took hold of this planet in the last 100 years with the almighty quickening in the last 10 years has been phenomenal! Energetically the world has already moved, Spiritually we have evolved, Emotionally we have matured, seeing through the illusion of our dis-eased society and now the Physical world is playing catch-up.

As we all know the world is a reflection from within, and no matter what battles you are playing out, whether it be the battle for survival, the battle of the ego, or the battle with the elite, if there is a battle within you it will play out with-out! So, it makes sense then that the quickest way from where we are now, to where we want to be, would be cultivating heaven within, yes?

To make it really easy for you I’ve put together a list of my top ten ways to Create Heaven in a Heartbeat for those moments when you feel yourself gripped by lower vibrations, the pain-body or when the EGO mind has gotten hold. Whatever is causing you challenges in your life, will most probably have a draining effect on your energy levels when you think about it, bringing you into a lower consciousness reality where the guidance from your higher self becomes almost unattainable. These techniques will help give you an instant boost back to higher vibrational states of being, where the answers and energy you need will be waiting for you.

Ten Ways to Create Heaven in a Heart-Beat

10. Have a Bath

There is something so perfectly divine about being immersed in water and when that water is roasty toasty and filled with bubbles, it can be the perfect remedy to unwind after a busy day. Being with water and allowing it to remind you of the gentle ebb and flow within and around you can gently ease you back to a heavenly state.

9. Love the Shadow

One of the main stumbling blocks to returning to higher vibrations, is that we beat ourselves up forour feelings.We don’t want to admit to feeling angry, hurt, sad, bored or frustrated by the events going on around us. In fact, many even resist their feelings all together, saying “I’m fine” when internally they are falling to bits. Much of our pain and suffering in life comes from resisting what our emotions are telling us. Instead why not try to honour the emotions that arise within you, accept them for what they are and thank them for bringing your attention to whatever they are showing you and commit to changing what needs changed. In this way, the energy passes through you easily and effortlessly allowing you to be grateful for the experience. And we all know appreciation is in the love or above vibration, woo hoo!

8. Say Thank You

A simple change of focus from all that is causing you pain to all you have to be grateful for is the quickest and easiest boost in any situation. As long as we have breath in our lungs we can find something to be grateful for. If you need a large boost why not sit and write a letter to someone you are grateful to, even if you never post it, you will feel amazing as a result and if you do decide to post it, you’ve made someone else feel amazing too.

7. Be with Nature


If you’re slap bang in the middle of the concrete jungle it can be easy to lose your connection to the Universe and All that is and a return to nature can be the perfect remedy. Boosting the energy levels and  easing us gently back into flow. We don’t need to go far, sometimes simply shifting our gaze skywards or stopping and looking (really looking) at a tree can do it. It reminds us of the majesty of this magnificent world and if you’re really lucky, it’ll remind you of the magnificence of you, too.

6. Breathe

God, so simple, yet so powerful. A simple shift in focus to our breath for a few moments is all we need to re-connect with spirit and return us to a state of wholeness (holy-ness).

5. Hug


This one’s obviously much easier when you’ve got company! Hugs have the power to heal and there are times when a hug is the only effective answer. Hugs are beneficial to everyone involved and can make you feel better even when you’re already feeling great. In fact, sometimes the hugs you give when you’re feeling good are the best of all. To know you’ve had a positive impact on someone else’s energy simply by loving them, is awesome. And if all else fails and there’s no one around to reciprocate, a shout-out on social media for a hug from friends may provide the perfect pick-up especially when those virtual hugs fill you with love.

4. Laugh

One of the quickest and funniest ways back to yourself and particularly effective at shutting down the barriers to the unconscious mind which keeps you trapped in the same pattern of thinking is laughter. And it’s one of the best tools to do the whole “fake it ’til you make it” games with!

3. Sing

It doesn't matter if you’re the next Mariah Carey or more like the cats choir, when we sing we raise our-self to a higher level than before. I love to sing but it’s not something I’ll ever be making a living at, but I turn up the music and belt it out anyway. It makes me smile, it makes me laugh and if I get caught, it also makes me blush! But no matter what happens I always feel good after a right good sing-song.

2. Dance

For me this is the ultimate mood-booster. Whether I am feeling low or just need a bit of motivation to face the monotony of daily tasks of living with four children, a good tune and a silly old boogie will always raise me up. Nothing quite rids the body of stuck energy like shaking it to your favourite beats. Again, it’s best to fully immerse in the experience, dance like there’s no-one watching and for a double whammy combine 1 & 2 and sing, dance and be merry to your heart’s content.

1. Think of Someone You Love


The Power of Love a force from above…we all know the lines but how many of us consciously utilise the power of love in our daily lives? A lot more of us, than 10 or 20 years ago that’s for sure. And, we now see more clearly than ever how it is also a force from within. Every emotion we experience has an impact on our physical bodies and can deplete us or make us stronger. So not only is it good to think of the person we love, but it’s good to totally lose yourself in the feeling of it.

So now you see, there really is always a choice about how we respond to life and it’s possible to create heaven in a heartbeat, no matter what’s going on. Life is so much more sparkly and a whole lot easier to deal with when we’re in a high vibration so cultivate gardens of appreciation, love and compassion and let the good times roll!

Love and blessings from this wee dancing queen.
Mhaw! x

(p.s. This list is not limited and as always I’d love to hear your stories and suggestions of what works for you. Blogs are so much more fun when readers participate too, so please comment or ask questions, tell me what you’d like to see more of or if there is something specific you need help with and I’ll try my best.)

Please feel free to share and distribute this article with credits to the author Rashelle Reid.