Friday, 1 March 2013

Enlightening Times Movie & Docu-Film Reviews

“12 to 12”

 Short Film Review

A day-in-the-life biopic of local artist Art Morera as he works to find balance between his personal life and his aspiring career as an MC.

When a message begins with a quote from John Lennon, you’re always going to be at least a little curious about what’s to come.  As the movie opens to the artist Art Moreno on stage, the film title flashes on screen and the nostalgic stirrings within bring Eminem’s, 2002 film “8 Mile” to mind, with the promise of something powerful to come.

Curious and wondering I watched as scene by scene I waited for the promise to be fulfilled but unfortunately for me I never felt quite satiated with what came next.  The story at times seemed to drag rather than flow along, and the lag resulted in less than full appreciation of the this excellent production , I feel 12 to 12 never quite lived it up to its potential. At times I found my attention wandering as the voices became lost in the music.

As the final scenes and the music once again became the main feature, I realised that, as it was in the beginning, it is in the end. As once again my curiosity was piqued and I began wondering about the artist Art Moreno and what he might create in the future.

Rashelle Reid