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The Tarot Acpocalypse by Pamela Steele

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       The Tarot Apocalypse.

       by Pamela Steele -Steele Wizard Tarot-copyright 2013

What is the Apocalypse?

Apocalypse: To ‘reveal’ or ‘disclose’. From Ancient Greek ('apocalypse' is a revelation of something hidden. In religious contexts it is usually a revelation of hidden meaning - hidden from mankind in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception. And therefore, many people misconstrue the word apocalypse to refer to any so-called End Time scenario, or to the end of the world in general.
This presentation is written to dispel any reservations you may have about the coming 'end'. Further, to disclose some core truths about tarot and how its designed to help you create a new life and rewrite your personal Story.

We begin by first defining the Essence of Life which may also be called:
The Essence of Creation: i.e. the Matrix (as described by Planck), the Void, the Quantum Field. The Quantum Essence fills what we perceive as empty space. This is the 'space' between the nucleus of an atom and the first electron circling the nucleus. It's not empty. It's filled with an intelligent essence that responds to our wishes and desires. When science recreates the Big Bang, 90% of all Matter seems to disappear thus creating the existence of Dark Matter. It's not gone, it's not lost. It enters the realm of Creation where all physical matter is birthed. This has been recently named the Higgs boson particle a.k.a. the God Particle. Nobel prize -winning physicist Leon M.Lederman said he gave the Higgs boson the nickname "The God Particle" because the particle is "so central to the state of physics today, so crucial to our final understanding of the structure of matter, yet so elusive," but added that a second reason was because "the publisher wouldn't let us call it the Goddam Particle, though that might be a more appropriate title, given its villainous nature and the expense it is causing."It's alive and intelligent. *Quantum; A discrete quantity of electromagnetic energy.

Uncovering your Potential, The Maidens:

As we live our lives each of us will evolve and incorporate one or all potential possibilities. A student may embody the Maiden of Pentacles who is engrossed in studies and learning. The student may be discovering a quiet place within where gathering knowledge and building a solid foundation are the driving passions behind the learning. Perhaps the Maiden of Wands is about to give birth to an innovative new method in healing or gardening. This could follow the birth of an idea that will revolutionize farming or medicine. The Maiden of Swords is telling you that your leadership skills are going to be needed soon. Whether on the playing field, the battle field, or the business arena, you may need to step-up and assume a leadership role. If not within the group, perhaps within the family or within your peer group. 

The Maiden of Cups may show up at a time when your need to create a masterpiece is upon you. You may need to find a creative outlet for the pent up emotions or a way to express your new sometimes raw emotions. Each potential adds to the whole and when developed brings you to where you need to be in the Art and Process of becoming who you came here to be. Not sure what potential is knocking? Ask yourself, 'What makes your heart sing?' Find something in which you can lose yourself for hours and do that. Make time to feed your spirit. Make time to develop your potential. You owe it to yourself and those around you to fulfill your potential. Remember, no one else is qualified to be you....

How to Program yourself for Change:

Your Question~The Answer~The Key

Think of yourself as a computer. You are the hardware. What does your computer need to defrag, delete and clear space to make room for the new programming? What beliefs have now outworn their welcome and need to be replaced? Not tossed out to leave an empty space, but moved out to make room for the grander version of who you are now? So your question should reflect what you need clear. No gray or foggy areas. Just clear shining light on the subject. The Answer (your information) is what your 'web search' has provided. This is where we see how tarot really works. Consider you have a burning question that you desperately need an answer to. You carefully word your questions and Google it. Your search engine pulls up a page where the very first site holds the absolute answer. Eureka! You hit 'download' and in a few moments your answer is securely on your hard drive. Your excitement builds as you tell your computer to 'Open' the information...only to have a little window pop up and read 'Windows does not have a program to open this....' ARGH! Now what? Enter Tarot.

Tarot is specifically designed to access your information and translate it into a usable format. It's your information. It's You talking to you. A clear comprehensive reading will clearly translate your download into a usable program. Why does this work? Because now you have the Keys to begin deciphering and reprogramming your information into your hardware to bring about the changes you so desperately need.

The Web:

The Web is both the connection and the container. It links us together on all levels and supports us on the same levels. It is a 'web' of energy that continues to expand as the Quantum Essence expresses itself. This connects our lives as the Divine Matrix (Gregg Braden) and acts as multidimensional mirror reflecting back what we create with emotions and beliefs as 'our world'. The core of the Big Bang theory of expansion states 'Once physically joined protons that are now split create 'twins'. Why? Because without 'space' all matter would be condensed into a pea-sized mass. So what was once One is now 'split' into what we use as the fabric of creation. Further experiments in quanta prove what was once joined is always 'connected' whether physically linked or not. Everything is connected. Everything is holographic. Physical reality, life as we know it, is a Hologram. As a true Hologram, each minute particle is a picture of the Whole in miniature. And as such, a true holograph examined in its most minute particle will accurately represent the Whole down to the smallest detail. Weaving through, between, and surrounding the Whole is the Essence. The Matrix. The Quantum.

The smallest tweak of any thread within the Web is instantly felt and known throughout the Whole courtesy of this Essence. This is why there is no need to 'send a prayer' as the prayer already exist where it is intended to go. This is the Web and it is the container that 'holds time' providing continuity between choices of present and experiences of the future. As well as the' glue' that binds us together.

The Universe:

We stand at the absolute center of Creation. Our Spirit soars and gathers inspiration, energy and power from the Universe while our feet are firmly planted on the earth. We are Divine Beings having a human experience. To achieve Mastery is to employ all Gifts to create our world. We learn life does not happen to you, but through you. Are you a victim or a willing participant? Do you try to balance that which will always tip and teeter or will you blend the energies into a single force? Do your affirmations work? If not, what powers the 'computer' that is you? Are your emotions and beliefs authentic? Do you temper your logic with emotion and vice versa? Your thoughts provide direction. What are you telling yourself every moment of every day? Can you? Can't you? It begins when we decide if we are the participant or the victim of forces we don't see or understand. That's when empowerment begins. Authentic Emotions are the language (the OS) by which we write (program) our Story (life experience).

Logic tempered with emotion=Authentic Emotion
In linear terms, Heart=Feeling=Emotion=Magnetic Power

I always find it easiest to help someone find their 'authentic' emotions by asking them to describe the Moment they first bonded with another. A mother/father to a child. A beloved pet. A partner. That single Moment when Time was suspended and no words can begin to describe that Feeling. You know in that Moment you Love without condition. This is when you acknowledge and confirm your connection to the Divine. Here is when you become aware that you share a Soul with another. You are fiercely protective and more gentle than the breath of a butterfly. Stronger than an army and more fragile than a snowflake falling on a parched desert. Richer than Midas in the Glory of the Moment. Tears of joy and compassion are blended with laughter from the heart. Start there. This is your Key. Remember your Key and use it to open Here and Now. It cannot be lost or stolen. It cannot be given or sold. It can be shared. Then, from a place of perfect Grace and Safety, choose your next step.
This is Authentic Emotion. This is the Language of the Soul...


Knowing something doesn't necessarily mean you understand it. Just because your Daddy did it that way doesn't mean it's right for you. Just because it was true when you were 8 years old doesn't mean it works for you as an adult. When you're defining your Truth, it's important to honor your history. It took every millisecond of every heartbeat to bring you Here and Now. As important as knowing Who You Are, you need to know Who You Are Not. Try it on. See if it fits. Wear it for a while. Suspend judgment. We cannot allow ego to prevail in this process. Strip yourself of all opinions and attitudes and observe. Become the Watcher who stands aside and sees people and events from a different perspective. Perhaps your Mom or your Dad or your Lover didn't love you the way you needed to be loved...but perhaps they loved you the only way they knew how. If honoring parents or others who have abused you sounds stupid, it is. But perhaps you could Honor Gaia who as your Earth Mother has provided you with all your needs. And the Father sun who shines on all and sustains that Life. 

What you perceive or 'judge' determines your inner dialogue. What you tell yourself determines your choices. What are you programming into your Story? How you perceive a person, place, event will guild your beliefs. If you allow it, your Beliefs evolve along with your Truth. As you Believe so follows your Truth. Truth is not stagnate. It evolves with the individual as wisdom and experience are gained. Acknowledged feelings, released/expressed authentic emotions create new pathways for the individual to proceed unencumbered by the past. Again, here the question asked is are you the Active Participant or the Victim? Note how your perception of you evolves as your Truth expands.

Facing your Fears-Soul Twins

If you can name it, you can own it. Look closely at what fears creep up behind you when you're alone with your Self. Turn and face it. No matter how 'dark' you judge it to be, it's part of who you are and needs to be reconciled. We embody both Light and Dark. It's who we are. As the Benevolent Goddess, Kwan-Yin, holds her Children close and kisses away their tears they know they are loved and protected. But if you hear glass break in the next room and know your toddler's wandered off, it's not Kwan-Yin who's going to rush through that door. It's Kali. Kali of the Silver Lightning, the cast iron bitch. She will dive in where a legion of angels would fear to tread. It's not going to be 'Oh, come here, Sweetie, you could be injured!' It's 'NOOOOOO!' as she crosses the room in one step and grabs that child by whatever she can reach to move her baby out of danger. Without the Warrior, without the 'bitch' we would not have the natural aggression we need to survive. Our natural rhythms would be out of sync and we would never make it as a species. 

Ask yourself, 'What motivates Kali?' The same motivation that moves Kwan-Yin. Protect the Child at all costs. You love that baby beyond reason and safety, and nothing is going to harm that child while you're in the picture. Understand that only by denial and the illusion of control do these 'negative' aspects become dangerous. Embrace the Shadows. They are a part of, not apart from, you. By accepting the 'inner bitch' and allowing that aspect it's place in your life you are no longer denying abundance. Still having trouble? Ok, try this, if your child/best friend/lover came to you and presented you with the same scenario you're facing now, how would you counsel them? What would you say to someone you love more than Life when that person is in pain and darkness? Now, look in the mirror and tell yourself what you just told them. As the compassionate adult you are, not as the frightened child you were. When you face your fears you are getting 'in tune' with the Earth's natural rhythms. In the last 10 years, the vibration of the planet (heartbeat) has gone from 7.8 cycles per second to between 9-11. Yes, we are having growing pains. Yes, we are evolving.
Evolution: What happens next?
How Tarot helps create your future.
What we are living now is a natural cycle of events. We have come to the end of the Age of Pisces (duality) and are now living in the dawn of the Age of Aquarius (enlightenment) . This is the Journey back to Center. Imagine an ocean wave as it rushes upon the sand. When it reaches its peak, it lingers and dances gathering bits of sand and shells before retreating back into the sea. As it retreats, the next wave courses over top of it to begin it's dance upon the sands. Thus follows the Waves of Creation.

We are at that 'point' where the wave of Change is dancing upon the Sands of our creation as it gathers what it need to begin its journey back to Center. Back to the Source of All that Is. What shall we take with us? How shall our stories be told and remembered? In 100 years, is anyone going to remember what kind of house keeper you are? Will they remember what kind of vehicle you drove?

Will they know how much money you had in the bank? Will they remember what kind of person you were, and how your Service to Humanity helped in this time of Change? We're dealing with a brand new energy. One we blended and created from the old and added our own special 'spices' to as its brewed to become ready to serve. Remember when your favorite radio station was the good old AM whatever? As the years went by, FM moved in and gradually most of the AM vanished into the ether. Now, we're listening with different ears to satellite stations and internet stations. Learn to 'listen' with new ears. What happens next? What do we tell ourselves? Do we observe or participate? Do you accept your 'Fate' or do you Choose to make a difference? Choice. How do you choose? How shall you write your Story?

I AM___.
How will you finish this sentence? I am______. Do you say, I am a healer? I am a teacher? These are things you do that represent who you are. You ARE a Divine Being having a Human Experience. Only the strongest beings venture into the physical. Only the best of the best (kind of like Marines) volunteer and are chosen to be Human. We are Human BEINGS. There are no other entities stronger than this. None wiser. We gather experience in a reality that is dense and heavy and filled with what may be perceived as dangers. Each experience, each encounter, each 'lesson' is added to the Collective and enriches the Whole. So who are you? What do you contribute?
How shall you be remembered? Of the two things written over the Oracle at Delphi one was 'All things in moderation.' (and I'm assuming that's including moderation) and the other read 'Know Thyself.' Once you know yourself you can truly and honestly express yourself.

Do you see the 'illusion' of separation. Will you remove the blocks to abundance? Will you remove the 'I can't' from your programming. Will you use all your Self to write your new Story?
When we tell ourselves, 'I'll be happy when___.' ( 'The mortgage is paid off. My debts are paid. I get a new job. I marry the man/woman of my dreams. I have children. The children are moved out. I win the lottery.' ) we are putting conditions on our happiness and success. We tell ourselves this when we physically feel the illusion of lack, and determine there is a need for more. When we constantly think (program) things like 'I'll be____when____.' we are blocking our abundance. We are denying ourselves the Joy of Life. What do you have to be happy about? What Gifts of Spirit are already yours? Don't be stubborn, make a gratitude list. Remember the Key, your Bond to another. Start there. Make your list.

Then take a blank piece of paper and write across the top 'What I choose to experience.' And make another list. This is your list, and if everything on it were already complete, you'd be living your Dream. Maybe it is a new car in the driveway, or at least one that runs. Maybe it's the job that provides for security. It's your list. Write it down. Take your time. Because when you're finished your list, and you know if everything on that list was already accomplished, you would live your Bliss. Then, for 15 minutes each evening, just before you go to sleep, live it. Don't just visualize. Use your Key, and Live it. Besides what you'd see if you opened your eyes, what would you touch? What would you smell? What would you hear? Employ every sensory perception you possess and LIVE that reality. On the morning of the 4th day, you will have created a place for your Truth to exist. You will have made a mold for the Universe to fill. You will see a good difference.

The Universe is the Genii in the Bottle. If you 'want' something, your wish is granted. You have the exquisite experience of wanting to be happy, secure, or whatever. But if You Live It....You're acknowledging it's already manifest and have cleared a space for it to exist.

To recap:
Authentic emotions are the Language (O.S.) by which we write (program) our story (life experience).
Authentic emotions are tempered with Logic=Authentic Emotions.
Emotions are magnetic.
Thoughts provide Direction...So what ARE you thinking?
What are you 'affirming'?

The I AM is the empty space that permeates all.
In the desert each sage brush is a single plant. However their entire root system is interwoven and connected to every plant in the field. So there are many plants yet One Family.
The Rig Veda reads 'One manifests as the many. The formless putting on forms. This primal force of energy holds the key to the deepest mysteries.

We are the source of consciousness, the Observer/Participants.
The Matrix is the marriage of science/religion/spirituality.
The Matrix IS creation. It is the material of all and the container that hold the all. It is reality itself and all possibilities.
Pamela Steele