Thursday, 4 April 2013

Alan Cleaver Exhibition starting at Florence Mine

Local writer Alan Cleaver exhibits at Florence Mine.

Last Writes

Requiem for the Printed Word

Quirky collectors items, embarrassing poetry, dusty volumes that will line rooms like ornaments in times to come. Are you a book lover or a technology guru who prefers to curl up in front of a fire with their their kindle instead of paperback?
What is to become of Writing? Will it become a thing of the past as Technology advances faster and faster?

Open to the public this weekend you can come and see Alans installation. His ideas are presented in Chapters around the wallspace in the Mine Gallery. 

What will the future hold for writing and writers? Will handwriting itself become obsolete?

Chapter One of the exhibit covers the History of Writing. With excerpts from the Nag Hammadi Scrolls and some of the oldest writing in Cumbria.

Chapter Two looks at Calligraphy, Illuminated Manuscripts and Carlisle's own Cursing Stone.

The future of Libraries is considered with some pictures of the local Boot Library, also a section on dangerous books and books for burning!   
Writers Corner

With the inevitable decline of the newspaper industry, where does this leave the future of books and newspapers as a medium?

The changes happening in the publishing industry seem to be heading towards more towards self publishing and less focus on big companies. If you are a local why not not pop along to Alan's talk on Saturday about self publishing?

Are graphic novels going to be the way of the future? Lets hope so!

Great ideas Alan, Sorry we couldn't attend your evening but we hope it all goes well!

Enlightening Times Magazine

Visit Florence Mine Website for more Info Free Admission and Tea/Coffee etc available.

Jade Ashcroft April 2013