Monday, 17 June 2013

Geo-Engineering Renfrewshire

Thing's have been heating up in Scotland with regards to the Geo-engineering issue, the people have had enough and all over the country people are taking the necessary action to put an end to this madness. 

In Renfrewshire there's been people making donations to gift Orgonite and the first chem-tower for the community but to be honest at this stage I'm not sure how effective these are and whether while people are focused on doing this, more effective ways of dealing with the madness are being neglected.

So in Renfrewshire we decided it's not enough to focus on only one potential solution but instead to take as much action as possible towards a conclusion that is satisfactory for the people here and as we do hoping that similar action is being taken in other constituents and countries across the World.

As you can see from the video below which includes only a tiny fraction of the pictures taken in Renfrewshire, strange flights have become the norm in Paisley and the hazy skies are becoming so much the norm that most people fail to notice.

Having contacted all 40 Renfrewshire Councillor's and the local Environmental Services department it is unclear whether there is any knowledge about Geo-engineering at a local level but unfortunately my gut tells me they really don't know, as like many of the population they are scurrying around trying their best and not really looking up. One thing I've had confirmed though is that there is no talk of the issue at all within the Scottish Parliament, we know there's been reports from Westminster and that as usual the response is to try to pass it off as conspiracy theory but if this is what it is, why are there so many government documents available?

The dismissal from the Environmental Services was no more than a brush off with the questions posed not even being fully answered, and so at time I'll get a follow up happening but for now we are in data collection mode, taking pictures of the unusual flights, the spray marks, the HAARP clouds and the recent visits from helicopters making strange sounds!

With the help of a local friend of the people we are also conducting analysis of samples from our local area and once the data is collected the next will be taken.  The biggest challenge in the chemtrail/Geo-engineering debacle is that the majority of the British population either do not see or pretend it's not happening as the whole concept terrifies them.

There's even been stories in the mainstream news to condition the mind for acceptance of Geo-engineering, as always sold to us as being for our own good, to protect us from the sun.  I have to say I'd much rather put my faith in nature and the Planet than the crazy scientists who have concocted this cover story. 

There's a lot of evidence out there on the subjects of Geo-Engineering and the contents of chemtrails, some of which does make for scary reading but the biggest convincer of all is the government documents that exist on this issue and the amount of patents that have been licensed around it.

My personal view is that the weather manipulation is part of a bigger plan to ensure farmers are beholden to companies like Monsanto who have developed Genetically Modified seeds which are Barium, Strontium and Aluminium resistant, they have also developed crops that are drought resistant and every other possible eventuality. One of the things I found particularly bizarre this year, yes, even more bizarre than chemtrails, was that in Scotland a country renowned for it's rainfall, we celebrated the arrival of rain.  Just once, but we did, because we'd not seen it for months.

For those who are still in doubt about this issue it is worth considering what the economic and political repercussions of a Scotland dependant on outside help to grow our own produce would mean for the country and it's people. 

Thankfully, the people of Scotland will be joining the rest of the World making our voices heard on 25th August 2013 at George Square, hope you can join us.

Rashelle Reid

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