Friday, 7 June 2013

Multi-dimensional Energy of Flowers

When I first seen this picture, my initial thought was had it started raining between this picture and the last, you know how some of us like to tick of the logical explanation first, but very quickly I remembered the scorching sun-shine that accompanied this picture.

My imagination ran wild as potential and possibilities of spirit and life force and fairies and the spiritual Earth merging with the physical Earth and heaven on Earth being born in this very moment.  A friend offered me another perspective and I found it incredibly interesting so I thought I'd share it with you.

"In this instance a particle of light in another dimension is trying to contact its own species here on Earth, it has observed the Harmonic is close to that of this plant and is sonically radiating thought precepts as particulates (Senses) to try and get a reply.The plants harmonic supplied the original particle with Light from the Inner Light spectrum thus attracting attention. there will be book coming out next year about this subject, which will lift the lid off inter-dimensional communications of the species. It's all about celestial vestment really..."Douglas Thornhill

We'd be delighted if you share your insights and imaginations with us too.



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