Friday, 7 June 2013

Perspectives - Glasgow

Monday Night Perspectives - Dawn Breslin and Rashelle Reid

Monday isn't exactly my favourite day of the week and so I was more than happy to go along to Anne Hughes's new venture 'Monday Night Perspectives' at The National Piping Centre in Glasgow. Anne Hughes the founder of Perspectives was radiant and welcoming. The venue was beautiful, steeped in heritage with a peaceful ambience to match, and with the added magic of a piper at the door to greet guests, I'd say it was the perfect venue.

First to take to the floor was Rashelle Reid, who was giving her first talk - It's Just Me. If there were any first time nerves they certainly didn't show as Rashelle talked about Gratitude, Loving ourselves, Moving through our fears, Living a life of Purpose and Truth and empowering ourselves. Her talk was both Inspiring and motivational. Rashelle connects on the heart level and this really came through last night. Her authenticity is refreshing and her bright zest for life and helping others apparent.

Watch a clip here of our very own Rashelle as she speaks through her fear and talks of the vibration of purpose and truth.

Next up sharing her insights was Dawn Breslin. Dawn is a very Inspiring and motivational speaker also, who connects on the heart level and has a genuine desire to help others. Dawn talked about Loving and honouring ourselves, Purpose, her own personal experiences and the Art of Surrender and letting go. There was a beautiful vulnerability and authenticity within Dawns talk and she also gave lots of practical tips based on her own learning's and experiences. With a gentle energy she powerfully held the space and energy in the room. Most touching was her obvious support for Rashelle and a genuine desire to see and celebrate her success, though they'd never met they complimented each other beautifully.

I have a totally new Perspectives on Monday nights now. Thank you Anne Hughes, Dawn Breslin and Rashelle Reid.

Jan Ferguson, Good Vibrations

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