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The "End of Eire" by Thomas Sheridan

In December 2012, two Irish artists, Thomas Sheridan and Mark Higginbotham, came up with the idea for a film to document their personal outrage at the systematic conversion of their homeland from a once prosperous and culturally vibrant society into a Globalist taxation livestock farm under the yoke of crushing austerity measures imposed by unelected bureaucrats. Both were fully aware that the reason why this situation came about was a result of Irish politicians handing over the Irish nation; both assets and people to the European Central Bank (ECB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The Irish political classes did this in order to protect both themselves and the CEOs of top Irish banks from going to jail for negligent fraud and compliance with corruption on a colossal scale. In doing so, the politicians who protected these banking officials committed what amounted to an act of late night high-treason by approving a multi-billion Euro bail-out without the consent nor the approval of the Irish population. Then the Irish mainstream media and ‘expert’ classes essentially told the Irish people that it was the best thing that ever happened to them and how they should be proud of being good slaves. A rotten cesspool of coagulated media and money tycoons telling us we should delight in being obedient indentured slaves on their plantation.

This act was a culmination of an on-going series of YES/NO constitutional referendums fiasco voting, in which the Irish voters were continually told by the unelected oligarchs of the European Union to hand over their national sovereignty and to keep voting until the EU Commission got from the Irish electorate the results they wanted. All during this transition from Irish democracy to EU imperialism, the Irish mainstream media, the public sector trade union leadership, the economic ‘experts’—whose advice wrecked the economy—all the major political parties, women’s organisations, civil and environmental rights groups, along with civil servants being paid to post pro-EU propaganda (in the style of Orwellian ‘Ministry of Truth’ Inner Party members) bombarded the Irish consciousness with pro-European Union/Globalist fear-based propaganda tactics which would have made Joseph Goebbels giggle with delight.

In the end, the Irish voter was so traumatised from the incessant propaganda from the lavishly overpaid RTE (Ireland national broadcaster) ‘stars’ that they eventually gave in and acquiesced to the interrogation of the collective Irish psyche from the pro-EU factions in the Irish media, business, public sector and chattering classes.

Then the horror really began…

Not only were the banking and political criminal classes who created this situation now free to enjoy lavish taxpayer pensions, as well as all the free time they needed to partake in golf at their exclusive private membership clubs and all taxpayer funded, but now the Irish population was to be subjected to draconian austerity measures (poverty) and increased taxation. The majority of these taxes were precision-aimed, with psychopathic savagery at the working and middle classes who were to almost exclusively carry the entire burden of the Irish Globalist elite‘s incompetence and treason. An elite who were being protected and pampered in luxury and freedom in the form of a golden handshake for destroying Irish political, economic and cultural sovereignty.

The result of this frustration and anger concerning the Orwellian-style ‘vaporization’ of the Irish social and cultural identity became manifest in the film ‘The End of an Éire’. The project was shot in and around Galway city in April 2013, as the location seemed a suitable metaphor for the end of the Ireland that was, and the beginning of the Ireland which will evolve out of this purposely inflicted trauma. Galway is both the last and first city in Europe depending on how you look at it. It represents a watershed between empires, cultures, geography and the past, present and future.

Both Thomas Sheridan and Mark Higginbotham gave careful consideration to the artistic nature and energy of this film. According to Thomas Sheridan—author of the cult classic ‘Puzzling People: the Labyrinth of the Psychopath‘—who is the central player in the documentary, "We wanted this film to stand out. It’ll be like nothing your average RTE or SkyNews viewer has ever seen or heard before. We want to undo the subliminal mind control and propaganda which has people so confused. We want to use the techniques of the Globalists and throw it right back into their faces." The purpose of this film is not just to tell an Irish story, but to demonstrate how the events in Ireland are but a microcosm of the fate awaiting all of us, in all our nations. However, ‘The End of an Éire’ is not just about the causes and the effects, but also points the viewer back to the path of evolution. This is not a story of the death of one nation, but the reawakening of the human potential to walk away from the imposed prisons of the mind and walk towards personal and social liberation.

‘The End of an Éire’ will be released in Summer 2013 and will be free to watch on-line.

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  • Thomas Sheridan author of the cult classic Puzzling People: the Labyrinth of the Psychopath and he will be giving a unique presentation at Zu Studios entitled ‘Creativity and the Liberation of Consciousness‘.

    The talk will demonstrate how psychiatry often completely misdiagnoses the Shamanic Awakening in people in order to label them as being mentally ill. In many cases, this ‘illness’ is an opening up of consciousness which is to be celebrated and encouraged though creative expression.

    Both Van Gogh and William Blake would be medicated out of their creative insights if they were alive to day. Both of these artists were akin to Shaman ahead of their time. More importantly, we all have this same potential for playing our part in the liberation of the human psyche.

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