Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Girl Against Fluoride by Aisling Fitzgibbon

The Girl Against Fluoride – the campaign that has captured the hearts and minds of the nation.

The Girl Against Fluoride campaign has continued to penetrate the wall of silence surrounding water fluoridation by taking part in events around the country and gaining support  from celebrities and professionals from home and abroad. Although I have used somewhat unconventional methods to draw attention to our fluoridation issue I have now achieved a national following.   In November 2012, I braved the winter chill and stripped outside the Dail along with a few other brave hearts.

The response was overwhelmingly positive. People who had no knowledge of the fluoride issue were captivated by The Girl Against Fluoride and were drawn to the campaign.  Undaunted by winter temperature in December 2012, I once again stripped on Grafton Street along with other activists who wished to highlight the fact that we’re being drugged against our will with an unlicensed untested chemical. Luke Ming Flanagan, an Independent TD from Roscommon joined me. Ming objects to us being mass medicated and pointed out that 98% of Europe have either, banned, stopped or rejected water fluoridation. He believes that as the water fluoridation chemicals have now entered the food chain this could have far reaching consequences for our export trade. As fluoride is regarded as a medicine by the European Court of Justice since 2005, it is incumbent on any government to state that foods containing fluoride have medicinal properties. It would therefore be illegal to export our foods as medicinal law takes precedence over food law. Farmers and producers of food using fluoridated water could hold their water provider accountable in law for their losses, if the rest of Europe refuses to buy food that is contaminated with water fluoridation chemicals.

People learning from fun and positivity, has been the hallmark of this campaign. People tend to recoil from the hard hitting health impacts of water fluoridation but they ease into the information through the medium of song, dance and flamboyant events. Paddy Casey has endorsed The Girl Against Fluoride campaign and is writing a song to support the cause. Paddy Casey and Mundy will also take part in a gig to help raise funds for the campaign. Christy Moore has endorsed the campaign and we hope he will join in the fundraiser gig alongside more talented high profile musicians.

Since the February 2013, Hot Press magazine have been covering the fluoride issue at great length running it in the past 9 editions. Hot Press have published evidence to conclusively link the fact that Ireland has the sickest population in Europe to the reality that we are the only country within the EU to engage in a policy of mandatory fluoridation.  All articles are available to read at (search fluoride)

Court case proceedings will be launched this year, The Girl Against Fluoride versus the State. The case will focus on the right to bodily integrity. The case will be similar to the original case of Ryan V the Attorney General in 1963.  Gladys Ryan argued that water fluoridation was mass medication and therefore was unconstitutional. Gladys Ryan lost the case as she was told she could filter her water and access fluoride free water from pumps near her home.

There are no warnings issued to any of the citizens of this country of the side effects of water fluoridation. The Health Service admit it causes dental fluorosis which could mean the state being liable for numerous dental bills in the future. Recent research from Declan Waugh, the environmental scientist from Co.Cork, whose reports have been sent to the Irish government, has examined the impact of water fluoridation on health. Declan Waugh has done what the Irish Expert Body on Fluorides and Health has failed to do, which is to fully examine the impact of the fluoridation chemicals on humans and the environment.  Fluoride is a risk factor in neurological disease as well as other major diseases including hypothyroidism, diabetes and kidney disease.

The overwhelming consensus by dental researchers is that fluoride’s primary effect is topical, not systemic, and that this topical effect occurs after the teeth have erupted into the mouth, not before. There is no need to swallow fluoride, especially during infancy and early childhood. As the US Centres for Disease Control (CDC) stated in 1999 “fluoride prevents dental caries predominately after eruption of the tooth into the mouth, and its actions primarily are topical for both adults and children”.

The Girl Against Fluoride is a PR campaign that was created to draw attention to the water fluoridation issue before the court case. I need public support so that when I go to the high court enough people will exert pressure on the judges sitting on the case.  Paul Connett, former Professor of Chemistry from St Lawrence University in New York and dentist Jim Maxey from the US fully endorse the campaign to remove water fluoridation chemicals from Ireland. I am hoping that more and more celebrities and professionals get on board to draw attention to the water fluoridation issue.

We are being forced to drink industrial grade water fluoridation chemicals that contain contaminants such as lead, arsenic, aluminium, cadmium and mercury. I would like people to do their own research instead of defending their pro fluoride stance. Please review the literature on

Fluoride causes apathy, a lassitude that seems to affect so many Irish people today. Is it any wonder there is little objection to our country’s wealth being siphoned off to bond holders and international bankers? We need energy to rise up and claim what is rightfully ours. A fluoride free Ireland will be the catalyst to our evolution as a nation. 

On the lead up to the court case I need to raise funds to cover the basic expenses of the legal team and also to pay to fly in expert witnesses to testify against fluoride. The Girl Against Fluoride has become more than a campaign. It has become a symbol of hope, of what is possible when we dare to dream and act on those dreams.