Friday, 14 June 2013

Tweepelicious Book Review by Kate Griffith

When Lynn said that she was going to write a book about how to use Twitter, my heart sank.  It did not seem that original.  I was aware of a number of ebooks in particular that were out there already and I myself used to run workshops for people on how to use social media.  I could not see what the angle would be or why it was needed.

Despite my forebodings, I could not have been more wrong about Tweepelicious.  It was packed full of really useful tips.  Some of it was not particularly new but it had passed me by at the time, like the cessation of links between Twitter and Linkedin.  When I first read the book I was still adding hashtag (#in) on the more business-based ones thinking that One thing I appreciate about Lynn’s writing is that she is very thorough.  She researches a topic in-depth before she commits pen to paper.

The other thing that really comes through is how much she is in her element when talking about online presence.  Take the example of automating your twitter feed.  She reviewed all the various applications that you could go with, giving the advantages and disadvantages of using each one pretty much based on her own personal experience of the particular application.  That kind of detail makes it much easier for the end user to choose their application of choice.  Another example of her attention to detail is the effort she put into pulling together the kindle version of the book which is what I have.  She made sure it was stuffed full of hyperlinks so that users could navigate the content more easily.

The book has value for both Twitter newbies and those who have used Twitter more extensively.  It is a rare feat to be able to write for such diverse audiences well.  One of my favourite tips was on how to revive life into your Twitter lists.  Lynn explained that there was an application called refollow which you can use to manage your lists with ease.  This really appealed to me because I set up a number of lists on Twitter when they first came out and then have not done as much with them as I could have done.  A tool like refollow is vital when you have 1000s of followers and want to be able to sift through them quickly and effectively.

I am someone who has never been an out and out fan of promotional marketing because it seems pushy and in your face.  What I most enjoyed about the book was how Lynn weaved in the theory of the 7 Graces into the book showing us how we can use them within social media.  I learnt that it was okay to have a handful of tweets about a blog post that you use more than once as well as in a number of places.  The key to ensure that your followers accept such tweets is to make sure the tweets are relevant to them and that they are well written.  Lynn sees writing a tweet akin to composing a haiku and you can see that is true for her in the care that she takes in putting tweets together.

In short Tweepelicious is a comprehensive guide on how to get the best out of Twitter.  It deals with the basics very well whilst giving those of us who are more experienced with Twitter plenty of food for thought.  On the one hand her advice is one liners like whatever you do don’t use True Twit because it is not a good way to build a relationship with a new follower.  On the other she explains why we need to start addressing ethics in social media – a meaty topic if ever there was one.  I hope this article has aroused your interest sufficiently that you will go out and buy the book if you have not done so already.

By Kate Griffith

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Author Bio My purpose is to help build more values-based organisations and I do that through using a range of tools that I have picked up working in the People and Change practice of a global professional services firm for over 10 years. Implicit in all of this are my spiritual leanings that come from my training in reiki 

Currently my passion is helping individuals, teams and leaders have more mindful dialogue by creating conversations that lead to change. For such conversations to happen it is vital that consideration is given to the environment, the energy of each participant and as a facilitator it is my role to build a safe space to allow the magic to happen. 

Another way that I am helping the emergence of new paradigm businesses is through my role as a Director of the 7 Graces project. We are part way through piloting an online course with 15 participants that explores what owning an ethical business and how to market in a way that feeds society rather than feeds upon it.

As a coach I work with individual clients on specific challenges where they need to have courageous conversations. I facilitate regular Connection through Conversation half day events which is an opportunity for solopreneurs in particular to meet and build deep connection with others. I also run bespoke workshops and do consultancy for organisations.