Thursday, 18 July 2013

Enlightening Times review of Secrets of Asguard by Vincent Ongkowijojo

Secrets of Asguard

An Instruction in Esoteric Rune Wisdom

by Vincent Ongkowijojo

The Secrets of Asguard is a far cry from the usual "how to read runes" that you might find on the shelf of the New Age section in the Bookstore.

It far exceeds its competitors in our opinion because it offers such deep insight into the characters of the runes, the relationships between the runes in terms of psychology and spiritual development, and the mythological and shamanic connotations of rune symbolism in magical application.

Part one of the book is focused on the Author's interpretations of the Futhark Runes, and is illustrated with some beautiful sketches which further enhance the readers understanding of the characters in the runic alphabet.

Part two of the book explores practical applications of rune magic, there are correlations between Chakras and Runes, meditations and exercises for the avid student to use in their rituals and magical workings.

The text is a complete system in which those readers who want to explore much further than the simple understanding, or defining each rune character, will not be disappointed.  Esoteric Rune Wisdom is a must for any serious practitioner of Divination and a wealthy resource for anyone journeying into the realms of the Northern Mythological Traditions and those particularly interested in the applications of practical Magic.

Published by Mandrake Publishing of Oxford.
Review Jade Ashcroft July 2013
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