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The Art of Temperance by Susan Morrish

The Art of Temperance.

Surrounded by a mass of mauve, violet, blue and gold, the central figure holds in front of the heart a beautiful turquoise star. These colours represent the essentially spiritual nature of this [Tarot]card. Representing peace and harmony and that compromises that have been made in order to reach a state of balance; the opportunities taken and the paths followed in order to effect positive spiritual and material change.

Soulscapes Tarot Major Arcana
"Art" - Soulscapes Tarot by Jade Ashcroft
Frequently Temperance is a card of trial and tribulation. In our journey through life we deviate from our original intentions and our higher purpose. Life throws its daily challenges and our responses, constrained by responsibility, are often reactionary rather than well thought out. We may ask ourselves why? Why don’t things work the way we would like or expect? The answer lies deep within us and is driven to the surface in response to adversity. Simply, we have become passengers not drivers in life. External forces have compelled us to realise that we cannot go in the same way and we both need and wish for change. It is the art of tempering, the amalgamation of all our different facets, the art of alchemy that calls to our soul to move on, throw ourselves into the spiritual cauldron and come out reborn.

When this call is heard we can be assured that the change is internally driven and will have a unifying effect on our hearts, our minds, our spirits and soul. We are in balance and can commune with our higher, spiritual selves, bringing enlightenment into our daily lives. The turquoise heart, held in the centre of this card, symbolises clarity of thought, communication, peace, intuition and compassion – the very qualities needed to effect positive change and to maintain that change. We have forged our very own rainbow bridge between spirit and the mundane.

When applied to readings, this card signifies success in relationships, where consideration for our partner is vital to ensure its harmonious continuance. In our everyday work lives it means striking a healthy balance between work and home life, giving in equal measure to both - frequently difficult in our work driven society. In terms of our health, lifestyle and leisure it means taking care of ourselves, to forge a middle path, not to go to extremes and tax our health or our material resources. It teaches us prudence. In terms of career and education, to consider areas where communication and diplomacy skills are requisite, such as journalism, mediation or teaching.

When reversed this card implies that there has been a failure to integrate our higher self or that we have not yet got to the position of internally driven change and are still stuck in old patterns. Failure, arguments and frustration are frequent bedfellows. In this position the card gives us both a warning to change before bad habits are too deeply engrained to be eradicated or that change may be forced upon us, in which case we may well remain passengers in our own journey.

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