Monday, 19 August 2013

A Letter to Number 10 Regarding Child Care Services by Keith Ordinary Guy

We first met Keith last year when he was discussing what he sees as "A War on the Poor in the UK"  and his campaign of A Letter A Day to Number 10. Keith's campaign has continued to pick up speed with his letters always being most relevant to the current stories that are brought to his attention.  This letter was printed last week by Keith and features a subject that is highly emotive and in need of some serious dialogue. In Scotland our government are currently proposing a State Guardian for all children, a prospect which given the current state of affairs, sends shivers down my spine.
If you'd like more information on Keith or if you wish to share any experiences with him regarding the topics discussed in this letter you can get in touch with him here. For now let me leave you with Keith's words to David Cameron.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Children's so called care services and the appalling programme of forced adoption, secret courts and gagging of parents in the UK today is well documented if abysmally under reported. The current figure of nearly 1000 applications per month to take children from their parents is a continuously escalating travesty of justice.
No one can deny the need for child care services but such services must be of the very highest standard and be transparent and above all honest and not a highly lucrative, for profit, industry. It should not be a matter of debate that support to maintain the child/parent relationship should be of paramount importance and yet far too many children are being forcibly separated from their parents for the flimsiest of reasons.
As if all that were not bad enough it now transpires that at least one Tory council is planning to charge parents the costs of such 'child welfare' and even charge the children themselves if they are over 16. I have to wonder, with so many thousands of children being grabbed, how long will it be before social workers start haunting food banks to whisk children away, accusing parents of neglect when the very opposite is true?
The national furore and media circus over baby P was a national disgrace. Such instances are the rarest of exceptions, not the rule, and the escalation of child grabbing since cannot possibly be justified.
On February 24. 2010, you, Gordon Brown and Nick Clegg apologised for the forced deportation to Australia and Canada of 50,000 British children fifty years before and yet this current travesty is carrying on under your very nose.
When will you learn that privatising the state is leading to the utter ruin of the nation? That children are caught up in Tory money grubbing is beyond obscene!