Thursday, 29 August 2013

The People Want Peace

Our hearts are heavy as once again we sit on the brink of war, many have seen the signs coming and believe this to have been orchestrated as part of a bigger Agenda and another tool of de-population by those who are running the show from behind the scenes.  I am devastated too that there has been a chemical attack on the people of Syria but I am not entirely convinced of the official story we are hearing in the West is exactly how it happened. I also believe that the only way to Peace is Peace, not meeting violence with more violence.

Many have taken to the streets already, gathered together to raise their voices as one resounding NO to attacks on Syria. Many more look set to take to their feet this weekend with demonstrations planned in Glasgow, Edinburgh and London and I hope many more.  If there is a demonstration in your area please email the details to and I'll add the details to the post to help spread the word.

Glasgow -  meeting at the Donald Dewar statue at the top of Buchanan Street 12.30pm 31st August 2013

In the meantime if you feel the same way please contact your MP urging them to vote against the attack,you can do this via an online form here

Peace in our hearts, leads to Peace in our World.

Our World has gone mad, yet somehow I’m sane,
Even as I bear witness to misery and pain.
My heart feels heavy with the antics of the mind.
Wondering what happened that stopped us being kind.
Religion, countries, separation, it’s all been manufactured,
Leaving cuts and bruises and a mind that’s badly fractured.
The illusion’s falling away and many, many see,
That everything’s not as simple as it appears to be.
The answers lie inside us, but somehow I don’t know why,
Many turn away as they hear their family cry.
The ocean waves are noisy as Mother Earth roars.
It is time to heal from all our pains and sores.
The darkness is dense now and the one saving grace,
Is that we can change this, by lighting our face.
When the night’s at the darkest and the light’s on within.
We can heal the World by sharing a grin.
The breath of life, is what we all share.
So maybe it’s time we all start to care.
The fate of our future lies in our hands.
So let us lift our voices, and not idly stand.
War is not the answer it never was,
A holy disaster with only one cause.
To generate money for the wealthy few,
Who want to invest in  killing instead of investing in you!
As Eve ate the apple, destiny unraveled,
And so it was deemed by divine gavel.
The tree of knowledge was the served food,
The wisdom of God’s who knew evil and good.
A new World was born, one of duality,,
And now its time to move back to the singularity.
Everything’s connected through the air we breathe,
So let’s get together and give the old ways a heave.
It’s all about vibration, so let us rejoice.
As we teach anew the little girls and boys.
Levels of consciousness is the clue you seek,
As once again we become powerful, no longer weak.
Force is a vibration that creates only despair,
So let’s choose love and show each other we care.
Revenge and retaliation are just a reaction,
Unconscious living, and create only distraction.
It’s time to create from a conscious space,
To stand with the light of love on our face.
We are the miracle, so what are we waiting for?
Let’s get together and say NO MORE WAR!!
Peace is the way, the truth and the light,
Not by flexing our muscles and acting with might.
Stop for a moment and breathe nice and deep.
And then finally humanity may awake from this sleep.
©2013 copyright ~All Rights Reserved Rashelle Reid