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May She Rest in Peace - The NHS is Dead, Long Live the NHS

Obituary Notice


July 5th, 1948 - April 1st 2013 

Affectionately known as NHS to the World 

On the 1st April 2013, quietly and alone in the darkness she was taken from us. In the blink of an eye she was gone, leaving those who loved her and depended on her in complete desolation.

She has been awarded a full State burial as a reward for her years of dedicated service to the people of the UK and no doubt the issues surrounding her death will long be the focus of the public mind. As they ponder how the slow intoxicating poison gained control of her mind and led to her losing pound after pound to Big P in whatever their latest gamble happened to be. She will be sadly missed, some have already said goodbye to the woman they had once known as day by day she'd been slipping out away for years.

A child born in a time of dreams, a teenager in the sixties. It was during her adult years  in the 80's she began to feel the burden of responsibility and even though at times she could be a bit short sighted, she blazed a trail like no other. In later years her more maternal side came along and sometimes the shadow of control would become her cloak. As the years went on she transformed into the sweet gentle grandmother of dreams, but in the wrong company in which she'd certainly fallen she also had the potential to become the nanny from hell. The drunk one without the teeth who wants to slobber all over you and tell you how to live your life, only this nanny has needles and vaccines and other such toxic tools at her disposal.

Her dying wish was to remind all you who take the time to read this and think of her with fondness in your heart. YOU have a say in this..the NHS does not belong to the Government or the British Medical Association, it does not belong to the pharmaceutical companies who supply it, IT BELONGS TO YOU and me and your neighbour and granny and children, and hairdresser and I think you see what I mean.

Our Elected Representatives are simply that "Elected" "Representatives" if they are not representing you, it's up to you to let them know. Some are actually waiting for YOU to give them the push, some have started without you, but let's face it a little nudge in the right direction never hurt anyone.

A dream, an ideology, a desired state of grace.
Yet somehow she was left with egg on her face.
Compassionate, caring, courageous indeed.
If only the World wasn't infected by greed.

It's not too late, an idea lingers on.
I hope we can revive her sweet song.
A change of key, a new harmonic exchange.
With the focus on wellness, just for a change.

Working with our bodies and hearing their tune.
Allowing ourselves to flow with the ebb of the moon.
When the death tolls ring new beginning are near.
It's time for re-birth, a new era is here.

A time when we move away from the fear.
To embrace each other and all we hold dear.
A time when we remember what we'd forgotten,
When we heal what's been at the core rotten.

The power's within us to lead with our heart.
What if together we plan a fresh start.
A focus on healing not more disease.
With poisons on tap and crazy remedies.

We're treating the body like pieces of scrap.
But have we forgot who inhabits it's trap?
A person with feelings not a box to tick.
Dear God, no wonder humanity's sick

The nurses, the doctors are all there to care.
Silenced with their jobs, their voice they can't share.
Opening their eyes to an alternative view.
Starting to see they were fooled too.

Much of the research was hidden from view.
As reps came with "facts" promising miracles for you.
Stressed, over-worked and paying off debt,
Questioning the research is not a safe bet.

Hands tied as ours were, with no informed choice.
Many different voices creating lots of noise.
Selling propaganda and pills much hyped.
Dressed up all dandy, like the snake-oil type.

Let us indulge the lessons wisely and her life not be in vain.
As we once again look at ways to address the misery and pain.
Eyes washed and weary from the grief that's on it's way.
Maybe the alarm sounds the dawning of a new day.

When people question what they are told.
And see through the products they're being sold.
A new day is here, what heralds that change?
The reborn NHS with a fantastic new range.

Imagine a world where illness was rare.
Imagine a world where we all stopped to care.
Imagine it wasn't about gaining a dime.
Imagine co creating a new paradigm.

We see where the hacks cracked the system before.
So let's build a new firewall and close that door.
The alleged murderer has an axe to our throats.
Would you pledge a No Confidence Vote?

Our attention is needed or the consequences are grim.
I beg you to please take the time to look within.
Ask your heart how it feels, do you care?
If so with your MP please your views share.

"The NHS has been killed, murdered, assassinated by a Tory government. The question now is – do we have enough faith to bring it back to life? " Owen Jones, The Independent, 31st March 2013. 

More news on this topic:

Prime Suspect still at large.  Scotland Yard have issued a warrant to question Prime Minister David Cameron about his recent dealings with the deceased. No Suspect has been named at this time, we are expecting an up-date soon. Unfortunately we have been unable to contact the Secret Service as all there agents are currently on missions educating activists on what will occur should they continue down their chosen path, hiring shills, arresting people for peacefully demonstrating their right to protect their land and other such atrocities against humanity.We suspect the prime suspect will have close links with the Secret service and when we hear from one we will hear from the other. Stay tuned for more information on this topic and many more here at the Enlightening Times.

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Book Review - We the Skythians

We the Skythians - The Lie of the Land of Egypt  by David Allan Ritchie.

To be honest I've delayed writing this book review, not because I didn't like it this book but because it is so completely over-whelming in sheer volume and amount of detail that there really aren't words powerful enough to describe it's contents.

What the contents of it's pages could possibly mean for our World I can only imagine at the present time but combine the knowledge in these pages with the work of author's like David Cowan and William Comyss Beaumont and many other emerging authors and the picture begins to take on some real definition. The author encourages his readers to prove him wrong as he provides measurement after measurement unlocking the hidden code of the pyramids and illustrates his point with well referenced and hard to disproof research.

On my first reading, I've only skimmed the surface of understanding and know it is a book I will continue to explore most probably for the rest of my life.  The funny thing is, that even though it's a really challenging read and definitely not for the faint-hearted I am so excited about my next dip in this wondrous ocean. We are living in a time when more and more of our hidden history is revealing itself and this book contains a huge chunk of that puzzle.  From de-coding the pyramids to decoding the bible, David takes you on a Pharaoh's journey like no other.

One of the hottest topics in Scotland and on the lips of many Unionists lips is whether Scotland should become an Independent Nation once again and We the Skythians also has a closer look at the Declaration of Arbroath, something that many Scot's are realising is still relevant in today's World.

For seekers of truth, for seekers of mystery and for those looking for a fresh perspective on our hidden history I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

If you wish to explore Sacred Geometry, the Pyramids and a history you're unlikely to ever find in the history books We the Skythians - The Lie of the Land of Egypt is a quest you might just lose yourself in forever.

Here's a little poem I wrote about the author of this book who describes himself as a drummer and a twat, I have to disagree with him on that point because to me what I see is sheer genius in action, 

The tide has turned, you’ll know what to do.
As you see madness unfold in front of you.
Portals of possibility and infinite potential,
Ascending to Heaven and being multi-dimensonal.
Life as we knew it was all about matter,
Stereotypes, judgement and endless chatter.
At last the depths were revealing themselves,
As I sat on the brink between Heaven and Hell.
3-D to 5-D how would we know,
Is it possible we’ll see the glow?
Not with eyes filtered with fear,
It’s love that makes our vision clear.
The truth was hidden there is no doubt,
As we enter the Golden Age and it all comes out.
The code’s been deciphered and the clues re-written,
And somehow I found myself sitting in Heaven.
Looking in the Master’s eyes I heard the drumbeat to my surprise,
The dance has changed, it’s clear to see.
But where will it lead you and me?
I knew the story had made no sense, but why would he crack it, if it was the end?
A new beginning the choice is here,
Will we choose Love or stay trapped in fear?
The cycles you see are all concentric,
The biggest secret is it's all geometric!

Rashelle Reid All Rights Reserved 2013 

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Progression, suppression, and the driving force of tomorrow. By Richard Gordon

When changes come they often manifest so rapidly that we have little time to comfortably adjust ourselves to the new order of things. The world as we know it is about to go through one of the most monumental periods of change ever experienced.
At this moment in time, as well as the current attempts by various governments to censor and control information, (which I’ll come to later), it would appear that new technologies are about to lead us down a dangerous path. This will not only involve the reinvention of the way that the world trade and financial markets work, but also how you, the consumer, purchases a major percentage of the goods that effect your daily life.

The greatest driving force behind the changes we will be facing is the invention of 3D printing. If you’ve not come across this process as yet, you may be more familiar with the replicators that are often portrayed in science fiction movies and if you find the concept of objects being materialized to order a little far-fetched, then think again, the first consumer 3D printers are already on sale. If you doubt that you’ll ever own one the prediction is, that within a very few years everyone will either own one themselves or know someone who has one.

These first commercially available machines are basically capable of producing plastic based products such as cups, bowls, lamp bases, pen shafts, and will shortly be followed by more advanced machines and compound substances that have very few product or material limitations. The process itself works by bonding layer after layer of atoms from a composite powdered compound, using powerful laser based computer technology. You can use a template, create your own design or scan an item to produce a digital matrix of what you want to produce. The finished product will be identical to the original item down to a few microns and can astonishingly involve moving parts.

Beyond these plastic printing models the industrial versions have moved several steps further. Jewellery manufactures are already using machines to print items such as rings from suspended gold solution, super powered solar cells which were previously impossible to produce can now be created from 3D digital models, medical implants can be printed, such as a joint created for a perfect fit. It appears that there is no end to the applications that this technology can and will be adapted towards.

At first sight this new technology appears to offer endless benefits to humanity, and make no mistake it really is amazing. Yet, as being the case with many new inventions of the past, there is often a downside in the form of a hidden agenda from the powers that be and their need for us to all embrace the new technology. 
Whilst we are busy bathing in the glory of our new toy I believe it will trigger a series of events that may lead to unemployment on a worldwide scale, extreme poverty and even starvation. This isn’t going to happen overnight but rather over a period of several years or even decades. It all comes down to supply and demand: the demand for products will remain intact whilst in time the supply chain will go into total collapse.

A simple example of how technology can affect the workforce is the self-service tills that are now found in most large supermarkets. My local supermarket now has 10 of these new tills with only one server to help process the shopping, and as such the machines have replaced several people.

Now, if we take the case of 3D printing, three to four products, which you may have previously purchased from a store or the Internet, can now be created in your home within a two day period at something like 20% of the cost of the commercially produced item. It then just becomes a case of doing the maths. 
Printing products at home will cut out the need for retail, manufacture and transport costs thereby ending the need to commercially produce certain products. This will result in factories and the shops that sell their produce shutting down, and the retail shops that manage to stay in business will have a vastly reduced number of products to peddle which will lead to unemployment. The immense knock on effect of this will be then passed onto the shipping and haulage companies who will have no products to transport, and people who work in these industries will also find themselves suddenly redundant.

Take this to a worldwide scale and we can see that countries such as China or South Korea, which have been amounting vast wealth due to export goods, may end up with a mostly redundant workforce other than those working within the electrical or clothing markets. And even the electrical markets are under attack as it is hypothesized that in a very short time it will be possible to print items such as mobile phones.
In China many rural areas were abandoned some years ago and left to waste by the people in favour of working for an increased rate of income at the inner city factories. This then famously resulted in the worldwide rice shortage. I can’t help wondering what will become of many of these people if the factories do indeed cease trading, are they really going to be able to fit back into the farming life they once lived, or even have homes to return to? The resulting mass state of unemployment would likely lead towards a very bleak future indeed.

So we come to the question of, given that the above scenario is a probability, why would the governments choose to push on with the promotion of this technology?
The answer appears to be related to creating a self-inclusive trading system within the countries involved, creating a financial crutch for the involved currencies. In other words, as the governments involved have already come to the realisation that the demand for import or export has ceased to become viable, it has become important to keep any expenditure by the public consumer within the boundaries of their own nation and monetary system.
This will be achieved in part via the move from a product based economy towards the sale and production of raw materials for the printers, and as is the case for many people I know who use a printer, I’m quite sure that they will end up printing off products that they don’t really need, mainly due to the low production cost. It isn’t a case of making things more affordable, nor our quality of life, it’s all about producing a demand for the required raw materials and turning a profit. As such, it becomes quite clear why nations such as China are busy making mining deals within Africa, raw materials and their related stock prices are most likely about to rocket. 
So, that’s a little information about where things may be going, but that’s not the whole story, we then need to understand the implications of the attempt to suppress information and the alleged suppression of our physical selves.

There are many links on the Internet suggesting that fluoride is being utilized as some kind of mass medication within society as a method of dumbing down intellectual perception. One thing for sure is that fluoride and calcium deposits are known to bond themselves to the pineal gland within the brain, creating a hard shell around it, sharks teeth are made from a natural form of fluoride so you can imagine how tough this coating is.

The pineal gland is often referred to as the third eye, or the seat of the soul, although it has a rather mysterious function of which we know very little. Most Mystics believe that it may be a receiver for universal information or is at least linked to psychic abilities, so this also brings up the question of whether this is a move to halt or at least slow down the rate of human development or potential? As there appears to be little evidence that fluoride has any effect in the least towards protecting our teeth and is known to reduce intellect we can only assume that it is indeed being administrated for this very reason. The Israeli Supreme Court has ruled that due to health concerns in 2014 they will become one of the first countries to ban fluoridation of its water; I think this fact speaks for itself.
We then come to the UK government’s outrageous proposal towards the censorship of esoteric material on the Internet. If you’ve not heard of this, basically they aim to fit a filtering system to the internet, which will also block pornography, extreme slimming sites and many others including sites including esoteric content. It will be presented to us in the guise of being a move towards protecting the young and vulnerable, but as all computers come with parental controls we can just about discount this as being even slightly a viable reason. If the filters are put in place you will have no option other than to contact the server in order to ask them to switch of the individual filters, if not the websites will simply not show in your search, no matter what your age.

The problem I see with this, other than being an infringement upon our human rights, is down to what they categorise as being esoteric information, it could potentially block mystical based artwork, meditation groups, spiritual groups, suppliers of pagan goods, pagan themed shops and businesses, in fact the list of what it may block out is endless.
Whilst there may be some real concerns in regards towards pornography being viewed by the underage, putting a blanket block on esoteric sites appears to be very out of place within this proposed list. Of late I’ve read several comments from well-known occultists proposing different reasons why they believe the block on esoteric sites is being proposed. My favourite is that there is some great mystical secret, hidden by the ancients within the architecture of their ancient temples or art, linking several well-known religions together, and that the blocking of related sites is an attempt to prevent anyone from putting the pieces of the puzzle together (Actually if that is the case they are too late as it is the very subject of the book I’m working on!)

I personally believe that it’s an attempt to block radical, mystical or original thinkers from sharing their ideas, information or views in regards to reality and the state of the world in general. Alongside this is an attempt to remove from the mainstream alternative related faiths such as pagan or mystical belief systems. It will be hard for someone starting out on the path to find any relevant information. Our libraries are being shut and most people now buy books online or for reading devices and this law will block esoteric books also. Will the filters block out the major religious Christian sites in the world? I would guess the answer would be a resounding no!

One thing that I would say is certain is that if this policy is brought in within the UK, then I would see it as a model of what may be coming to your country soon thereafter. 
© 2013 Enlightening Times All Rights Reserved.


Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Updates on the Girl Against Fluoride

Please join me in Whelan's Bar (25 Wexford St, Dublin 2) on Monday 24th March at 8pm for a fluoride presentation with a difference. I will be joined by other activists who will make the audience think while they are laughing, as they discuss the real life issues that are prevalent in Ireland today.

Although we are all comedy first-timers we're not being thrown completely unprepared into the ring. We'll have spent the previous weekend being trained for stand-up by revolutionary comedian, Aidan Killian, and spoken-word genius, Dave Rock.

Among the participants are Adrienne Murphy, Hot Press Journalist who has been reporting on the fluoride issue for over a year and author Thomas Sheridan whose understanding of psychopathology has given us an insight into the mind-set of the water fluoridationists. Join us and many more for what promises to be a night of rebellious humour whose aim is to bring together the game changers for the Ireland we want to live in.

The cost is €7 on the door or €5 to book online ( ) The event host is Aidan Killian.

All proceeds go to The Caoimh Connolly Trust – providing therapy and care for an intensely autistic ten-year-old boy from Dublin. Watch a 3-minute film about Caoimh and why he needs help here:

I look forward to seeing lots of campaign supporters at this event. Standing up for humanity can be fun.


The Girl Against Fluoride's Christmas Party.

On Thursday the 5th December, The Girl Against Fluoride Christmas party will take place at 7.30pm, in Jack's Music Club, DCI Social Club, 43 Upper Georges Street, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin. Free admission. MC for the night is the delectable comedian Aidan Killian. At the party I will give a brief talk about the latest events of the campaign, after which you will be entertained by a line-up of live bands. This is sure to get you into the Christmas spirit.  

To date we have sold 600 calendars. We need to sell 3,000 for the court case to go ahead. The calendars, retailing at 10 euro, make a great stocking filler and awareness raising tool as they contain, not only beautiful images, but facts about the risks of fluoridation in each month. They are a means to get the information about the Irish fluoride problem, into people's homes. They will be available to purchase at this event. I really hope to see lots of you at the party, especially those who were unable to attend the launch party of the Naked Calendar. 

For those of you who are unable to attend, the calendars can be bought online for 12 euro including p&p on Politically we have reached a cul-de-sac as, on the 12th of November, all three main political parties in Ireland voted to keep fluoride in the water. Our only chance now is the court case which requires public support. 

Thank you. 

I look forward to seeing you there.

The Girl Against Fluoride 

If you wish to support The Girl Against Fluoride and the campaign to remove the fluoridation from Ireland's drinking water you can donate here or to purchase your Naked Calender click here. Stay up to date with all the latest news from the campaign here at the Enlightening Times magazine on Facebook and The Girl Against Fluoride on Facebook.

Previously from The Girl Against Fluoride...

More and more people have become aware of the fluoride issue through the efforts of the Girl Against Fluoride campaign. Various presentations and stunts around Ireland coupled with the awareness from social media has increased the numbers of people who are getting behind this campaign. This Summer, a protest was held outside Chemifloc by the Girl Against Fluoride team and her many supporters. Armed with colourful banners the crowd marched upon the plant where water fluoridation chemicals are stored, to be later distributed throughout the country. Chemifloc- Chemicals for the Flock was an apt message on one of the banners. The response from the staff was they were not breaking the law as they’d been given the contract to fluoridate the water supplies from the government. In other words they are protected by the law. 

Aisling Fitzgibbon, aka The Girl Against Fluoride was honoured to have been chosen by Image magazine for their August edition as one of six women in Ireland today who are working to create positive change. It highlighted her efforts to change public opinion about a policy that had been foisted for the most part on an unsuspecting public. This was a golden opportunity to reach a large platform of women who are interested in their health and the health of their children. 

The Girl Against Fluoride, along with Declan Waugh, the environmental scientist who has been working on exposing the Irish fluoridation candal for the past two years, presented to a group of Ministers and Senators in Leinster House in July. Brian Stanley, the Minister who proposed a bill to ban water fluoridation, hosted the meeting that has at least begun the political debate, lacking until now.  Aisling’s speech concluded with her telling the Ministers they have left her with no other option than to take a court case against the State. This could of course be pre- empted if water fluoridation was withdrawn but it seems that the political will to do so is not present. Academics who have invested their careers in the water fluoridation policy and have been duly rewarded with numerous grants to uphold that policy are not likely to admit they were wrong. Emmett Stagg, the Labour Party Whip was adamant that any bill to end water fluoridation would have to be a cross party effort. Senator Mary O’Brien attributed her healing from M.E. to following a healing regime that included non-fluoridated water. 

Although the science behind the water fluoridation policy has largely been debunked by Declan Waugh, it is obvious that this policy is not going to end without a court case. To this end the Girl Against Fluoride campaign has to raise 30,000 euro to cover the costs of expert witnesses. The team hope to get some of the money from the sale of their Naked Calendar due to be launched the end of October. The Naked Calendar is comprised of a cross section of women, babies and men from all over Ireland who willingly stripped to highlight the water fluoridation problem in Ireland. 

To support this very worthwhile cause and to see some very beautiful and thought provoking images, please contact the site to place an order for your calendar. It is retailing at ten euro.

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Our Life Story: A Book Of Scars by Miguel Marques

Our Life Story: A Book Of Scars

by Miguel Marques

Something happens and we break. We hurt. But life has a hack of moving on. And, one way or another, we start the long and painful process called healing. With luck, we will heal in such a way that no one can pinpoint the experience we just had. Normally, we will have something to remind us of the experience we just went through. A memory. A story. A scar. We call that learning. And we just move on, but this scar continues to be there. 
Life goes on and other experiences will get imprinted. Little by little, the adjustments made to our way of being, to ourselves will take its tool. Slowly, our bodies, our minds and even our personality will start to show the effects of all this learning. The scars to our initial condition will multiply and become more visible. And we start to wonder: “Did we heal properly or could we have done a better job?”

Alchemy of the Soul from the Esoteric Art Collection
A long time ago, I used to defend the possibility of no-memory. The possibility of experiencing everything for the first time, without any of its consequences ending up imprinted in our minds. Imagine a world where every chocolate ice cream you would eat would feel just like the first. Where there wouldn’t exist any bad memories and we could always look at anything with that sense of marvel possessed by the innocent. Of course we might also relive the same bad experiences over and over again, unnecessarily hurting ourselves. However, I didn’t see that as a disadvantage. You see, I had a photographic memory and as such, I would, naively, entertain the possibility of no-memory. This went on for such a long time, that my memory started to deteriorate, something I came to welcome, as I no longer had to remember every single detail of my life.

In time, I came to value experience. And stories. And how those things shaped our lives, for better or worse. Through my own wishes and expectations, I came to understand the power and the use of memory. Again, time passed and I wished for my memory to return again. Slowly, very very slowly, it started to return. Nowadays, I still don’t have the memory I had before, even though it has improved greatly.

This experience, along with some others of the same kind, led me to the conclusion that our bodies/minds/souls can adapt to any type of conditioning we impose on them. And, if the need arises, can also revert to a previous condition.

This came as a surprise as I tend to dismiss the concept of regeneration. Mainly because I seem to see regeneration as a recreation of the original conditions, where adaptability or learning find no place whatsoever. When dealing with these experiences, I would prefer words like “healing”, or “adaptation”. Maybe “evolution”, “transformation” or “change”. I would take the view that every single part of us changes constantly all the time, even when we don’t realize it.

I started to see our lives as stories. Living, mutable stories. Stories which we would write until our last day, with every line influencing everything that came before and that would come next. And I came to understand the power of scars. Of those marks we get from learning to navigate through life. And to value those scars for reminding us of what we had to learn.

Of course some of the events we end up experiencing hurt us in some way. The scars they leave hurt for a very long time, when not forever. But even those, or specially those, have their use. They might probably turn out to be the most important ones, as they allow us the chance to grow, to push our boundaries and when things are long past and dust and forgotten, to remind us of where we came from and of how much we are capable of when we set our minds to it.

Tlazolteotl, an aztec goddess also known as “The Eater of Filth”, rules over midwifes, sin, sex and witchcraft. But she was also known as the goddess of purification and a goddess of childbirth. People devoted to her would most likely become great magicians. Or maybe prostitutes. Their lives would feel like hell, always tossed around like a piece of garbage. However, this exposure to the worst humanity had to offer would make them grow up strong and free from corruption. Just like their patroness, they would lead their lives taking all that’s rotten and dirty and turn it into the purest gold. As living alchemical crucibles.

Naturally, we don’t have to work with such a goddess. In fact, very few people actually can work with her energy. But even so, we can use her example and try to make the most of everything we have lived. To take it and transform it as something useful. Our life story, our very own book of scars, can then be seen as the most complete magickal grimoire we will ever put our hands into. A tale of complete transformation, shaped in blood, pain, happiness and wonder, which describes our personal alchemical operation and where every detail is inscribed in ourselves.

© 2013 All Rights Reserved 

Monday, 16 September 2013


After years of traveling, I am convinced that all people want to be free, happy and live a good life that is fulfilling and satisfying. The greater question is how to accomplish this? How do empower the best life? How do Hope, Fear and Power play into life?
Two months after the devastating loss of the “19 Hot Shots” many are redefining their lives and moving into a time without these young, strong vibrant individuals that were consumed one unsuspecting day. As people still mourn this loss, they remain dedicated to holding the memory of their lives and dreams into the future.

Devastations in life like all we face in today’s world, give us the opportunity to reflect on the current and past to redefine our future. Being raised by a psychoanalyst who now consults for the government on world dynamics and a lawyer who now consults about early history while practicing as metaphysician myself, I cannot help looking into the meta-messages and the entangled underlying deep patterns to determine the best steps forward.

Being new to Prescott, Arizona, my research scratched beneath the surface of “Everyone’s Hometown” to reveal some interesting facts. Obviously the indigenous native cultures lived and thrived on these lands for many years before the “Whiteman” showed up to claim the land as their own. This resulted in endless actions like “Wounded Knee” where right now people like Johnny Depp and other tribal groups are trying to restore and heal the events of the past. 
The miners arrived here in 1830, though the town did not make its mark until the 1860s when “Joe Walker” discovered gold. This fame brought the cowboys, prospectors and elite to the area. At that time, Lincoln decided to take the gold from the mountains around Prescott to finance the Civil War. Orders were given to kill all resisting as all natives were rounded up and relocated. Most natives lost their lives in this process. The claim was for “The Greater Good”. My relocation from the Manassas Battlefields of the Virginia countryside, I understood the struggle of the war between the North and South well. Prescott became the capital of the territory. The town boomed and is still a world destination today. 
The courtyard square surrounded by many colleges, international establishments, diverse groups, and being a great place to retire, Prescott is known for its extreme and divided principles of conservative and liberal, young and old, and all other dualistic natures. There seems to be a symbiotic dance going one over who will remain in control and who has to submit. Prescott’s Whiskey Row is known for being haunted with tragic ghost stories, again validating the repeated stories of loss and devastation as life goes on.

A couple weeks ago someone stated that I had an interesting assortment of current friends and associates. This started me to think about my own life and the relationships I had developed since moving to town. My hopeful move resulted in a horrendous divorce battle causing much pain and suffering over the last year. Though the people I have surrounded myself with are all very dynamic and working very hard to create a better life given much strife, they are mostly connected with the thriving yet unadvertised business of “Recovery” here in Prescott. If the locals not affiliated with the colleges, retirees, tourism or services, they are in the recovery industry, which is reliant on the nature of a victim being victimized. Here’s the pattern again.

Finally here was the answer to the question, how does all this fit together? This town though has an amazing spirit to overcome and grow beyond, has an underlying suffrage that keeps a deep muck from real renewal and healing. To succeed takes great strength, dedication and hard work. It’s a constant struggle.

I see this local microcosm as reflective of our world macrocosm. The trappings of the world events that occurred repeatedly over and over keeping us in this victim cycle sharing roles as victim, persecutor and savior. Over and over again, we are spending our time protecting our position and making sure to keep others in theirs, so we can continue this endless cycle. The struggle is too great and will continue until each of us finally stop and say “NO MORE!” The world systems put each of us into one of these rolls allowing others to maintain theirs. The only choice is to stop, but how?
To become free and live into our happiness and empowered future, we have to break these cycles. My thesis in metaphysics was on the upside down and inside out state of these current times in every aspects of life today. My dissertation and current case study research is on how we use practical metaphysics in daily live to release our past and to empower our future. By navigating beyond the limitations to not only recover and overcome, we instead build lives from our greatest source of creativity, love and joy. We are empowered and proud of ourselves and our world. My focus is to empower those who are looking for a better way, so that they can be more of who they are and live into a better future.

This is the rejuvenation we are seeking after such much devastation. We have the choice to change from being “Hopeless with no Power” letting the “Fear of the Powerful” control us and the world to embracing our DREAMS and living into our HOPE, thus EMPOWERING our future. There is no room for fear here. This is the real choice.

This new life stems from our hopeless past. This path builds a stronger and more solid foundation bringing forth the fruits of our best selves. This starts with you, with me and each one of us. Let this fire spark the loss of the past into the abundance of the future, releasing the endless cycle of the victim’s devastation. Stand up and live into your brightest future.

Rev. Deborah Sue Pomeroy
©2013 copyright ~All Rights Reserved 

 Center of Brilliance
PO Box 12252 Prescott, Arizona
Someday after mastering winds, waves, tides and gravity, we shall harness the energies of love, and then, for the second time in the history of the world, man will discover fire!” Teilhard de Chardin

Magic of the Northgate by Josephine McCarthy

Magic of the Northgate

Josephine McCarthy


Magic of the North Gate is a focused look at magic that involves the body, the land, the living and the dead. Written for magicians/occultists, pagans, priests and priestesses, this book looks in depth at the techniques, contacts, methods and ritual actions that can be undertaken when approaching Earth Magic. 

Working with land spirits and faery beings, building shrines, living in a magical home, working with the magical elements, connecting with ancient deities, working with ancestral burials, understanding and living with resident ghosts, weaving power, plus learning how to connect and work with storms, are just some of the magical mysteries contained within the North Gate.
Forward by Frater Acher
Josephine McCarthy is a seasoned occultist and author living in the Dartmoor National Park UK. She has taught and led magical groups in the USA and UK for over twenty years and has written a variety of books on magic/occultism including the Magical Knowledge trilogy, the Exorcists
 Handbook and The Work of the Hierophant.

PO Box 250

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The Reality of Time by Marian Matthews

When looking at esoteric topics I always look first at any underlying  science. It is amazing how often that scientific explanations begin to look possible for even the most alternative view of the real nature of the universe. To this end a Daily Telegraph headline grabbed my attention just a few weeks ago. It said   “Is it time to rewrite the laws of physics ?

To me this was actually a play on words because the article was actually discussing the physics of the concept of time itself. Unsurprisingly this is a topic that has been debated for thousands of years. Is it fixed? Does it actually exist or not? Is it linear or does everything happen at the sametime and we just perceive it to be linear?
I was surprised to realise that what is considered the alternative view of time, that linear time it is actually illusion, was actually the physicists mainstream view.
That is, as Einstien said,
” Physicists believe the separation between past, present, and future is only an illusion, although a convincing one.”
Lee Smolin has written a book, Time Reborn, refuting this view. He feels that time is a fundamental reality of the universe, and without it, too many of the big questions of physics are  left unanswerable.
Different views
  • Sir Isaac Newton- felt that time was absolute and marches on regardless of the doings of the stuff of the universe.
  • Einstein thought that that was wrong. He saw time and space as part of an interwoven fabric; the presence of matter changes both, stretching the fabric like a weight on a sheet.
What could be going on?
The truth is that on an every day basis we feel that we are moving through time in an ordered manner. Things decay and change or come into existence around us. There are laws of physics, thermodynamics in particular, such as entropy ( or disorder) which means particles behave in a manner to give us that impression. Smolin points out that we do not know why these laws are as they are, or why the universe should have started the way it did.
The big picture
This may seem a very academic debate, but the principle does matter. If time is an illusion and it all happens at once then the future may be fixed, as it has already happened. If time is linear, then we cannot absolutely predict, unless we are really sure of all the rules of physics and the universe, which we are not, what the future will hold. Only time, in both senses, will tell which is the correct theory. 
A most important factor in this is our understanding of time. That is, why does the mechanics of it actually matter? Time is just time after all. How does the knowledge of its true nature impact our everyday lives?

Obviously if we understand time as linear, going in a straight line, indeed it would be impossible to cope with life any other way. The alternative view, held by many spiritualist thinkers, and by some high level physicists, is that everything is happening simultaneously and we just perceive it to be linear as we live our lives.

Although it makes no difference to us on a daily basis for the big picture of reality this is a vital difference. Put simplistically, if time is non linear then the future has already happened. If true this has massive implications for our journey though life and our assumptions of free will. Could this be why some people can see the future? What do you think?
By Marian Matthews
© 2013 All Rights Reserved

Letters from Generation RX: Film by Kevin P Miller


You or loved one is suffering under the diagnosis of ADHD, bipolar, schizophrenia, or depression. You’ve done everything the doctors have instructed – from a mind-boggling array of medications to perhaps even an aggressive regimen of electro-convulsive therapy, but you or your loved one continues to slip further into darkness.

You are frightened – fearful of the life you – or they may have to lead.
What would you do – accept the condition as fait accompli, or search the world to find a cure?
It is a question millions face every day.

In his previous film, Generation Rx, international award-winning writer/director Kevin P. Miller explored how frighteningly narrow the treatment options are, and why the science being used as the rationale for treating millions with mental health conditions often falls so desperately short. Miller’s work prompted famed Hollywood Director Paul Haggis, the only person in the past half century to win an Academy Award® in consecutive years, to endorse his groundbreaking film. But more importantly, Miller received thousands of letters from real people: mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers of those who had labored under the influence of psychiatric drugs for many years.

It was then that he decided to produce one final documentary on the topic, and call it Letters From Generation Rx — in homage to the thousands who wrote to him following the release of Generation Rx.

The new film is designed to spur an international conversation about mental illness, and to exorcise any unnecessary fears that ADHD, bipolar, and other mental health diagnoses may have wrought. Miller spent two years interviewing some of the world’s most respected researchers, MDs, journalists, politicians, and academics, and focused on dozens of others whose lives became inextricably linked to the medications they were prescribed. In doing so, the director features a breathtaking array of stories, from those who lost it all – to those who came back from the brink of agony and angst and desperation to a place of true wellness.

Miller’s conclusion: there is hope for those suffering, and it may not lie in the toxic elixirs we have come to know by name. Rather, there are remedies and therapies being overlooked, to our detriment.
While the film does include stories of violence and addiction – a side effect of both the illnesses and the medications prescribed to treat them – Miller weaves together an astonishing tapestry of highly personal stories from those who overcame the worst that mental illness could dish out, but who still made their way to wellness.

In the end, Letters From Generation Rx could change how many of us view mental health. By employing powerful personal stories and credible, easy-to-understand science, the film shows how the cavalier use of psychotropics created an avalanche of unintended medical and societal consequences — and why the use of less invasive methods often combats the worst mental illness can dish out.

Letters From Generation Rx is where darkness meets light and science meets truth. Like Generation Rx before it, this film will be essential viewing for those interested in an intelligent conversation about both the causes of mental illness and the treatments that are being deployed in the latest battle for the brain.

Kevin P. Miller is an international award winning Writer, Producer and Director whose films The Promised LandThe War WithinKids in Crisis and more have won numerous international Film and Television awards. Academy Award® winner Paul Haggis called his film Generation Rx “a powerful and often chilling eye-opener

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Interpretation of the Death Tarot Card = 13 by Lynda Stevens

Death (Tarot Card) - Number 13

The Death card in the Major Arcana corresponds to the number 13, as if to underscore its lurid reputation for the faint-hearted. James Bond-style movies must surely have a lot to answer for, where to receive this card during poker at high noon does tend to be followed by a nasty demise for its recipient!

This may be why the card has been given what appears to be euphemisms in some more recently published packs with names like "close" or "regeneration". The creator of this deck respects views such as these, but still believes the whole subject may better lose its sting only where it is exhumed into the light of day.

Astrologically, this card corresponds to the sign Scorpio, which does in fact "rule" the mysteries of birth, sex and death - all of which tend to be taboo subjects. The pumpkin in the top left panel is a reminder that the festival Halloween occurs while the sun - the life giver - is in this sign. This is precisely when the life force in nature appears to have departed, leaving behind only the dead leaves and the old shells, of which the pumpkin is one. The ghouls, ghosts and vampires which refuse to rest in peace as they should, perhaps to reflect the fear that nothing may ever come to take their place, and that these creatures themselves may fear that there is no other future for them beyond their vicarious twilight zone of unbeing. This is Death at its most gothic.

The Perennial Wisdom, however, has always perceived hope, while the angst of the years preceding the millennium has only recognised its absence. Spring then will always follow the encroaching winter, the awakening will follow the hibernation, the butterfly hatch from the pupa - shown in the top right panel. What may seem like death is really only the necessary prelude to the transformation that will follow, if only we have faith during the long wait in between.

This, in ordinary situations, may be a very difficult thing to do. The Grim Reaper's scythe may demand a total, clean sweep of things, but it is something from which many people will hold back. The spectre of the big death may well hide behind the fear of the small deaths everybody has to make in life, as they leave one stage of development for another.

In other words, Death is really about change, and the subsequent fear of it. The latter may be reflected in one individual's fear of leaving home, another's reluctance to discard the habits of a lifestyle they may have outgrown, or the mother who refuses to attend her daughter's wedding.

The rewards, however, are great whenever the individual does cut away the dead wood in their life. A move to a new location may indeed involve some sadness over the bonds that may be left behind, for example, but the conditions have been created for the individual to carve out a new and more satisfying future.

It should be obvious by now that Death takes that process of letting go further than does the Hanged Man. The Death card can have a powerfully purgative effect on an individual's life, ruthless stripping away those ties and beliefs which no longer serve any great use. For those who want radical change in their lives, the Death card is an enormously positive factor once its process is understood.

By Lynda Stevens
©2013 copyright ~All Rights Reserved 

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Fusing Tarot and the Body by Miriam Jacobs

Fusing Tarot and the Body

By Miriam Jacobs

Tarot can give us tremendous insight, clarity and affirmation about what we already know. Polarity Therapy is a holistic integrative healing art that balances life energy in the body. It addresses 4 components: bodywork, exercise, nutrition, and communication skills. Both Polarity and Tarot are processes that provide meaning and direction to one's life. When fused by astrological and chakra references, together they bring about a profoundly deep healing – both physical and even emotional. 

Polarity Therapy is based on the 5 universal elements, as is the Tarot. The connection to the first 4 are traditionally;

Air - Swords
Fire- Wands
Water - Cups
Earth - Pentacles

The 5th representing Ether is the Major Arcana which I’ve taken poetic license with. When I laid out the chart below I was blown away by even more connections. All 2,3 & 4s astrologically were cardinal signs, all 5,6 & 7s were fixed, and all 8,9 & 10s were mutable, perfectly aligned with Polarity’s suggested type of touch. 

The Cards chosen may tell us where to contact the body and what type of touch to use, and a suggested practice to balance and integrate the lessons of the Tarot. Incorporate whatever practice from a particular card(s) that you are drawn to into your daily mindful practice.

Major Arcana cards have meditative practices. Minor Arcana cards have yoga-like exercises and Court cards have art practices.



Empress III

Astrological: Taurus – fixed Earth Anatomy: neck

Touch: light and off the body

Practice: Breathe into your heart. Feel love for Mother Nature.

Eight of Wands/Fire

Astrological: Sagittarius - mutable fire Anatomy: thighs

Touch: deep and dispersing

Practice: Creates action - Bend your knees and slightly pitch forward at the hips. With your palms on the top of your thighs, sweep your palms downward towards your knees. Make a loud fiery “RAM” sound.

Queen of Air

Astrological: all Air signs Anatomy: shoulders, kidneys, ankles

Touch: all

Practice: Dance in free form or with flowing scarves.

"I have been reading Tarot cards for over twenty-five years. Since I found them so effective in making decisions that I began to include Tarot in my bodywork sessions. The brief readings help affirm my clients' experiences, differentiating and integrating their thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations. I realized there was a more expansive and expressive way to use the Tarot. This inspired me to create a unique and comprehensive deck. The images are digital collages. I found inspiration for the images included in the Polarity Wellness Tarot everywhere: in nature, in sculpture, in yard sales and junk shops."

Miriam Jacobs, IPE, CMT, BFA is the creator of the first somatic Tarot deck Polarity Wellness Tarot that provides a Tarot-body connection. Her book on Tarot and the Chakras, with Schiffer Publishing LTD. is due out in 2014.

After a successful career as a visual artist Miriam found herself drawn to the healing arts and began her formal studies in 1989. She trained at the Polarity Wellness Network in New York City and was certified by American Polarity Therapy Association. She received certification in Swedish Esalen massage from the McKinnon Institute in 1996.

Miriam helps people to change through bodywork sessions and Tarot card readings. At times she combines them. Her practice is in California’s San Francisco Bay Area. She is also available for workshops, Tarot parties and over the phone readings.

Miriam Jacobs Oakland, CA, USA
©2013 copyright ~All Rights Reserved

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All We are Saying is Leave the Earth Alone

The tide has turned and the ocean roars as a new day dawns on the face of Britain, where we go from here is anyone's guess but it really does feel as though we're sitting on the brink heading either straight to a self-induced hell or a more heavenly experience for all of us and no matter how you look at it there's work to be done especially if we wish to save our Planet from ourselves for future generations. 

As I watch the following video I have tears in my eyes, I am so proud of those who have stood up for all of us, because no matter what you may think, if you are on this Planet and particularly here in the UK at this time, Fracking affects you.  This pride in my fellow man however is dampened by the absolute shock that our Police force are being used against those they are supposed to serve. The arrest of a 14 year old girl which is included in this video strikes me as being a tactic which shows how far they will go to inspire fear and maintain control.

I can hardly believe the audacity of the UK  government  if anyone is left in any doubt after the recent behaviour from Westminster then surely the Fracking fiasco at Balcombe Bay must be the thing to wake you up.
 It's been dubbed The Battle of Balcombe and rightfully so as the War on Consciousness continues, with the ultimate casualty being the hearts and minds of everyone involved. At the present time our Government have decided to offer the best financial deal for Fracking in all the World, why when the people so adamantly are telling them no? What is Fracking and why is it so Controversial? "Fracking is short for hydraulic fracturing. It's a water intensive process when millions of gallons of fluid - typically water, sand and chemicals, including ones known to cause cancer - are injected underground at high pressure to fracture the rock surrounding an oil or gas well.  this releases extra oil and gas from the rock, so it can flow into a well." Click the link below to learn more about Fracking.

At the present time Cuadrilla the company at the heart of Fracking, (does it have a heart I wonder) are applying for new licenses to drill for oil in Lancashire and plan to re-open their Fracking operations within weeks. For a list of the places which have licenses here in the UK visit Here in Scotland in June there were reports that Fracking would not be happening but David Cameron has set the ball rolling again as he continues to try and get the the whole of the UK to be open to this deal, selling it as being good for the economy.  Though I'm not sure what good the economy will be when we've destroyed our land and our health. Dart Energy the only company (so far) with permission to exploit resources using fracking, have a license to begin releasing up to 4 tonnes per day from test wells on the site at Airth,, near Falkirk So far Fracking has been associated with polluted water, an increase in disease particularly cancer and also has been related to cows tails falling off and these are only the short term consequences.  It will be a while before we can be sure of the long term consequences and at a time when re-generation and renewable sources of energy should be at the height of our discussions, this insane venture is hogging centre stage. As always I wish to remind you that we have the power to create change in any direction we want so if Fracking is not the solution you wish our energy to be invested in please add your name to the petition and put pressure on your MP and Parliament to end the insanity now.

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