Thursday, 12 September 2013

Are Academic's Guilty of Blind Faith?

In the week where many take time to reflect on the life's lost on and since September 11th 2001, it is the perfect time to raise the question Are Academics Guilty of Blind Faith?

The following video explores the issues that have been highlighted by the discussions and sometimes lack of discussions regarding major events within our World.  There is no doubt we are living in times when propaganda is being used as a tool against the masses.  It is used to keep those hiding in the shadows from being uncovered, to push agendas that are questionable and to hide lie after lie. Never has this been seen with such clarity as it has in relation to Ground Zero where anyone who dared question the "official" story has been branded some kind of conspiracy nut.

Mind manipulation and the threat of being excluded from the Academic field that they are part of, not to mention the threat of job loss and an end to what could be a lifetime of work keep many from speaking out and now we are seeing this type of intimation tactic used again and again, most recently in regards to anyone who is on benefits being labelled "scroungers" by the political establishment and the most recent article calling members of our NHS "selfish" if they dare to make an informed choice, as the Medical Professionals they are and refuse a Flu Vaccine.

Our Government must be held to task on such juvenile behaviour, their name calling is like primary school children on a bad day and should not be tolerated from those who are in roles supposedly serving the public. My question to you before you watch the clip is whether you would stand by quietly as your colleagues are vilified to protect yourself? And how do we as a nation combat this problem?